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July 11, 2011

News Of The World's Abandoned Offices

News of the World's death is still fresh but there are already autopsy photos. Someone at Gawker got these photos from a "an American media exec" who snuck into the offices to take them. Very eerie. Reminds me of the photos of The Wire's abandoned soundstages. But you know, real.

What It Was Like Working As A Sign Writer At The London Zoo In The 1930s

Here are some awesome pictures of Flickr user Pauline Locke's grandfather working at the London Zoo in the 1930s. I think the little girl is his daughter. Can you imagine?!

The Most Embarrassing Musicians Of Last Month

Each month releases a list of the Top 50 most deleted songs from users' "scrobbles" (that term is never not going to be ridiculous). We've crunched the numbers by artist so we can see once and for all who is the weakest link. People still say that right? Right?

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