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July 9, 2011

The Narrowest House

via Dvice   Tags: Jakub Szczesny, narrowest house, Warsaw Neat stuff from the NeatoShop: Sippie Stein Dyno Dips …

25 People Posing With Their Collections

These are the proud owners of some very unique collections, to say the least.

What's For Dinner: 100-Plus Recipes

Need some dinnertime inspiration? We’ve got you covered with a recipe for every night of the workweek (132 Photos)

Davison Offices In Pittsburgh Are Just Like A Real-life Willy Wonka Factory

With work spaces decorated with swirly lollipops, giant cupcakes, a treehouse, boot houses and even a flowing waterfall concealing a secret office, Inventionland has been designed to get big minds thinking.

Is Beyonce The Sexiest Woman In The World? (PHOTOS)

Is Beyonce the sexiest woman in the world? We'd like to think so!

The Modern Meanings Of Flowers

Red roses: "I’ve been thinking about you, and what I think is I want to put my thing in your things and then I want to turn you around and put my thing in your other things. But I want you to be OK about this, OK?" Carnations: "I knew I had to buy …

Chefs Weigh In: Does America Have A Culinary Identity?

Welcome to Hot Topics, in which chefs chime in on a recent issue in food. American Eats Tavern [Photo: R. Lopez] Food writer Josh Ozersky argues this week in his...

Space Shuttle Atlantis Has Launched: What Does The Future Hold For The Space Race?

Despite worrying weather conditions, Atlantis lauched for its final voyage into space Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Pac-12 Or SEC: Which Conference Is Deeper?

This fall, the 10 teams who have made up the Pac-10 since 1978 (when Arizona and Arizona State combined with the Pac-8) will be joined by Utah and Colorado to form the new Pac-12...

Rosé: A Brief History And Cheat Sheet To French Regions

Welcome to Vintage America, our column on the history — and future — of American wine. Every week Talia Baiocchi, author of the Decanted column on Eater NY, will take a look at winemaking from Virginia to Texas to California, to uncover the people, …

Alan Grayson Causes TOTAL MELTDOWN On Fox, Idiot Host Launches INSANE Rant AGAINST The Middle Class //

Fox Host: "All right, joining me now is former congressman Alan Grayson, who is one of the more colorful and controversial Democrat members of the House.

Portraits Of People Playing Video Games

I’m not saying my gameface is pretty, but these pictures of people playing video games are hilarious. From now on I’ll be gaming all alone, far from a camera. Photographer Phillip Toledano took these way back in 2002 in an effort to capture “[c]hara…

Mery Streep As Margaret Thatcher In First Iron Lady Trailer

After the jump, Meryl Streep rocks her best Blue Steel as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. I don’t know much about history, but it seems like Iron Mike would’ve kicked her ass.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, broads just don’t have th…

Big Brother 13: Evil Dick Has Already Left The House! //

Totally SUCKS! I can't believe he LEFT the FIRST night. Such a bummer... that was going to be huge drama all over again!

Betty Ford Has Died

Former First Lady Betty Ford, wife of President Gerald Ford, has passed away at the age of 93. Ford was a courageous survivor of both alcohol addiction and breast cancer who went on to champion such issues as the Equal Rights Amendment. She famously founded The Betty Ford Center, a world-renowned treatment clinic for substance abuse. She had been ailing in recent years, but no official cause of death has been released.

College Football Predictions: Winners Of The 2012 BCS Bowls

There's nothing like predicting the final results of the college football season before the college school year even begins, specifically the results of the BCS Bowl Games...

The 25 Michelin Three-Star Restaurants Of France

Here, mapped out, are the French restaurants with three Michelin stars. Putting aside the question of the Guide's relevance and accuracy, a look at the establishments with the organization's highest ranking can be fascinating. Of the twenty-five in …

Watch A Thai Street Vendor Fry Chicken With His Bare Hands

This is Kann "Superhands" Trichan, a Thai street vendor who can retrieve fried chicken out of hot oil using his bare hands. He discovered this particular trick when a squirrel fell from a tree and splashed hot oil all over him: the next day, he had …

Willy Wonka Like Office

We have all heard of dream office environments like at Google where workers get free lunch, laundry and massages. But one company has taken things to the next level by decorating their work space to look like something more appropriate at a theme pa…

Channing Tatum & Jonah HIll's 21 Jump Street Will Be Rated R

Channing Tatum & Jonah HIll's 21 Jump Street will be rated R

The Greatest Hits From Michele Bachmann's Marriage Vow

Excerpts from the document signed by Michele Bachmann that's drawing allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Islamic sentiment and general cuckoo bananas whackadoodie. It's a pledge from a conservative advocacy group out of Iowa called The Family Leader--affiliated with Focus on the Family--asking Republican presidential candidates to denounce single parents, women in combat and anything with even the faintest whiff of gay. Oh, and it seems to be wistful for the days of slavery. If none of that frightens you, it also essentially calls for a ban of all pornography. Michele Bachmann was the first of the GOP field to apply her Hancock. Here are some select passages from The Marriage Vow, along with photos of its earliest and most enthusiastic signatory.

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