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February 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Heckled Over His Cayman Island Investments

At a town hall style meeting in Portland, Maine today a woman confronted Mitt Romney over his foreign investments in the Cayman Islands. Romney responded to the woman by explaining his investments are handled by a blind trustee, and that he pays all the taxes required of him.

The Five Key Players In The Contraception Fight

A political season that was supposed to be about the economy has instead turned into a food fight about contraception and religious liberty. Here are the combatants who will decide where this ends up, and how women who work for Catholic institutions will get contraception.

Twitter Buzz: Is Tom Green Eating Mice?

Or at least, he's putting a mouse into his mouth. Gross either way! Plus, Rosie O'Donnell dropped her iPhone, Amber Rose has a cute dog, and Coco doesn't understand why you think it's so weird that she took a naked photo with her baby nephew.

Peeta Mellark's First Fashion Spread

Just kidding, we all know that he and Katniss had to pose for the cameras in their matching flaming outfits before the Hunger Games! Jokes aside, Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays Peeta in the forthcoming movies is on the cover of Nylon Guys this month. What do you think?

Living Woolly Mammoth Captured On Video

Surrrrrrre it was. This is supposedly video of a creature long known to be extinct crossing a river in Siberia. It was published by notorious British tabloid The Sun. Make of it what you will.

The Most Exciting Thing At CPAC Today

Two guys in colonial wigs and track suits doing a patriotic rap called "Mr. America." That's Fox News contributor Steve Crowder and Chris Loesch, aka Mr. Dana Loesch, getting hands waving in a half-full convention room at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Keep an eye out for the woman shaking her fanny pack at 1:17 and the black guy who walks out at 1:54.

11 Reminders That "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" Sucks

As I'm sure you know from the mountains of advertising, the piece of crap that is "Star Wars: Episode I" returns to theaters today, 13 years after we all first tried to claw our eyes out while watching it. The only difference is now it's in 3D. So in case that has you thinking about giving it another chance all of these years later, we thought we'd do a public service and provide you some reminders about its quality.

Rick Santorum Doesn't Think Insurance Should Pay For Contraception

In the still unlikely event he's the nominee, he's going to be hit hard on this one: He's not just opposed to contraception in his private life, or to forcing it on religious institutions, but to insurance paying for it at all. He probably thinks businesses can make their own decisions on the point — but he's may have a tough time explaining that to women in October.

Mitt Romney's 2008 Campaign Booklet

The 2012 Republican primary is all about fixing the economy and repealing ObamaCare. This document, however, Mitt Romney's official 2008 nearly 70 page long campaign book, is clearly put together in the shadow of 9/11. The pamphlet contains topics such as "Confronting Radical Jihad,"and "Latin American Allies," a long way from today's inward-looking debate.

Cloud Tsunami

Whoa. Helicopter pilot Mike Schaeffer took these pictures of fog moving in from the Panama City Beach coast on Sunday. Apparently a gentle breeze can cause this to happen.

The Most Popular Songs About Relationships

Facebook and Spotify put together these lists of the most popular love songs, both for new relationships and for break-ups. Setting aside how creepy it is that they have access to this type of data, what do you think of the lists? Did your favorite love song make the cut?

Coco Poses Naked With Baby Nephew And Other Links

Familial bond or really creepy? (SFW-ish) Plus, Lindsay Lohan's dad is looking for a job and Madonna is old and cranky and doesn't get kids these days. These and other Buzz we missed today await your clicking pleasure.

Gay Candidate Headed For Mediation With Conservative Group

Fred Karger, openly gay minor presidential candidate, has filed a discrimination complaint against the American Conservative Union for not allowing him a booth at their annual conference. His complaint is likely to go into mediation, the last step before litigation.

Mitt Romney's 2008 Health Care Reform Plan

Mitt Romney often defends the individual mandate that was the cornerstone of his Massachusetts health care reform law by saying it was put in place on a state level. But the health care reform plan he campaigned on in 2008 was also largely centered around the concept. Although the plan implies using a "federalist approach," the plan doesn't specifically imply it that it is a states-only approach. Implementing the concepts laid out in the Romney plan, including the "Stop The Free Riders," concept would most likely have to involve some coordination on the federal level.

Let George Clooney Give You A Tour Of His House

Not going to lie: the format -- George Clooney talking at a camera while seasoned journalists Charlie Rose and Lara Logan sit in a studio and comment on things -- is a bit awkward. Still, the inside of Clooney's house! Under normal circumstances, you'd have to be a blonde glamazon with legs that go on for miles to ever be admitted entrance into his private abode!

Romney's Anxious CPAC Pander

The shaken frontrunner isn't thinking about the general election anymore. He's "severely conservative," and he's not afraid to say it!

When Rick Santorum Touted His "Liberal" Record

In 2006 Rick Santorum was in a tough, and ultimately failed Pennsylvania reelection battle with then State Treasurer Bob Casey. Santorum released a series of ads and pamphlets to tout his moderate record. Here is one of those ads which features Santorum boasting about fighting the Bush Administration on cutting Amtrak funding and helping to raise the minimum wage.

Pro Golfer Hits Amazing Shot, Does The Cabbage Patch

Ken Duke hits an amazing second shot on Pebble Beach's sixteenth to hole out for Eagle. Then he decides to dance. And there's nothing better than hearing a British announcer saying, "No. No. Please. Please stop it," while a dorky man dances.

2012 World Press Photo Winners

Stunning, moving, haunting...whichever superlative you'd like to use, these images are amazing. Here are the 1st place winners in each category, and selections from each series that won, but the complete series and all of the runners up are definitely worth a look over at World Press Photo.

BuzzFeed Uncovers Tracy Jordan's Tour Rider

TGS star and well-known crazy person Tracy Jordan recently returned from a controversial nationwide stand-up comedy tour. But this top secret document leaked exclusively to BuzzFeed by a disgruntled co-star of Tracy's, who we are contractually unable to name at this time, shows that maybe he's even more of a handful than we previously thought.

Paul McCartney Finally Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Yesterday in sunny Los Angeles, Paul McCartney was presented with his star on the Walk Of Fame by none other than Neil Young. Personally, I was surprised that the man doesn't have one yet -- considering how The Beatles are one of the most popular bands of all time -- but what do I know about the politics behind the sacred sidewalk?

Jean-Ralphio Is The Amazing Spider-Man

This mash-up raises an important question: Why wasn't Ben Schwartz (the man behind Jean-Ralphio on "Parks & Recreation") cast in the latest Spider-Man flick? Andrew Garfield has nothing on the kind of parties that Entertainment 720 can throw.

Lovestagram: Valentines To Send Your Friends Through Instagram

Avid Instagram users, meet Lovestagram. It's a super-cute app that allows you to send e-Valentines to your beloved through Instagram -- but even cuter, perhaps, is the story behind the app's creation. We were so inspired by the idea, actually, that we created a few examples of our own featuring some BuzzFeed favorites.

Will Ferrell Should Announce The Starting Line-Up At The NBA All-Star Game

Will Ferrell proved himself the best person at announcing starting line-ups during Wednesday's Bulls - Hornets game. Thus, it's only appropriate that the NBA tap Ferrell to make the introductions later this month at the All-Star game. Help us get the league behind this obviously great idea.

The Best Of The Freelancer Fred Meme

Talk about an advice meme that hits close to home, either way, we're all too familiar with what it's like to eat a bag of Doritos at 3pm and call it breakfast. This man is the face of the American economy.

The Gauntlet Challenge

This video will change your life. A man—nay, a hero—attempts to consume 6 habanero peppers, 15 Warhead sour candies, 2 spoons full of cinnamon, countless Mentos, a 2 liter of Diet Coke and a gallon of milk. All of this on Christmas Eve. He is a barbarian. WARNING: Lots of vomit.

Scenes From The "Rabbit Olympics"

Approximately 3,000 rabbits attended The Rabbit Grand National in the UK at the end of January. Can we combine this with the normal Olympics, please?

Roger Federer Vs. A Wasp

Advantage, wasp. Cameras caught the exact moment when world champion Roger Federer lost the respect of his peers. "Myah! Get it away! Myah!"—Roger Federer

"Friday Night Lights" + "Parks And Recreation" = Best New Tumblr

This is the most important Tumblr of our time. If it's a "Friday Night Lights" screenshot, it has a "Parks and Rec" quote. If it's a "Parks and Rec" screenshot, it has a "Friday Night Lights" quote. And if it's on "Clear Eyes, Full Parks, Can't Lose," it's hilarious.

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