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July 7, 2011

Bow Wow: "Now That I Have My Daughter... I Have Something To Live For!"

After reading Bow Wow's personal letter about his baby daughter with Joie Chavis, I was really inspired and decided to pick up the phone and talk to my good friend. I know his heart is in a good place and reading his pain and joy really moved me. I'…

Study Says Men Like Cuddling More Than Women

Spooning — it's not just something ladies like anymore! So say the sexperts at the Kinsey Institute, who recently conducted a study of straight middle-aged couples in long-term relationships. Among the findings was the (arguably) surprising fact tha…

Dog Found 1 Year Later, 2,800 Miles Away

KAMLOOPS, British Columbia, July 6 (UPI) -- Pollux, a black lab-mix that vanished from its Montreal family's yard a year ago has turned up 2,800 miles away in Kamloops, British Columbia, officials say.

Aussie Couple Infected With Toothed Worms

PRAHRAN, Australia, July 7 (UPI) -- An Australian doctor said a couple in Victoria are believed to be the first in the country to become infected with a species of parasitic worms with teeth.

45 Reasons Why Florida Is The Craziest State

Surprised about the Casey Anthony verdict? Don't be. Florida is by far the craziest state in the country.

Casey Anthony Trial Verdict: 'I Want To Have More Children And Adopt'

In jailhouse letters, Anthony told how she has dreamt of being pregnant again and is considering adopting as there are 'so many children that deserve to be loved'.

Smash Mouth's Lead Singer Will Eat Two Dozen Eggs For Charity

A few weeks ago, a writer at Something Awful took particular notice that the once-popular '90s band, Smash Mouth, was receiving very little celebrity these days. In an inexplicable offer to change that, he offered the lead singer, Steve Harwell, $20 to be filmed eating 24 eggs (free of charge). Ever since, the "egg challenge" movement has steadily gained steam.

The 30 Most Regrettable Jock Pictures In Sports

It's happened to us all—you have a crazy night on the town with some great friends, you check Facebook the next day, and littered throughout a photo album made of the night's events are some truly horrible pictures of you.

Is Facebook Skype Video Chat Really That "Awesome"?

What's Trending reviews the new Facebook video chat feature Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Muti Randolph's Multi-Media Art -Video //

Check out the amazing works by multi-media artist and designer Muti Randolph. His wonderful pieces have a dynamic resonance with the viewer . Seen in many

In Defense Of Prudes | The Awl

There is little refuge from the explicit for today's prude. What with the ever-increasing gross-out quotient of TV and movies, and the unending barrage of sordid "news" about the private lives of public figures, nearly everywhere you look you're see…

RecordSetter World Record: Lowest Super Mario Bros. Score

Bryan Singh completed an entire game of Super Mario Bros. and scored only 700 points.

Batman: Year One

Justice? Peace? No. Revenge. Watching Bruce Wayne suit up for vengeance for the first time never loses its appeal.

'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2' World Premiere

Get ready to wave your wands in the air, Potterheads! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2, the final cinematic chapter in the beloved boy-wizard saga, is having its world premiere in London today (July 7) -- and you can watch all the red-…

French Bulldogs Enjoying A Swing Ride

Via Laughing Squid   Tags: Cute, dogs, Fun, puppies, rides, swings Neat stuff from the NeatoShop: Big Rig Night Light G…

Is Beginning Of The End For Lady Gaga, Mother Monster?

Lady Gaga, the Mother Monster, cancels appearances in India because the country can't afford her Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Better Know Your Giant Hogweed

The Giant Hogweed is an invasive plant whose sap causes third-degree burns and blindness. It can reach heights of 14 feet and is found throughout North America. This year, officials are particularly alarmed by an increase of sightings of this massive flesh-eater in New York State. Here is a handy chart to help you identify the Giant Hogweed, aka Real Life Triffids. What do you get when you're burned by Hogweed? That's right. Hogwarts. Woo-hoo! Snuck in some Harry Potter SEO! Checkmate, Google...checkmate.

Baby Screech Owls

There's thankfully not a whole lot of screeching, but there is a lot of staring and blinking.

Summer Salads Sides Barbecue Side Dish

These reimagined summer staples are bursting with so many flavors -- and so much fresh produce -- they might just upstage your mains (46 Photos)

Casey Anthony's Verdict Stirs Up Celebrity Disdain

Casey Anthony has been acquitted of her daughter Caylee's death Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Johnny Depp Has Made $350 Million From Pirates Franchise

If you wondered why a universally-liked and generally-respected actor like Johnny Depp would waste so much of his time and credibility wearing eyeliner and dancing with skeletons, the answer is pretty obvious: CASH MONEY, SON! (*swings through room …

Firefly Rap: The Browncoat Anthem

The executives at Fox get paid in fan tears instead of actual cash money.

Could Jason Statham Be Replacing Shia LaBeouf In Transformers 4?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, British born supermodel, Victoria's Secret Angel, and star of the summer blockbuster Transformers: Dark of the Moon, might have found Shia LaBeouf's replacement in the next installment of Transformers. LaBeouf has been voc…

Woman Cited $100 For Using Trash Can

NEW YORK, July 6 (UPI) -- An 83-year-old New York woman said she was fined and threatened with arrest by a Sanitation Department agent for putting old newspapers in a city trash can.

So Guess Why This Kitten Is Named Verrazano

No, really, it's a cute story once it stops being a disturbing story. So an agent with the New York City Animal Care & Control was driving across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge when he saw a car in front of him toss something out the window. We'll let a spokesman for the ACC take it from here.

The Glorious Fur Bikini Wearing, Dragon Riding, Blaster Wielding Women Of Femme Fatales

In 1996, the greatest set of collectible cards ever made was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. They were called Femme Fatales and were one of the last

Sea Of Shoes’ Jane Alridge Talks Her New Book, The State Of Fashion Blogging And Why She’s Still Never Been To A Fashion Show

Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge and almost every other well-known fashion blogger on the planet have imparted their style advice in a comprehensive new book called Style Yourself (WeldonOwen, $24.95), which is billed as “inspired advice from the …

Snooki In A Potted Plant

It doesn't get much better than this.

Football Team Planks To Celebrate Touchdown

This is what happens when you take away end zone victory dances.

Rare Baby Donkra Born In China

This little guy is the offspring of a female zebra and a male donkey, born in Haicang Zoo in China. His unusual genetic make-up has graced him with a donkey-shaped body and zebra-like head, with just a smattering of black and white stripes in his mo…

AskObama "Twitter Town Hall" Going... Quite Poorly

.bbpBox{background:url( #8b592b;padding:20px;}#askobama My home printer jams all the time. It's an HP D4160. What do you recommend?Wed Jul 06 18:34:46 via TweetDeckpourmecoffeep…

The Best/Worst Song Of The Summer

This song is REALLY horrible, but also REALLY awesome. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING. "Enjoy" Cher Lloyd's "Swagger Jagger."

First Look: The Dwarves Of The Hobbit

These continual image releases are a slow burn of happiness.

Ground Control To Major Star Fox

No seriously Slippy...get bent.

Hipsters, Behold Your King

He lives in Stockholm.

Cat Photobombs Dude

Or is he photobombing the cat?

Spike Lee In Talks To Direct Remake Of Oldboy

Chan-Wook Park’s Oldboy (2003) is one of those foreign films that so many people have already seen that a remake would almost be sacrilege, but in the eyes of studio execs, people who watch foreign films aren’t an audience worth considering anyway s…

Watch The Trailer For The Upcoming ElBulli Documentary

Here's the trailer for El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, a documentary on Ferran Adrià's renowned Spanish restaurant. Get ready for some subtitles, extreme precision plating and people intently watching Adrià taste things. ElBulli the restaurant has bu…

Brent Spiner Is Begging To Get Into Star Trek 2

Brent Spiner, best known as the lemon-colored android Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, is currently starring in a webseries called Fresh Hell, where he plays a fictionalized version himself trying to get his acting career together. Well, no…

A Urinal To Remember

This urinal was photographed at Rheinfels Castle in Germany. I would think that most men would prefer to just take it outside.

Meet The $100,000 Zafirro Iridium Razor

Still shaving with a Schick? How plebeian of you! Men with real money shave with this lil’ puppy: the $100,000 Zafirro Iridium razor with white sapphire blades.

50 Hottest Kardashian Bikini Pics: Ranking The Best Of The Sisters

They may have gained fame from their attorney father or their clothing line D-A-S-H , but the Kardashian sisters love to pose for the camera and attract the eyes of every man on the planet...

Payday: The Deadliest Time Of The Month?

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Most workers look forward to getting paid, but one new study shows that payday may be the riskiest time of the month.

Stocks Push Higher Ahead Of Jobs Data

The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished ahead by 56 points, or 0.4%, at 12,626. The S&P 500 gained 1 point, or 0.1%, 1339, and the Nasdaq Composite climbed up 8 points, or 0.3%, at 2834. The gains allowed the broad market to build on last week'…

7 Famous Candies That Might As Well Be Gateway Drugs

Kevin Klein investigates the seven candies that probably turned you into the drug addled mess that you are today

Video: Patton Oswalt's 5-Second Film, Crabwalkin'

Video: Patton Oswalt's 5-Second Film, Crabwalkin'.

Unicorn Sneeze

A Tweet from @ProdigalSam gives us this adorable Twaggie drawn by David Barneda. Like all Twaggies, you can buy it on a t-shirt if you like. Link   Tags: Twaggies, tweet, Twitter …

iPad 3 Rumored To Join 'Thinner, Faster' iPhone 5 This Fall

The iPad 3 and iPhone 5 will also be harder, better, faster, stronger (just kidding but not really) Read more by Matthew Arevalo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Why The Pledge Of Allegiance Should Be Removed From Schools //

The pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist by the name of Francis Bellamy in 1892. The original gesture to be made was a Hail Hitler like salute

The World's 5 Favorite Animals To Have Sex With

Have you ever wondered which animals humans most like to do it with? Wonder no more!

Happy Hour: Wait, Don't Throw Out That Unfinished Wine!

Perhaps the saddest thing about drinking, aside from that guy at the bar who tries to get a drink by snapping his fingers and calling the bartender "buddy" (or, god no, realizing you've been flirting with that guy all night), is when you order anoth…

How To Get Over Someone

- Get bangs - Start a cockfighting ring - Have a Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner transplanted where your heart should be - Google “little debbie zebra cakes nyc but where??” - Delete ex’s number - Throw cell phone into active volcano - Every …

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