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February 28, 2012

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World

Here are some ridiculously happy animals who have clearly figured something out that they will hopefully share with the rest of us when they are done frolicking or whatever.

Romney's Boast: "I'm Gonna Win In Michigan" (In November)

The polls close at 9 p.m., and early exit polling suggests a narrow Romney lead. Romney promised last night that he'd beat Barack Obama in Michigan in November. He's not that confident about tonight. [UPDATED: An earlier version of this post said Romney's quote was ambiguous; it isn't.]

Dancing Tigers

If they were in the least bit smart, "Dancing With The Stars" would pair Urkel with a live Siberian tiger. Spotted in Austria at the Vienna Zoo.

"The Wire" Wind-Up Toys

Flickr user mrfrothy handmade these awesome wind-up toys based on characters from "The Wire." I want the Omar Little one to live on my desk.

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Sexy For Glamour And Other Links

Did Katniss just bring back the "katsuit"? Plus, paleontologists discover an extinct giant penguin and Alabama picks up the trans-vaginal ultrasound baton. These and other Buzz that slipped under our radar await your clicking pleasure.

Santorum: I'm The Heavyweight

Hits back at Mitt for "economic lightweight" comment. "I’m someone who's gone out and worked hard and learned my economics from shining shoes," he says.

Fox News Crashes The Oscars

The O'Reilly Factor catches some celebrities off guard with political questions on the red carpet. The man on the street encounters made for awkward encounters with some celebs when asked about politics. With Jason Segal, George Clooney, Penelope Ann Miller, and Tara Reid, who didn't want to talk about Occupy Wall Street.

News Anchor Bitten In The Face By A Dog Returns To Television

Kyle Dyer became an unfortunate viral video star after she was mauled on air by an 85-pound Argentine mastiff and nearly had her lips ripped off. After 90 stitches and 2 surgeries, one of which sewed her mouth completely shut, Dyer will return to her anchor job this week on 9News Denver.

Does Google Think We're Stupid?

Yeah... Shopping. Right. Good point Google subway ad. That's why everyone uses Incognito mode. What else could anyone possibly use it for?

A Note To CBS On Casting Lucy Liu As Watson In Their New Sherlock Holmes Show

I am typically not one to fall into the age old Internet trope of complaining about shows and movies that don't yet exist. But as there is already an amazing Sherlock Holmes TV show being made, CBS's forthcoming "Elementary" would be redundant even if the early news about the show seemed good. It doesn't. UPDATED NOTE: I have no objection whatsoever to Watson being played by a woman or a person of color. I simply have a problem with the fact that while an amazing modern retelling of the Holmes story (that's true in spirit to its source material) is being done in England, America is getting a heavily adapted and seemingly "Hollywoodized" version of the tale. All too often this leads to a dumbed down product. Why crowd another development season with a property that's already being done well at this very moment? I should have been clearer, and I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended.

George Romney's FBI File

The file, a compiled history of FBI investigations before his federal appointments, offers insight into the life and character of the former Governor and Housing and Urban Development Secretary. Agents' background interviews paint a picture of a Governor with a passion for civil rights, strict adherence to his Mormon faith, his "sensational tennis skills," and a friendly relationship with big labor. It also includes warm personal correspondence with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Here is the entire 345 page FBI file covering Romney's life until 1992.

Leap Year Explained

Hey, who put an extra day in my February? Silly universe, why don't you adhere to the mathematics of man?

Strengths And Weaknesses Of The New "Dancing With The Stars" Cast

The cast of the 14th season of "Dancing With The Stars" was announced this morning and I have two words for you: STEVE URKEL. At any rate, here's a breakdown of the entire cast's strengths, weaknesses, and likelihood to arouse television viewers to get up and vote for their dancin' asses.

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