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February 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Strongly Supported No Child Left Behind

Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has become fond recently of attacking Rick Santorum for his previous support and "taking one for the team," in regards to No Child Left Behind. But the former Massachusetts Governor also backed the unpopular Bush administration policy. Romney campaigned strongly in support of the measure between 2002 when he first ran for Governor and throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign, acknowledging his support would hurt him with the party's base.

Rick Santorum Has Been Making Questionable Statements About Dutch Assisted Suicide Since 2009

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has been making the rounds in the Netherlands virally. In an interview earlier this month, Santorum used outdated and exaggerated statistics to make factually inaccurate claims about assisted suicide in the Netherlands, sparking outrage in the lowland country. But a 2009 speech the Arizona Republican party, unearthed by BuzzFeed, shows Santorum has been making the claims for years, using as it part of his pitch to stop health care reform and the degradation of American values.

Seth Rogen Disses Chris Brown, The Grammys, And Brett Ratner In The Same Joke

During his opening monologue as host of the Independent Spirit Awards last night, Seth Rogen managed to put Brett Ratner, Chris Brown, and the Grammy Awards in their place in a single joke. He also really liked "Drive" because it made Jews look so scary that he thought Mel Gibson directed it. ...Can Seth Rogen also host the Oscars tonight?

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