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February 20, 2012

90-Year-Old Grandma Dances To Whitney Houston

I never would have thought that one of my favorite Whitney tributes would come from a dancing grandma. But then this lady showed up and made "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" her own.

45 Photos Of Kurt Cobain

Today would have been Kurt Cobain's 45th birthday. To celebrate here are 45 of the best photos of the late Nirvana front man.

John Stamos Loved A "Neet Girl" In 1983

This commercial for Neet is nearly 30 years old, but that doesn't mean we can't swoon over a young John Stamos in all of his feathered-hair glory. Finally, we discover the key to Uncle Jesse's heart -- smooth legs!

The 10 Craziest Parties Around The World

Apparently, as long as a party involves copious booze, drugs, and fire, it'll probably be a good night. However, it then becomes equally apparent how strange it is that people even survive these things.

Praying Otter

What is this awesome evangelical Praying Otter praying about? Use the image uploader below to add yours in the comments. Let's get a big ol' otter prayer circle going here.

Insanely Passive-Aggressive Obituary

I'm guessing this was written by A.J. This very public airing of family grievances would be sad if it weren't so caustically hilarious. Spotted in the Tampa Tribune.

7 Presidential "Unquotables"

Unquotables is a blog filled with ridiculous quotes that famous people never said. (They're actually penned by comedians Robert Dean and Dan Wilbur.) In honor of the holiday, here are seven choice Presidential selections from the Unquotables blog.

51 Beautiful Photos From The Opening Of Spring Training

What could be more beautiful than Spring baseball? Workouts are now underway for the majority of Major League pitchers and catchers (along with the most dedicated of position players). Here are the best photos from the first day. I don't care what Sean Bean or a groundhog says, spring is coming.

Everything You Missed At The 2012 Writers Guild Awards

Last night -- on two separate coasts -- the writers of our favorite movies, documentaries, and television series enjoyed a night of recognition. Herewith, a roundup of how everybody dressed for the occasion and who went home with awards.

This Cat Was Born To Play Tennis

My favorite part about this video is that it was shared by Novak Djokovic himself with the hashtag #loveanimals. As if being hot and ripped and good at tennis wasn't enough for him, he had to throw in #loveanimals? Can't he give the rest of us some chance here? (via @DjokerNole)

Angry Birds In Spaaaaaaaaaace!

One small fling for bird, one quantum leap for birdkind. March 22nd marks the day that productivity drops in the workplace by 1000%.

23 Bizarre Photos Of Dwarf Bullfighters

Clowns and little people and bulls...oh, my. Here are some frankly weird images of dwarf bullfighting in Colombia and Mexico. Plus some not-so-little people dressed as Smurfs, Captain America and Superman for some reason.

Hibernating Man Survives 2 Months Inside Snowed In Car

A middle-aged Swedish man was found alive in a car after sitting in it for the past two months, with only ice and snow to keep him alive. The man had driven off the road and gotten stuck in snow drifts. Experts think he went into a kind of human hibernation.

Get Excited For The Return Of "Mad Men" With This New Set Of Teasers

Your favorite TV drama returns after its unbelievably-long hiatus on March 25th -- a mere 34 days from today! To hold you over, check out these three teaser promos from AMC titled "Don Is Back," "Roger Is Back," and "Mad Men Is Back" and let's all speculate as to what everything clip included in here actually means!

Ricky Gervais, Dolphin

On last night's "Family Guy," Ricky Gervais added another title to his ever-expanding repertoire: the voice of a dolphin. Here are Billy Finn's funniest moments from last night's episode.

Rick Santorum: Gaffe Proof

His recent string of over-the-top comments hasn't done any lasting damage to his campaign. Are we more conservative — on gay rights, and women's roles — than we think?

Sulu Loves Hulk

The best moment from last night's premiere of "The Celebrity Apprentice" occurred when Lou Ferrigno took off his shirt during a team challenge and George Takei happened to like it. In his words: "I don't know how old Lou is now, but what a treat."

Downton Abbey Trading Cards

Talented illustrator Chad Thomas teamed up with Vanity Fair to create this fantastic set of cards. Knowing my luck with baseball cards, I'm sure I would have ended up with fifteen Doctor Clarksons and not a single Dowager Countess.

Rick Santorum On The Left And Radical Islam

Rick Santorum doesn't understand why the radical left doesn't share the right's same fervor for fighting radical Islam. In a 2007 speech to Oklahoma University College Republicans hit the pro-feminist, pro-gay, pro-civil rights, pro-reason over faith left for not taking on radical Islamists.

Rick Santorum Makes Another Hitler Reference

Rick Santorum yesterday compared the danger posed by Barack Obama's Administration to the “great peril” of the second World War, and warned of the time when Americans were complacent about “this guy over in Europe." He's gotten himself into trouble with Hitler references before, as in this 2005 floor speech, when he compared Senate Democrats to the Fuhrer.

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