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February 10, 2012

Beyonce And Jay-Z's First Baby Photos Have Arrived

Babyoncé has finally arrived (on tumblr, of all places) and she is ADORABLE. Blue Ivy's famous parents uploaded a few precious photos to -- check them out!

30 Very Colorful Pictures Of Soap

Jane Thomas created this images by mixing and matching different combinations of hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, sugar, and water. They are very nice to look at. (via

Did Rick Santorum Have Dinner With A White Nationalist?

A group called ProEnglish tweeted that its director, who used to be involved with white nationalism, had dinner with Rick.

Presenting: The "Butt Cleavage" Dress [NSFW]

The good people at Laughing Squid have drawn my attention to this dress with a giant hole in the back for your butt to peek through and now I can't stop staring. Classy or trashy?

When Rick Santorum Touted His "Liberal" Record

In 2006 Rick Santorum was in a tough, and ultimately failed Pennsylvania reelection battle with then State Treasurer Bob Casey. Santorum released a series of ads and pamphlets to tout his moderate record. Here is one of those ads which features Santorum boasting about fighting the Bush Administration on cutting Amtrak funding and helping to raise the minimum wage.

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