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February 25, 2012

Santorum SuperPAC Attacks In The Mail With Romney-Busting Elephant

This landed today in the mailbox of an Ohio Republican, who sent it to BuzzFeed. "No one's excited about Mitt Romney," says the mailer from the Red, White, and Blue Fund, blasting him as "a weak candidate, who passed RomneyCare, supports cap-and-trade, and has flip-flopped on so many issues that no one knows where he really stands."

Kevin Hart Gets Ejected From The NBA Celebrity Game, Strips

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest people on the planet. He did what he could to show that last night by freaking out on a celebrity game ref despite his team's more than 30-point lead. His coach, Dwight Howard, couldn't keep a straight face.

If Maru Were An Oscar Nominee...

Then I actually would've seen all of these movies. My only complaint is that "The Maru with the Dragon Tattoo" should obviously be called, "The Cat with the Dragon Tattoo." You know, for consistency.

2004 Arlen Specter Ad Touts Santourm, Bush And Specter As Part Of The Team: Of "Three For Pennsylvania"

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum offers a robust defense of his 2004 endorsement of then Republican turned Democrat Arlen Specter, saying his Senate colleague was an important member of the Bush team. A newly unearthed ad from Senator Specter's 2004 website, accessed online via the Web Archive shows just how far the Pennsylvania Senator went.

Was Ben & Jerry's Original "Lin-Sanity" Flavor Racist?

The controversial Jeremy Lin-inspired flavor was originally vanilla frozen yogurt with swirls of lychee honey and fortune cookie pieces. They recently removed the fortune cookies. It's currently only available at their Harvard Square store.

Guess Her Muff 2.0: Girl #3214

Do you think you can guess how a babe keeps her muff based on how she dresses? Does your co-worker's carpet match the drapes? Is that geeky girl in your class secretly a sex kitten who shaves it bald? The answers might surprise you... This is GuessH…

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