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July 17, 2011

Facebook Reacts To Japan Winning The World Cup

All of this over a women's soccer game.

The Obamas Watching The Women's World Cup Final

That's a nice little spread they have going on there.

"Breaking Bad" Premieres Tonight: Five Reasons You Should Watch

The highly-anticipated fourth season of "Breaking Bad" premieres Sunday Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Sexy Snape In Love: Five Secondary Characters Who Dominate 'Harry Potter' Fan Fiction

Four years after the publication of the final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and on the day of that film's debut, Harry and all his friends—not to mention his enemies, minor acquaintances and a few of his forebears—are still lead…

Awesome Carmageddon Side Effect: Video Of The Deserted 405

This video might seem boring, unless you've ever been on the 405. Then, as Gawker so eloquently put it, it's the equivalent of the empty Times Square scene at the beginning of Vanilla Sky. Eerie. (Skip the first minute or two to get to the meat of the video.)

Straight Man Turned Away From Blood Center For Seeming Gay

Aaron Pace tried to donate blood, but was rejected for "appearing to be a homosexual." Now this is despite the fact that Pace is a straight man, who just happens to be effeminate. But isn't the really screwed up thing that sexual orientation even comes into play here? Blood banks test all blood for disease already, so how is this not just blatant discrimination? Here's a video from a couple of years ago that shows Fox News being really sensitive about the issue of gay blood donation.

Ashley Peaches Sexy Pictures

A gallery of sexy pictures of Ashley Peaches

Feet First Into The Meat Grinder: Gruesome End For Sausage Factory Worker As His Legs Are Chewed Off In Front Of Horrified Colleagues

Father-of-four Michael Raper was trapped from the waist down for two excruciating hours after he become entangled in the huge auger at the Bar S Foods plant in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Two Dallas News Anchors Ruin Planking For Everyone

Planking is kind of funny. It's also random and hard to explain. That is why it's kind of funny. But when Chip and Tim From Fox 4 News in Dallas started planking (UGH), they ruined it. Why? Well because someone on their site wrote this: "Planking is all the rage for hipsters these days. And Tim is nothing if not hip. Chip as well. Look up the definition of "hip" in the dictionary and you'll see their pictures. Unfortunately you'll only see these videos here because only FOX 4 is awesome that way." Hilarious. It's like learning your dad listens to LCD Soundsystem because they dress well.

ESPN ESPY Awards 2011: Hottest Ladies Of The ESPY's

The 2011 ESPY's are the one night that the sports world takes center stage for an Oscar style awards show that brings out the A-listers. That can only mean one thing...lots of sexy women in sexy outfits...

Woman Who Planted Vegetable Garden Not Going To Jail

Oh, city code enforcers of Oak Park, Michigan, ye hath underestimated the mighty power of the Internets. The town has reportedly dropped its charges against resident Julie Bass, who faced a possible 93-day jail sentence for planting a vegetable gard…

Zooey Deschanel Talks Marriage To Ben Gibbard

The singer-actress dishes to iVillage about married life with rocker Ben Gibbard and her soft spot for Winnie the Pooh

Report: Tiger Woods' Ex Elin Nordegren Dating Billionaire's Son

According to the New York Post, Tiger Woods' ex is dating wealthy American businessman Jamie Dingman. The son of billionaire Michael Dingman, Jamie is a financial investor who splits his time between China and the Bahamas -- but he's recently been l…

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Stops Show To Yell At Rowdy Fans

Dave Grohl's band may be called the Foo Fighters, but a battle is not something he wants going on at his concerts. The lead singer stopped his show mid-song in London after a couple members of the crowd got into a scuffle.

Amber Heard Won The ESPYs

Amber Heard was in ‘Drive Angry’, and ‘Pineapple Express’ and ‘Zombieland’, and she stars in the new NBC ‘Mad Men’ rip-off, ‘The Playboy Club’, but mostly she’s famous for being Hollywoods hottest lesbian. I’m still optimistic about us dating thoug…

Retirement Community Lip Dub

These senior citizens may not have the number of participants the Grand Rapids lip dub had, but they certainly give the city a run for its money in pure awesomeness. Created by Grand Valley University students, the video shows residents of the Clark…

Risque 26-Foot Tall Statue Of Marilyn Monroe To Be Unveiled In Chicago Tomorrow

A 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe towering above tourists in the middle of Chicago was unveiled on Friday to much applause.

Owling, It's The New Planking! New Crouching Craze Springs Up On The Internet

Hundreds of young people in America, Australia and now, Britain, have taken up the new ‘owling’ craze.

Carmageddon? Best Ways To Take Advantage Of Your Traffic Jam This Week

There's no reason to fear carmageddon Angelenos Read more by Zach Mack for Netted by the Webbys on CBS News' What's Trending.

Obama Walks Out On Budget Meeting, Spielberg To Comic Con And More From While You Were Sleeping

Spielberg to Comic Con Twitter is buzzing with joy: Steven Spielberg will make his first appearance at he San Diego Comic Con. Spielberg will receive the Inkpot Award and also debut footage from his upcoming movie, "The Adventures of Tintin." Many t…

Harry Potter Fans Unite To End Worldly Evils

Harry Potter muggle fans use the books' messages to end human injustices including child slavery and bullying Read more by Melissa Jun Rowley on CBS News' What's Trending.

Why Vogue Picked Some Not-So-Influential Bloggers For Its New “Influencers Network”

After accepting a Webby Award this year, which, by the way, we’re not saying was fixed, but like didn’t that just feel a little planned? Like Anna maybe just said to someone, “so, included in this year’s plan for Vogue’s branding, we will win a Webb…

Snacking About Baseball: Foodstuffs Of The Major League Parks

David Raposa is off this week, but Yakkin' About Baseball will return in its usual format next Friday. In the meantime, I’m offering an exclusive (if admittedly a bit self-promoting) look at a pet project of mine that's snowballed into something of …

Vegas Hotel Linked To Legionnaire's Disease

LAS VEGAS, July 15 (UPI) -- The Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas has warned recent guests about possible exposure to Legionnaires' disease.

Steven Soderberg Remade Outbreak With Gwyneth Paltrow As The Virus, Apparently

Jesus, how many movies did Steven Soderbergh make this year? He already has Haywire, starring my burly pretend lover Gina Carano coming out in January, and now here’s a trailer for Contagion, which opens in September. Maybe this one didn’t take as l…

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