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July 21, 2011

Five Reasons Geek Culture Should Go Away

#2--If you blame geeks for the modern blockbuster (vis-a-vis Star Wars), they do take a lot of weight for a lot of shitty cinema, but culture doesn't end at film. Great novels, comics, video games and music fall under the umbrella of "geek culture."…

Stay Well Secrets: Inside Tips From Gynecologists

Women’s health experts offer advice on how to best handle below-the-belt woes (13 Photos)

The Dugout: How To Pick Up Soccer Girls On The Internet

Women’s Soccer has suddenly become an important thing in the United States, and even our baseball players are taking notice. Well, not really “taking notice” as much as “noticing the hot girls”, but Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria has ta…

James Franco's Invisible Art Sells For $10,000

You might remember last month when I told you about one of James Franco’s latest ventures, the Museum of Invisible Art. The idea behind it was that you could sell a person an idea for a piece of art without going through the trouble of actually prod…

Kim Kardashian Sees Double In Old Navy Ad

The star of the E!Online reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians filed a lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles against the low-priced clothing retailer and its parent, Gap(GPS), alleging the ads violate her publicity rights.…

The Eater Philadelphia Heat Map: Where To Eat Right Now

It's been seven months since we last looked at Philadelphia's hottest restaurants, so today we circle back and focus on nine new openings that have been garnering serious buzz. For this edition, Foobooz founder Arthur Etchells has kindly shared with…

House In Japan Is Only 67 Inches Wide

This Japanese language video shows a house that is only 67 inches wide, yet is quite comfortable and equipped. The kitchen is tiny, but it has a full-size bath and one of those super high-tech toilets. It’s two stories tall and features a lovely sky…

What Will Kobe Bryant Be Worth In Turkey?

If Kobe Bryant decides to sign with a Turkish team, it may affect his U.S. sponsorships Read more by Douglas Sarine on CBS News' What's Trending.

What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

Last week, The Paris Review's blog ran "Harvard and Class," a piece by Misha Glouberman (co-authored by Sheila Heti) about the challenges of dealing with class after attending "an upper-middle-class Jewish day school" in Canada and then going to Har…

Meagan Marie: Professional Cosplayer

Girls with guns. Mmmmmm. I've known Meagan for a couple of years now and her costumes never fail to disappoint. Her entire catalog of work is pretty amazing.

Casting The Movie Of The Phone Hacking Scandal

The News of the World/Rupert Murdoch/phone hacking scandal is going to make for an awesome movie (one that will hopefully be scripted by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Stephen Frears and called something like "Citizen Murdoch" or "Hacked: A Tale Of Power And Tragedy."). Here's my casting wishlist. Since you are a very opinionated internet, surely you have your own ideas as to who should play Rebekah Brooks, Hugh Grant, Wendi Deng, et al. Play casting couch in the comments!

Blake Griffin, Ron Artest, And Other NBA And NFL Stars Find New Jobs During Their Lockouts

My man crush on Blake Griffin grows by the day. He got together with a bunch of his friends and made one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while. Who knew he was a legitimately hilarious dude?

Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy Over Lookalike Model

The "Super C-U-T-E" ad began airing in February and features 29-year-old singer-model Melissa Molinaro -- who bears an uncanny resemblance to 30-year-old Kim -- singing, dancing and getting mani-pedis, all while wearing Old Navy clothing. The ad qui…

"Captain America: The First Avenger" Builds Buzz Online

(CBS/What's Trending) - "Captain America: The First Avenger" is set to rule the domestic box office this weekend on the coat tails of great Internet buzz and high marks from critics. Though not quite the critics' darling that "X-Men First Class" cam…

Animals Cost More Than People?

Starving kids can't use that extra dime?

25 Things Kids Today Will Never Have

It's so weird, but kids these days will never experience any of these things. Well, it sucks to be these guys.

10 Of The Largest Sinkholes In The World

Inspired by the forty feet deep sinkhole that opened up underneath a Guatemalan woman's bed yesterday, check out ten of the biggest and most devastating sinkholes of the past thirty years. These cannot be unseen.

Armadyne Viral ARG Launches During Comic-Con

Apply today! That is, if you have experience in Zero-G Engineering.

Actors Who Have Appeared In Harry Potter And Doctor Who

There's been a lot of crossover between the Harry Potter films and Doctor Who over the years. Now that the Potter films are finished, hopefully we'll start to convert some of you Hogwarts kids into Whovians.

Is The New Spiderman Trailer A Total Rip Off Of Mirror's Edge?

The new Spiderman trailer is awesome. Unfortunately, as many commenters pointed out, it's hardly original. In fact this video shows just how much of a rip off of 2008's cult hit video game Mirror's Edge it is. (Mirror's Edge was awesome, by the way...)

Maps Recycled Into Works Of Art

Think a map is just a map? Wrong! Take a look at maps turned into art and you may never see them the same way again. Ingrid Dabringer turns old maps into pieces of art by using them as canvases for her painted figure drawings.

Cool First Person Photo Project

Andrea Di Gioia is a great photographer from Italy. Here is a set he's been working on of "first person" photos, but make sure you go check out the rest of his stuff at his website or on Flickr.

The Lady With 700 Cats

"I bet she's sorry now!" says Lynea Lattanzio, referring to her mother's forbiddance of felines in the house. Founder and owner of California's largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary, Lattanzio lives with more tha…

VMA Nomination Snubs Anger Music Fans Online

Katy Perry led VMA nominations, but Rihanna and Lady Gaga were notably snubbed Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Kim Kardashian Is Suing Old Navy For Using A Model Who Looks Like Her (And Who Also Happens To Be Dating Her Ex)

In a drama of reality TV proportions, Kim Kardashian is out for legal blood. While she never shies away from a good endorsement deal, Kim is suing Old Navy for using a model who is her doppelganger in its recent ads. The model, Melissa Molinaro, is…

Tortoise Amputee Has Leg Replaced With Wheel

The tortoise, Gamera, is moving around just fine thanks to what looks to be a basic wheel you could buy at any Ace Hardware. It does look like someone just glued it to his body though. That's not how they do animal surgery is it?

Planking Derivatives Are Out Of Hand

Irony levels maxed. Critical mass reached. Internet failure imminent.

SHE HAS A NAME: Yashanee Vaughn, 14-Year-Old Shot And Killed By Her 16-Year-Old Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Yashanee Vaughn, 14, from Portland, Oregon, was found dead in the woods on Friday after missing for four months.Yashanee was killed by a fatal gun shot wound to the head by 16-year-old boyfriend Parrish Bennette. As Reported By Daily Mail:The remain…

Rosario Dawson Is In Shape & Building A Misting Vagina! (PHOTOS)

Rosario Dawson is one of our absolute favorites. Whether she is planking random places, kicking butt, or talking to zoo animals, we love her just the same.

Jennifer Lopez "Devastated" Over Divorce

There seems to be numerous theories as to why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have decided to end their seven-year marriage, but sources say one thing is for sure: Lopez is heartbroken over the split.

Dutch Install Slide To Subway

A metal one. Because it's not really a challenge unless you're risking second degree burns on your way to work.

Some Very Helpful Pizza Eating Advice

Wow, I- I never thought about it that way.

Until The Very End: The Best Harry Potter Tributes From The Harry Potter Generation

If you grew up with Harry Potter, if you remember waiting impatiently for all the books, if you remember getting excited for all the movies, if you are part of the Harry Potter generation, this is for you. We stuck with Harry until the very end. Mischief managed.

The Official Ryan Gosling Aging Timeline

Like a fine wine, Ryan Gosling just seems to get better with age. The guy who started off as the cute geeky kid is now one of the hottest men in the world. Take a look at his drool-worthy transformation.

The 16-Year-Old Bride Gives Way Too Much Information On Her 51-Year-Old Husband

WOW. Things just keep on getting weirder and weirder. Epic creepyness begins at the 2:00 mark.

Woman Carries Her Pet Monkeys Everywhere

I totally get wanting and loving pets, but maybe you don't need to have five pet monkeys. That said, if you do have five pet monkeys, maybe you shouldn't take them everywhere. Or sleep with them. Or treat them like your children. Especially when you have children. I have to assume said real children will eventually resent your monkey children. Which will make your family/monkey reunions incredibly awkward.

The Titanium Super Straw

It's as light as a feather and nearly indestructible, the Titanium Straw is tailor-made for those of us who need a straw on the go. Made of food grade titanium, this epic straw is tasteless, odorless, doesn't corrode, and is non-allergenic. Instantly turn anything into a delicious, refreshing drink!

25 Simple Questions You Probably Don’t Know The Answers To

Believe it or not, with a little digging, most of these questions can be answered.

Photos Of The Final Landing Of Atlantis

Welcome home, Atlantis. In the early hours of the morning, June 21st 2011, the space shuttle made its final descent to Earth.

Indian Pizza Huts Are Like American Pizza Huts But Way Dancier

I'm just saying that if American Pizza Huts tried to compensate for their terrible pizza with awesome jams and dance moves, I would enjoy that. Apparently this is a normal, daily thing at this Pizza Hut too. Which has to make it an even more fun place to work.

Legend Of Zelda IRL

Helpful old sages aren't just for Hyrulians anymore.

Mac OS X Maru

The most advanced, powerful Mac Operating System yet. Honestly I'm a little worried that it may be too powerful. (From @kookizu, via @rcbth)

Comic-Con Bingo

Wait, wait, wait. There's a difference between a furry and a slutty furry? Everything I know is a lie.

Paris Hilton Storms Out Of Interview After Being Compared To Kim Kardashian

When asked by Dan Harris if she's been overshadowed by Kim Kardashian and is generally past her prime, Paris Hilton abruptly walks out of an interview with ABC News. That's all well and good, but what's been overshadowed by the temper tantrum is the fact that she built a scale model of her mansion for her dogs. A mansion for dogs. It has a chandelier. A chandelier for dogs.

Buzz Aldrin Knows How To Get The Ladies

With SCIENCE! And sarcasm. It's a smooth blend of the two that really makes us swoon.

What Happens When Omar Little Robs A Drug Dealing Gummy Bear...

Candy don't have owners, just eaters. It's all in the game.

How Every Security Guard Is About To Feel At Comic-Con

I know man. It'll all be over soon and the space will go back to hosting boat shows and whatever.

Batman Live's New Trailer Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

Because Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark worked so well... Batman Live continues to make that disaster look like The Producers.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Makes Final Landing

Just before dawn this morning, the space shuttle Atlantis returned home. Here is video of their final landing, thus closing a chapter in America's dedication to manned space exploration. I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. 10 year old JP is really disappointed today.

Apple Announces New OS X

Hot off the release of OS X Lion, Apple has already announced the next iteration of their operating system. The new OS is expected to leap off of shelves (into increasingly smaller boxes) later this year.

Sofia Vergara: I Embrace My Sex Appeal

Sofia Vergara is a strong believer in "if you've got it, flaunt it." The gorgeous Modern Family star refuses to shy away from the fact that she's constantly recognized for being stunningly sexy.

Video: Kid At Giants Game Misses Foul Ball, Pouts, Gets Ball

I came close to catching a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game once in my life. I was out on that right field porch at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Brady Anderson hit it right to me. My Dad was standing next to me, so he reached up as muc…

The 13 Most Internet-Crazy Models

Obviously, as fashion-obsessives, we’re a little nutty about models. We’re also pretty into blogging. And tweeting. Oh, and Tumbling, too. With that said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we really adore the Supes that gratuitously plaster themselves…

Here’s A First Look At Karl Lagerfeld’s Macy’s Collection

WWD ran a rumor today suggesting that Macy’s was about to reveal Karl Lagerfeld’s much-anticipated collection for the department store. We’ve yet to witness said reveal, but we did see a Karl for Macy’s dress in August’s Vogue, via the glossy’s Stea…

A Captain Planet Movie: Are You Guys Sure About This One?

For anyone depraved enough to recall, you may remember an annoyingly eco-friendly cartoon program from the early 90s called Captain Planet and the Planeteers -or as my friends and I used to call it “that horrible cartoon with the green haired creepy…

6 Famous People Whose Identities We Still Don't Know

In this day and age of instant stardom, it’s hard to believe that someone can make a public splash and then fade into the background and remain anonymous forever. But a few managed to do that in the past, and were never found out -yet. For example, …

Jay-Z And Kanye West Deliver "Otis" (NEW MUSIC)

Jay-Z and Kanye West have finally given us the second single off their highly anticipated collaboration album "Watch The Throne." Jay and Ye's second single entitled "Otis" comes to us just two weeks before the release of the album.STORY: Rihanna Su…

Yelp Accused Of Five-Star Review Extortion

Texas-based Cavalli Pizza is accusing the review website Yelp of removing over 20 four- and five-star reviews and then having their salespeople repeatedly call them up with the offer that "it would get better" if the pizzeria advertised. Posting on …

20 Crazy Wrestling Clips That Should Go Viral

There are two major groups of people who stumble upon videos of independent pro wrestlers doing goofy sh*t: 1. Wrestling nerds. They'll see a video

Molson Coors Is Introducing Animee, A New "Beer For Women"

Molson Coors is introducing a "female-friendly" beer called Animee in the U.K. this fall, hoping to swell the ranks of British beer-drinking women, which currently hover around seventeen percent. (By contrast, twenty-five percent of American women d…

8-Bit Sand Sculpture

Guy-Olivier Deveua does amazing work in a wide variety of media, as his website illustrates, but it’s this sand sculpture that’s recently captured a lot of attention. His ice sculptures are also quite striking and worth a look. Artist’s Website and …

10 Ways To Make Sure You Stay Out Of The Doghouse

If you find yourself sleeping on the couch more often than you'd like, then take this crash course on the rules of love. Hopefully, it will help to keep you out of the doghouse!

Lady Gaga On Drug Use & Her Sex Life

Lady Gaga makes no bones about the fact that she is an open book to her Little Monsters. And Monday, while a guest on Howard Stern's show, she proved it once again, candidly discussing her past drug use -- which included, among other things, quite …

Season 8 Of 'How I Met Your Mother' Could Be The Last!

If you're still a fan of CBS' How I Met Your Mother after six seasons of never finding out who the freakin' mother is, then chances are you watch the show for other reasons. You enjoy the humor, perhaps. Or you glean dating tips from Barney (Neil Pa…

Animation 100 Years Ago

Cartoonist Winsor McCay {wiki} creates an early movie animation in this 1911 film, originally entitled Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics but often just called Little Nemo, after McCay’s comic strip. Most of…

Sean Hoare Dead: 'No-One Else Involved' In Phone-hacking Whistleblower's Death

Police said there was no third party involvement in the death of Sean Hoare, 47, whose body was found in his flat in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Blink 182 Returns To The Pop Punk Music Scene

Fans of blink-182 were treated to the first single from the band in six years Read more by Tonya Cooke on CBS News' What's Trending.

The Dugout: The Upper Upper Deck

Jim Thome is batting about .001 this season for the Twins, but he’s closing in on 600 home runs, and the one thing Thome has never been lacking is raw, monstrous cornfed power. If you didn’t see him crank #596, it was the longest and most awesome l…

Nostalgia Is Not New | The Awl

"Are 18- to 34-year-olds too young to be nostalgic? Evidently not. Starting next Monday, TeenNick, part of the Nickelodeon family of cable channels for children, will start rebroadcasting old series from the 1990s that are considered classics by you…

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