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February 27, 2012

Mitt Romney Didn't Oppose Gay Adoptions As Governor [Updated]

Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney's position on gay adoption is vague and a bit confusing. The former Governor told Wolf Blitzer in the clip below from 2008 that he didn't oppose gay adoption in Massachusetts, and didn't want to stop the courts from letting gay adoption go forward. [Update] Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul emails BuzzFeed: "Gov. Romney believes a family with one mother and one father is the ideal setting to raise a child. That doesn't mean adoption by other parents -- whether they be single or same-sex -- should be outlawed. States have to make decisions that are in the best interests of children, and where possible that should be in a home with one mother and one father."

NBA Stars Choose Super Powers And Hero Names

Skeets and Tas from The Basketball Jones were in Orlando and asking the hard hitting questions. Question 1: "If you could have any super power, what would it be?" Question 2: "What would your super hero name be?"

Faces Of Addiction In Hunts Point, Bronx

Chris Arnade is a Wall Street banker who likes to photograph and document people's lives in the Bronx. On his Flickr page he says, "I post people's stories as they tell them to me. I am not a journalist. I don't try to verify, just listen." His portraits and the stories that accompany them are heartbreaking.

Sheryl Crow Looks Awful And Other Links

You can see her sternum and *spoiler* you aren't supposed to be able to see those. Also, Robert Downey Jr. got his meme on at the Oscars and Wyoming is trying to raise a standing army. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

Panda Gets Stuck Upside Down In A Tree

Or he's just doing some inverted curls so he can rock a sweet six pack of panda abs. Photographed at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China. The panda managed to get himself unstuck and is now happily right-side-up.

Horrifying Leaf-Nosed Bat Discovered In Vietnam

A new species of bat has been found in Chu Mom Ray National Park. Apparently this bat was mistaken for a known species in 2008, but has since been proven genetically distinct. Sweet dreams.

Heidi Klum: Step Away From The Kardashians, Please

At Elton John's Oscar viewing party over the weekend, Heidi Klum was spotted chatting with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Heidi, listen: you may (or may not!) be emotionally weak from your recent split from Seal, but let us be the first to express concern over this budding friendship. It surely can't end well.

100 Photos Of Glammed Up Celebs At The Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty

Posh and Becks. TomKat. Don and Betty Draper. Kate Upton -- and every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model for the past three years, for that matter. Though everybody looked just lovely on the Oscar red carpet, all the famous people you really care about showed up to the Vanity Fair after-party instead. Herewith, 100 photos of A-listers ready to party the night away.

The Celebrity Apprentice Goes To Medieval Times

James Lipton! Sword-Fighting! Boobs! Medieval Times! Last night's "Celebrity Apprentice" took place at Medieval Times and that paved the way for Dee Snider to dress in drag, Tia Carrere's boobs to pop out of her shirt, George Takei to demand everyone call him "Sir George," and Teresa Giudice to flip a table -- in true "Real Housewives" style.

AMC Releases Poster For The New Season Of "Mad Men"

And it's ...Don Draper staring wistfully at mannequins? At least we have more to speculate about in this poster than the previous ad campaign: Does this mean Don actually misses Betty? Why is the lady mannequin naked? Is Don about to go all Andrew McCarthy on us and run away with a department store mannequin that he imagines to look like Kim Cattrall? (I hope so.)

Creepy Putin Campaign Ad Targets "Virgin" Voters

The girl (how old is she??) tells the fortune teller that it will be her "first time." "I see it will be for love," responds the psychic, revealing a tarot card with Vladimir Putin's image on it. The tag line: "Putin. The first time — only for love."

The Best Of The NBA All-Star Game In Crazy HD

The NBA gave Kevin Durant and LeBron James the Phantom HD treatment for the big night. For some reason they didn't include LeBron's blowing the game in the last possession. I bet that would have looked awesome in super slow motion!

Another Reason To Love Woody Allen

There are plenty of reasons to love the famed writer-director, and sure, a few reasons not to, but this quote from his sister and producer Letty Aronson about Woody's reaction to winning an Oscar last night is amazing.

Rick Santorum Sought To Downplay Book's Most Controversial Elements In 2006 Campaign

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is not one to back down from the controversial things he's said in his career. But in 2006 campaign the former Senators website featured a section "I heard around the water cooler," which sought to quell the firestorm surrounding his 2005 book It Takes a Family. Whether it was comparing abortion to slavery, saying unwed mothers shouldn't go to college, or saying diversity was bad, the document shows another Santorum attempt to relate to voters and play down his partisan image in 2006.

The Greatest Film Ever Made, "Movie: The Movie"

Jimmy Kimmel got basically every single famous person in Hollywood to be in a fake trailer for his post-Oscars show. It features Tom Hanks as a robot lawyer, a dog that plays sports, pee that makes you younger, "Daniel Day-Lewis as Tyler Perry as George Washington," Helen Mirren in a hovercraft, Gabourey Sidibe as Black Hitler, and so much more.

Jim Rash On His "Tribute" To Angelina Jolie's Leg

You weren't going crazy. Last night, the man best known to the world as Community's Dean Pelton won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for co-writing "The Descendants." But Rash stayed true to his comic roots by taking his time on stage to make fun of how Angelina Jolie was standing. This is his explanation for the moment.

Governors Look To Santorum With Dread

They don't want to talk about social issues. “I don’t ever recall the President of the United States issuing a marriage license," Idaho's Butch Otter tells BuzzFeed.


Angelina Jolie's leg was the only exciting thing that happened at the Oscars. Use our photo editor tool at the bottom of the page to put it in every photo.

Romney's Hemingway Moment

Some thought his line on Michigan — "The trees are the right height" — was kind of goofy. A reader tells us it was actually literary.

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