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Best of the Internet

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This Girl's College Admissions Essay About "SpongeBob" Changing Her Life Is Going Viral, And It's Inspiring For All Creative Minds

Kalissa Persaud's college admissions essay not only got her into UCLA and USC — it was also viewed over 7.1 million times on TikTok, touching on both nostalgia and the impact our favorite kids shows still have on us today. "It showed me that my imagination could run wild."

shadow figure in a doorway and a ghost walking through a graveyard

14 Former Skeptics Who Turned Into Paranormal Believers After A Freaky Experience

"I looked back and that 'thing' was in the middle of the road. I ran home, hyperventilating, which scared my parents. I didn't sleep that night. The next day, my dad went there to see if something made sense and then he told me what was there: a circle of stones and a cross in the middle."

People Are Applauding This Woman's "Fashion Over 50" Series For Redefining How Society Says Women In Their 50s Should Dress

Luisa Dunn is a 52-year-old model whose "Fashion Over 50" series is challenging how society perceives women over 50. "By sharing our stories and taking up space, we can disrupt the stereotypes and make aging look so darn empowering and fabulous that everyone looks forward to it," she said.