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February 2, 2012

The Smug-O-Meter: Donald Trump's Face

Mitt Romney received an endorsement from a very smug Donald Trump today. It seemed like the perfect time to bust out BuzzFeed's "Smug-O-Meter." And like Spinal Tap's amps, it goes to eleven.

What Movie Traumatized You For Life?

As in "If a gun was held to my face I would rather take the bullet than watch _______ again." Basically, what movie is your "Do it to Julia!" moment? And if you don't get that reference, get out of this thread.

10 Film And TV Characters Who Lived Alone

In honor of friend of BuzzFeed, Eric Klinenberg's book "Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone" hitting store shelves today here are 10 of your favorite characters from film and tv who chose to "go solo."

Trump Endorses Romney

"There are some things you just can't imagine happening in your life," jokes Romney. "This is one of them."

The Simpsons Arcade Is Being Re-Released

Ay carumba! 20-year-old Konami masterpiece "The Simpsons Arcade Game" is being revived just in time for the show's 500th episode. As soon as tomorrow, you can purchase the game for just $9.99 for Xbox and come February 7th, on the PlayStation Network.

64-Year-Old Can Of Lard Is Still Edible

87-year-old Hans Feldmeier received this can of pig fat as a student in 1948 in Germany as part of the post-war US aid program. For some reason, he kept it all this time, and here's what it looks like now.

A Peek Inside Lego Headquarters

Hello, dream office. Employees who work at Lego HQ get to enjoy a slide inside of their already sleek-and-modern digs. I imagine their day-to-day goes something like this: "Hey, Bob. Meet me in the conference room for a very important meeting in 30 seconds -- just take the slide!"

The Susan G. Komen Website Was Hacked

Online activists are not happy about their decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. In response to the breast cancer foundation's sudden move to stop supporting Planned Parenthood, a move that many are speculating was motivated by political pressure, hackers last night tweaked a banner advertising the Komen marathon (it has since been taken down). Brutal.

A Memo For Romney: Other Quotes Thomas Paine Didn't Say

Mitt Romney keeps attributing a quote to Thomas Paine, despite the fact that scholars of Paine's work have denied his authorship. So here's a collection of other quotes Thomas Paine didn't say, just in case the Romney camp was considering putting them in speeches.

24 Artistically Modified Vader Helmets

Mmmmm, space donuts. The Dark Lord of the Sith might take exception to this graffiti but it's for a good cause. Each of the helmets will be auctioned off for charity starting February 7th.

What Was Your Favorite Book In High School And Why?

Were you the kid reading Catcher In The Rye, did you go through a really bitter Lord Of The Flies phase, how many times were you forced to read The Great Gatsby? We want to know what your favorite book was and why!

Korean Pop Stars Love Bill Murray

After his appearance on Monday's "Late Show," Bill Murray found himself among the eight smiling faces of Korean girl group sensation "Girls Generation." Yep, sounds about right.

Gingrich Campaign To Challenge Florida Win-Take-All Rules

The Gingrich campaign is preparing to challenge the current rules of Florida's winner-take-all primary. Citing a December 21st memo from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus saying winner-take-all states are not allowed to hold a caucus or primary before April 1, 2012, the Gingrich campaign will demand the delegates be states delegates be divided proportionally.

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