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February 15, 2012

The Bulldog With The Piglets

This is a story about a bulldog named Baby who has adopted six orphaned piglets in Germany. German bulldogs are impressively civic-minded, it turns out. And, also, mind-blowingly cute. But that goes without saying. (via @doreeshafrir)

Santorum's Head Start Flip-Flop

Rick Santorum has criticized the Head Start program during this election cycle, calling it part of the Democrat's agenda "to socialize your children with the thinking they want in those children’s minds." But in 2000, Santorum was boasting of his record of voting in favor of the nearly 20-year-old program in the face of an attack from his Democratic Senatorial opponent Ron Klink.

Mattel To Sell Official Royal Wedding Barbie Dolls

Just in time for the one-year anniversary of the Royal wedding comes the officially licensed Will and Kate replica Barbies. And just in case you needed any further reassurance that Prince William is losing his looks, I think the fact that Kate's doll has Barbie normal face and Will's has been completely redesigned -- to include his prominent teeth, receding hairline, and large nose -- says it all, really.

Full Metal Jousting

More like this History Channel. See, you can combine reality television with historical learning!

Your First Tweet

What was your first tweet? Use this site to find it, then post a screenshot in the comments. Whoever has the most inane tweet wins. OK, let's do this.

Shakira Poses With Wild Penguins And Other Links

Sure that photo is adorable but this was before the sea lion tried to kill her. Yes, seriously. Also, someone finally sleuthed out who Adele's ex is and Britney Spears has two new songs leaked. This and other Buzz that flew under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

What The Rest Of The World Thinks You Do

What does the rest of the world think you do for a living compared with what you actually do for a living? This concept is going around the ol' Internet a bit right now, so let's take it out for a spin. Use the template to add your own in the comments!

Iran Has An Army Of Deadly Ninja Women

Never mind their nuclear program, what are doing to stop Iran's elite squadron of beautiful yet lethal martial artists?!?! Here are some photos of Iran's state-sponsored, all-female Ninjitsu clubs. This brings Ahmedinijad one step closer to being Cobra Commander.

Kobe Bryant Reconciling With Vanessa?

This is what happens when two people love each other. They can't stay apart for long. This is also what happens when one person has a large financial incentive to make the relationship work because he didn't make his wife sign a prenup.

Pugs Against Romney

This is Sake the pug, and he has a bone to pick with Mitt Romney (simply terrible...apologies). Sake was part of a protest outside of the Westminster Dog Show drawing attention to Romney's Crate-Gate.

Ricky Gervais And Jon Stewart Discuss Consensual, Interspecies Sex

Last night during his "Daily Show" interview, Gervais' train of thought took a turn for the filthy as he explored the intricacy of interspecies animal sex in great detail. The conversation, which to me seemed to push the boundaries of what's suitable for TV, was strangely appropriate for the show's Valentine's Day episode.

Kyrie Irving Sings, Tristan Thompson Makes An Ass Of Himself

The NBA's best rookie and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers sang "Our Fans" (a bastardization of "My Girl") for Valentine's day last night. They all should focus on playing basketball. Except for Tristan Thompson who should focus on making funny faces behind people from now on. He's great at it.

The Linsanity Continues

Watch Lin hit the game-winning three-pointer with no time left, and watch his thrilled, incredulous teammates mob him. Amazing.

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