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February 24, 2012

Guess Her Muff 2.0: Girl #3212

Do you think you can guess how a babe keeps her muff based on how she dresses? Does your co-worker's carpet match the drapes? Is that geeky girl in your class secretly a sex kitten who shaves it bald? The answers might surprise you... This is GuessH…

A Virginia State Delegate Gets "Porny" On The Floor Of The House

Delegate David Albo's wife was apparently so upset about his name being attached to the state's controversial "trans-vaginal" ultrasound bill that she rejected his sexual advances. This is a totally appropriate anecdote he relates on the floor of the Virginia House Of Delegates while having "porn" music play.

The 13 Best NBA Dunk Contest Dunks Of All Time

This year's NBA Slam Dunk Contest is this Saturday. To prepare I've put together this definitive, impossible to argue with, scientifically proven list of the greatest dunk contest dunks of all time. If you disagree, don't blame me. Blame science.

Graphic, Sobering Footage Of The War In Syria

French journalist Mani braves the front lines to show the world what's happening in Homs. The city has been under siege by the government since May of 2011 for opposing the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. This is war footage, and therefore may not be suitable for all audiences.

Arlen Specter's Website Looked A Lot Like Mitt Romney's

Mitt Romney has attacked Rick Santorum for his previous endorsement of Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter in 2004 over the more conservative Pat Toomey. But Specter, who today was called a "liberal" in a Romney for President ad, looked a lot more like Mitt Romney than Rick Santorum on the issues page of his own website. Specter's positions below — with the exception of an NRA endorsement Specter got and Romney didn't — are drawn from 2010, when Specter ran as a Democrat. (Via the Internet Archive.)

BuzzFeed Imagines Ron Paul's Demands Of Mitt Romney

Rosie Gray reported earlier today that there is more to the Ron Paul/Mitt Romney "alliance" than just a friendship. Well BuzzFeed has "discovered" this totally real and not at all made up memo* that outlines the demands the Paul campaign made of the Republican frontrunner in exchange for Paul's tacit support. Again totally and completely not fake. Definitely not fake.

Have Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Split And Other Links

That engagement ring didn't stay on her hand very long. Biel was spotted leaving her "fiancée's" movie trailer sans rock after sporting it last week at an SNL party. Also, measles outbreak source discovered and Google is going under the sea. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

How The Hilarious Cast Of "Wanderlust" Created Comedy Gold

In theaters today is "Wanderlust," the brainchild of Ken Marino and David Wain that stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. Why is this movie so incredibly funny? Because it features an amazingly talented cast -- filled with people who have worked together before in cult favorites like "Wet Hot American Summer," "Party Down," "Reno 911!" and "The State" -- improvising their way through life at a commune. It's a winning recipe, you see. [Jack's Note: THIS IS NOT AN AD WHITNEY IS JUST REALLY INTO THIS MOVIE.]

The Governor Of New York Pathetically Begs For Twitter Followers

Governor Cuomo's younger brother Chris is one of the anchors of ABC's 20/20 and has almost a million Twitter followers. Governor Cuomo has almost twenty-thousand. Maybe it shouldn't be so surprising that he came right out and begged his brother for social media help.

The Sleepiest States

Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have just released their first national sleep map. According to them, southern states are hit hardest by sleep disturbance and daytime fatigue.

Abstinence-Only Sex Education Passes In The Utah House

An abstinence-only education bill has passed in the Utah House of Representatives by a vote of 45-28. The bill would lift the current requirement that all public schools must teach sex ed in grades 8 through 12 in Utah public schools.

Arlen Specter Liked Romneycare, Maybe It's Why He Voted For ObamaCare?

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is attacking Rick Santorum for his endorsement of Arlen Specter over the more conservative Pat Toomey in 2004 But Romney might be surprised to learn that Specter held a particular fondess for RomneyCare, thinking it could be a model for national health reform.

Disabled Protesters Vs. Riot Police

These photos are unreal. A protest in Bolivia demanding rights for the disabled turned violent yesterday as hundreds of people in wheelchairs and crutches clashed with riot police.

An Insane Ad For An Unpaid Fashion Internship

Do you want to "DIEEEEE" for fashion? Do you want to be required to wear 4-6 inch heels every day? Do you want to be on call at all hours? Well you better because "this designer only sleeps 2 hours a day so be prepared!!!" (Thanks Lila!)

A Real-Life Ron Swanson Exists In Louisiana

Hot 107.9's DJ Dijital was just casually watching TV when he saw an ad for a local wood-working shop with a man who looks almost exactly like Ron Swanson. Though it seems like it could easily be an elaborate joke by fellow Nick Offerman, the shop featured in said commercial seems to actually exist. Can somebody in Louisiana drive on over and confirm? Perhaps more importantly, do you think this guy knows that he looks like Ron Swanson?

What If Star Wars: Episode I Was Actually Good?

This guy gives The Phantom Menace a new hope. He should release this review on DVD. And then review the next two films and release those on DVD. And then put those DVDs in a box and resell them with toys and stuff. What could have been!

Tom Haverford's Relationship Oh-No-No's

The relationship between Tom and Ann has been blossoming since April set the pair up on Valentine's Day, but last night there were more than a few bumps in the road. Ann doesn't care about the thread count of sheets, hasn't ever seen a Paul Walker movie, doesn't care about Blu Ray, has no love for '90s R&B, and hasn't ever even heard of Ginuwine. Oh-No-No!

Obama 2008 Ad To Alaskans Calls For Energy Pipeline

A portion of President Obama's 2008 energy plan called for an Alaskan natural gas pipeline on the premise it would create thousands of jobs and end our dependence on foreign oil. The topic is one little mentioned by the Obama administration, caught up in the storm surrounding the rejection of the Keystone oil pipeline. The project has met serious hurdles, having to work with 20 federal agencies, the state of Alaska, and Canadian government, and is not slated to begin construction until 2015.

Guess Her Muff 2.0: Girl #3213

Do you think you can guess how a babe keeps her muff based on how she dresses? Does your co-worker's carpet match the drapes? Is that geeky girl in your class secretly a sex kitten who shaves it bald? The answers might surprise you... This is GuessH…

Shit Cancer Patients Say

The "Shit X People Say" trend is so obnoxious at this point, but this video is a notable exception to that rule. It was made by a young guy named Woody Roseland as he was dealing with chemotherapy. It is equal parts hilarious and brave. Bravo Woody and get better. (Thanks Kevin!)

Stefon's Favorite Clubs, Illustrated

The good people at Splitsider had the brilliant idea to take all of Stefon's descriptions of New York's hottest clubs and turn them into drawings. What I wouldn't give to run into Black George Washington at Slash...

Paula Deen Discusses Her Diabetes Backlash

This morning on the "Today Show," the Queen of southern-fried cooking showed up to explain whether or not the huge backlash against her announcement that she has diabetes hurt her feelings and to show off one of her healthy(ish) recipes. Can you believe it's the one-year anniversary of Paula Deen Riding on Things already?

Obama 2008 Ads Focused On Gas Prices

President Obama is taking heat from the right for rising gas prices, but it wasn't so long ago that Obama on the attack over high oil prices. The six ads below highlight the extent to which Obama went to campaign on lowering gas prices for the average American and ending our dependence on foreign oil. Obama offered solutions for the medium and long term, as opposed to what he called "gimmicks" – but we are now in the medium term.

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