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July 22, 2011

Essential Kitchen Tools - Best Cooking Gadgets

Speed up kitchen prep and make cooking more fun with these eight clever, nifty gadgets for slicing fruit, peeling shrimp, shucking corn and more at

6 Reasons "Friends With Benefits" Never Works

Hi glam gals! I’m Caitlin, the new Entertainment Assistant here at Glamour. I'll be writing about all things movies, TV (I’m an obsessive Gleek and psyched for the X-Factor) and music (anyone else catch Taylor Swift’s "Speak Now" tour?). I can’t wai…

Queen Elizabeth II Calls Royal Wedding Dress Exhibit 'Horrid' (PHOTOS)

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge took a preview tour of Buckingham Palace's royal wedding exhibit on Friday. And in what was probably a "you had to be there" moment, the Queen exclaimed to her granddaughter-in-law, "Horrid, isn't it?

Cinema's Greatest Slaps Supercut

Jeff Smith presents 7 minutes of the greatest slaps in film history. NSFW for language and, you know, violence.

"8 More iPhone Apps I Wish Existed" By Kevin Corrigan

by Kevin Corrigan on July 22, 2011

Mila Kunis Used A Butt Double In 'Friends With Benefits'

In fact, the 27-year-old actress -- who has never seemed like a shy person -- admitted on Ryan Seacrest's radio show that she used a butt double for some of the more graphic scenes. "I showed side boob and I figured I can't just give away everything…

"I'm Thinking About It." Bernie Sanders To Challenge Obama? //

Today on the Thom Hartman radio program, Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, said he is thinking of mounting a primary challenge to President

Texas Teen Shoots 'Chupacabra'

LA SALLE, Texas, July 21 (UPI) -- A Texas 13-year-old said he shot a strange animal outside of his home that he believes may be the legendary chupacabra.

Heatwave Pro-Tip

But only if you finish all your pavement-eggs.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Officially Over

With this piece of paper Don't Ask Don't Tell has come to an end. It's ridiculous that it has taken this long, but let's not turn victory into defeat. Now get back to work President Obama, there's so much more to do.

10 Things You Didn't Know About National Lampoon's Vacation

So not only was it just announced that Hollywood would be rebooting the Vacation movies, but today is also the 28th anniversary of the original Vacation's release. In honor of this momentous occasion, here are 10 things you never knew about National Lampoon's Vacation.

Big Brother Is Here

I like this. Wait.... Aw man, I just performed several thought crimes.

L.A. Reid Tells Epic Records Execs "I Don't Want No Ugly People Working Here."

"X Factor" judge L.A. Reid isn't pulling any punches about becoming music's next Mr. Nasty, supposedly joking, as new CEO of Epic Records, that the label should be scrubbed of "ugly people."

Massive Explosion Rocks Oslo, Norway

UPDATE #27: A witness has told Reuters that he saw at least 20 dead at the youth camp. Police have declined to comment on the report.

Oslo Twitpics Show Destruction After Bombing, Shooting

(CBS/What's Trending) - Horrible explosions in Oslo, Norway rocked government buildings this morning, injuring several people. Now, reports of a separate shooting at a Norwegian youth camp by a man dressed as a police officer are surfacing. Users of…

'Beavis And Butt-Head' Riff On 'Jersey Shore' In MTV Series Relaunch (Video)

Beavis and Butt-Head are back -- and they haven't changed one bit, based on a sneak peek from MTV's upcoming revival of the 1990s animated comedy. The laughs are the same, the clothes are the same (Metallica T-shirt for Beavis, AC/DC for Butt-Head…

Justin Timberlake: In Time Trailer

Time is money. In the future, time has become currency. Age freezes at twenty-five and the only way to maintain yourself is to acquire more "money". Like a modern day Logan's Run but without the mandatory death.

Man Found In Time Lapse Video Moves Very, Very Slowly

This is a section of a 24 hour time lapse video someone made. It's sped up to 8 times normal speed, but when he watched it back, he noticed that there was a man slowly drifting across the video "as if the wind was blowing him and nothing else." Is he a plant? Is he a weird guy? Does anyone know what's happening here?

Mega Miner (Game Battle)

Mine for gems, metals, and minerals. Upgrade your miner. Don't overheat or run out of fuel. This is a perfectly appropriate way for you to kill the last couple of hours of your Friday at work - and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Note: This game is vastly better than Tanner's stupid game. Posting games like that is one of the reasons that we fired him in the first place.)

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner In Therapy; Wants To Convince Huma Abedin's Boss Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton That 'I'm Cured'

Forget his wife -- Anthony Weiner has an even bigger problem on his hands: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Mets Fan Runs On The Field And Embarrasses The Security Guards

The New York Mets, where even their security guards are second best. That said they do lay a nice hit on him eventually. Unfortunately it's the only thing a Mets employee has hit all year. (I keed. I keed.)

Settle Down, Beavis: Here's Your First Look At The New Beavis And Butt-Head

As previously reported, Beavis And Butt-head is coming back to MTV after a 14-year absence, but as this newly debuted clip reveals, it’s really like they never left. The below footage prepared for Mike Judge’s Comic-Con panel is pure fan service, fe…

Korra From Nickolodeon's Avatar Sequel Unveiled

Nice doggie. Nice giant, non-flying doggie. Guess this means Appa, the flying bison, doesn't have a lifespan of several hundred years? :(

This Video Will Probably Make You Cry

This is a video by Jelle Buyens. He explains it thusly: "This video is deticated to the love of my life, Freyja. She broke up with me a couple of days ago because she wanted a new direction in her life and the feelings for me were burned out. I wanted to let her know that whatever that direction is, i want to be a part of it. And those feelings she had, they can return. The footage has been shot random over the years on times we spend with each other. Hopefully i can get trough of the hard shell she has nowadays and proof to her that the time we had was wonderful and can continue. Let's hope i can get some new footage soon with her. Forever hers."

The Walking Dead: Official Season Two Trailer

October, why are you so far away? This series shows the true genius behind the zombie genre: it's not really about the undead, but who people really are when you boil them down to survival instincts.

The 40 Most Awesome Hood Ornaments You've Ever Seen

From Stormtroopers to penguins, people and car marques have gotten pretty extravagant with their hood ornaments. Use these for inspiration when you're thinking about tricking out your mid-nineties Toyota.

The Clone Wars: Season Four Trailer

This is getting a little epic for a kid's show. Bah, who are we kidding? This was never really meant for our kids; they were just the smoke screen.

17 Photos Of Koalas Dealing With Heat Waves

We aren't the only ones suffering through this heat wave. Animals have it rough too, especially with the fur and the no air conditioning and everything. Here are 17 photos of the greatest animal on the planet, the koala, dealing with heat waves over the years. I hear immense amounts of cute can cool you down, so I'd check these out if I were you.

Salsa Porcupine

Videogum requested it, and 'twas so. While the original video is of a porcupine probably (read: definitely) trying to escape from its glass cage, it also turns out he's a pretty dynamite salsa dancer.

New Study Finds Correlation Between Penis Size And National GDP

Also suspect is the statement that "the smaller the country's average penis size, the bigger its GDP growth — unless, evidently, the penises fall below the 4.25-inch threshold, in which case the GDP is likely to grow only slightly more than the most…

Why "Captain America: The First Avenger" Won't Save The Superhero Movie

"Captain America: The First Avenger" swoops in at a time that the public is suffering from superhero movie fatigue Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

5 Villains That Were Thinly-Veiled Versions Of Real People

For those of you who've ever dreamed of turning your childhood enemies into objects of ridicule and hatred, with a side of jackass to boot, this list is for you. These iconic fictional characters were based on real-life people, and their creators co…

'Captain America: The First Avenger:' What Critics Say About Chris Evans

Chris Evans is getting rave reviews for playing the lead role in Captain America: The First Avengers, which opens in theaters Friday from Marvel and paramount.

Ramona Singer Beats Abusive Past

Just because Real Housewives of NYC star Ramona Singer has a booming business and hit reality show doesn’t mean she grew up privileged. Although the

10 TV Show Series Finales You Should Have Watched Live

Watching each of these finales they happened must have been epic. Admittedly, I've only been around for a few of these, but here's the facts, numbers, and clips from the series finales of the ten most watched television shows of all time. I'm getting pretty nostalgic over here.

Mind Blowing: Comparing Celestial Bodies

WOW. This will make you feel so small and insignificant. Also: heh heh heh heh.

Just Friends! Celeb Buddies Without Benefits

In honor of the movie Friends with Benefits, see which star pals really do just keep things platonic! (17 Photos)

Billionaire Makes His Name Visible From Space

Shiekh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the UAE, owner of the largest pickup truck in the world, would like to leave his mark on the world. He’d prefer to do so in a way that’s visible from space, so he had workers dig letters a thousand feet across in…

I Miss Game Of Thrones, You Guys

This is a picture of all our old pals from Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2011. WHO ARE THEY WEARING?! I don’t mean that in the Melissa Rivers sense (as a rule, assume that I never mean anything “in the Melissa Rivers sense”) but more like, uh, who ar…

9 Debaucherous Things You'll See In Tokyo Vice City

On the surface, Tokyo is a shiny, crime free metropolis. A place where the streets are always clean and the people are always polite. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a hotbed of drugs, hookers and sleaze under the surface – it’s just hidden away f…

World's Most Badass Eagle

I have to imagine Hollywood will green light the film version the moment they see this photo. Billy Bob Thornton will play Eric Eagle. Update: As commenters pointed out, this is not a falcon. Apparently I shouldn't have let my National Audubon Society membership lapse.

The Reason Waldo Is Hard To Find? He's In Amsterdam With His Family

One of the most embarrassing things in my life is that I didn't find Waldo in a Where's Waldo book till like the third grade. I don't like to talk about it.

Stills From The Alleged Marilyn Monroe Porno

A newly discovered print of what is purported to be a pornographic film starring an underage Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe) is going up for auction. Here a few stills. Monroe fans insist it's a different woman, but the film's owner says it was shot before the Hollywood sex bomb lost some weight and underwent plastic surgery. What say you?

Watch These Waterfalls Flow Upwards In Australia

The winds on the southern coast of eastern Australia have been so strong for the past two days that waterfalls' streams are being blown upwards. Not only that, but the 74.5mph (120kmh) winds have been blowing commuter ferries far off their typical routes. This all sounds a lot worse than that whole 'in Australia, toilet water flushes counter-clockwise' thing.

Decor Tips Summer Backyard Patio Outdoor Parties

Outdoor entertaining doesn't have to mean plastic cups, paper plates and the usual tiki torches. Entertaining expert Liza Utter shares her tips for throwing a simple yet sophisticated backyard bash (11 Photos)

Penélope Cruz Is Raunchy In Red On Set Of New Woody Allen Film Bop Decameron

She's regularly voted one of the sexiest women in the world - and Woody Allen appears to be playing on Penélope Cruz's sensuous reputation for his new movie.

NFL Star's Alleged Beating Victim -- BLOODY Photo

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson allegedly beat his roommate's face to a bloody oozing pulp, putting the guy in the HOSPITAL -- and TMZ has obtained a photo of the facial destruction. As we previously reported, Cedric and his now ex-r…

Arnold & Maria's Son Hospitalized -- Surfing Accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 13-year-old son Christopher is hospitalized after a serious surfing accident last weekend  ... so serious he has been in ICU for days ...TMZ has learned. Christopher suffered multiple broken bones and a …

21 Celebrity Doppelgangers

Does WIll Ferrell play drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Does Mischa Barton star on Wilfred? These and other questions will be raised as soon as you look at these photos.

I Love You Christopher Hitchens, You Irritating Bastard

Christopher Hitchens, along with Robert Hughes and Spy magazine's Michèle Bennett, first started me imagining that I would like someday to be a journalist and critic. These jaundiced observers of the follies of the late 1980s and early 1990s had in …

10 Unrealized Book-To-Film Adaptations We’d Like To Have Seen

When Orson Welles went to Hollywood in 1939 and made a heretofore-unseen dream deal with RKO Pictures (which gave him complete creative control over the films of his new Mercury film unit), he proposed, as his first film, an adaptation of Joseph Con…

Dream House Trailer Gives Away The Twist So You Never Have To Watch It

Oscar-nominated director Jim Sheridan is known for movies like My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, In America, and Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong).  He seems to be co…

Theme Parks: Kids Vs. Adults

What do you mean, a bag of candy is five dollars? It's a vending machine! Being an adult sucks.

Sexy Lady Chewbacca

Well there's a title I never thought I'd type. But I should've known better. Gender bending cosplay is pretty mainstream.

Marilyn Monroe Porn Film? Alleged Sex Film Up For Auction

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A Spanish collector plans to auction what he claims is a newly discovered 8-mm version of a film purportedly showing Marilyn Monroe having sex when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker. A Marilyn Monr…

Beyonce Reveals When She Wants To Have Children With Jay-Z! (VIDEO)

Beyonce is almost ready to have children.In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the "Best Thing I Never Had" singer reveals a long list of things she wants to do before she turns 40."Before I hit the age of 40 I'd love to have some children. I…

Matt Damon News - Matt Damon Debuts Brand New Shaved Head! (PHOTOS)

The hunky actor was seen making a quick trip to the post office in Vancouver on Tuesday afternoon, where he showed off this striking new ‘do. The 40-year-old actor stepped out in a green t-shirt, a pair of jeans — and a completely bald head.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Cosplay Pics

Here's your one and only stop for cosplay pics of hot girls, fat dudes in costumes and public displays of fandom from San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

'Captain America's' Chris Evans: 'I Hate This Movie'

Chris Evans hardly survived the four-month training for his Captain America role.

Aftermath Video: Explosion Rocks Oslo Governmental Building

A bomb exploded in an Oslo, Norway Governmental building this morning. At least two were killed, but many were injured. I'm sure we'll have more as it comes out.

10 Places You Would Rather Be To Escape The Heat Today

The keyword of the day is 'heatwave,' and you should be trying to get out of it. If I were you, I'd whip out your credit card and book a flight as soon as possible to one of these fine, chilly destinations.

Corgi Rodeo Is Just About The Cutest Thing On The Planet

Because who doesn't love Corgis? Nazis. That's who.

Was Harrison Ford Super High On Letterman Last Night?

The last time Harrison Ford was on Conan, he seemed high. Last night on Letterman he still seemed high. Other places he seems high? In the trailers for Cowboys & Aliens.

Woman Sues JetBlue For Allegedly Kicking Her Off Flight Because Of Short Shorts

A Manhattan financial consultant was kicked off a JetBlue flight at JFK Airport because the pilot mistakenly thought she wasn't wearing pants or shorts, according to her lawsuit.

Robert Pattinson: Breaking Dawn Birth Scene Is "Hardcore"

Twilight madness took over Comic Con Thursday, as Breaking Dawn stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrived to chat about part one of the final story.

Nick Lachey News - Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Get Cozy During St. Barts Honeymoon! (PHOTOS)

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have been husband and wife for less than a week but it already looks like they're having the time of their lives! The

From Pixie To Buzz Cuts: A Look At Celebs Who’ve Chopped Their Locks

The internet’s been abuzz this week with news of actors chopping off their hair for their art. Dakota Fanning, who’s shooting a movie about a girl with leukemia, was spotted with a crop but it turned out to be a wig. So was Vanessa Hudgens, but she …

Pedicab Of Thrones

You ride or you die. You know, like the Ruff Ryders. (Though technically they don't "ride" they "ryde.")

Selena Gomez Requests No Birthday Presents

Selena Gomez‘s has been granted one big birthday wish: She has the day off on Friday to relax and celebrate her 19th birthday with family and friends. But the singer/actress also has another request — no presents!

The TSA Now Has A More Private Body Scanner

Less than six months later, I'm getting a little bit of my privacy back. The Transportation Security Administration just announced that new software will "enhance privacy by eliminating passenger-specific images." Which is to say, airport scanners w…

Can't Unsee: The Dark Knight Rises Poster Is Ruined

When "Can't Unsee" goes too far. I'll never be able to look at this poster again.

Liftrauser [Game Battle]

I don't know if any of you noticed, but I work at BuzzFeed again, and with my return comes the return of everyone's favorite Friday front-page feature – GAME BATTLE! Welcome me back by helping me trounce Jack this week.

Cats Hanging Out With Bearded Dragons

This is a really unnatural and awesome relationship that apparently goes on in American households. And I'm SO into it. Here's ten videos of cat-bearded dragon friendships.

Big Cats With Big Cucumbers

That's not a euphemism. What better way to beat the summer heat than with a giant, cool cucumber?

Asian Boys Shake It To "Hey Ya"

Someone get them an agent. I promise you won't see a cuter dancing twin video today.

Extreme Heat: 10 Worldwide Spots With Tough Temperatures

Hot weather? How about heat so extreme it gets downright dangerous. While must of the Midwest and Northeast swelter in a heat wave sending temperatures north of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat index much hotter, those temperatures can actually f…

PIC: Katy Perry Goes Blonde! -

After spending a few weeks as a redhead due to a botched dye job where she tried to lighten her black strands, Katy Perry is finally blonde. PHOTOS: Hollywood's newest redheads

50 Ugliest Athletes Of All Time

There are some really unattractive athletes in professional sports. While Adam Morrison is an obvious candidate, he barely ranks inside the top 10...

Sofia Vergara Loves Sex Symbol Status

When it comes to curves, Sofia Vergara's motto is straight to the point: If you got it, flaunt it.

Tiger Woods' Fired Caddie Swings Back

Tiger Woods' divorce wasn't his only bitter breakup. His former caddie says the golfer scorned him, too.

‘Jaws’ In Real Life: Great White Shark Jumps Into Boat In South Africa

A research boat off the coast of South Africa had an unwelcome visitor when a three-meter long great white shark leapt out of the water into their boat.

Lock Ness Monster's Little Brother? Couple Discover 30ft Sea Creature Carcass

Margaret and Nick Flippence made the incredible find as they exercised their dogs at Bridge of Don,  Aberdeen.

Kendra Wilkinson Gets A Finger Where The Sun Don't Shine

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson shared an intimate moment on the beach. It’s the kind that we wish we hadn’t been privy to, but now that we’ve seen it, we can’t help but wonder what he’s planning to do with that pinky. [Hollywood Tuna]

More Leaked Clips From Failed Wonder Woman Pilot Reveal The Woman Behind The Wonder

David E. Kelley’s attempt to lasso Wonder Woman into the modern age was already considered and summarily rejected by NBC, but when it comes to television, death is never the end. Sometimes, death only intrigues us more—especially when the prematurel…

Kendall Jenner News - Kendall Jenner: Taller Than Dad Bruce Jenner? (PHOTO)

Talk about a growth spurt! Kendall Jenner just Tweeted a pic with her and dad Bruce Jenner, where the 15-year-old looks like she’s got about an inch on him.

If This Video Doesn't Restore Your Faith In Humanity, Then I Don't Want To Know You

This kid shows that some people still want to do what's right. That type of generosity is tough, especially at that age.

Boy Survives A Bamboo Spear Impaling Him Through The Neck

This is why playing ninja is dangerous. A 13-year-old Virginia boy named Dez Heal chose a bamboo stick as his weapon, but it eventually came back to haunt him when it pierced clean through his neck. Thankfully he is okay now, but check out this video and the amazing photo of Dez.

Reverse Graffiti: South African Artists Create Clean Murals (PICTURES)

While many artists look to leave their imprint on society by drawing on the public landscape, one South African group is making a name for themselves by using a technique that scrubs it clean. The process is called 'reverse graffiti,' and the artist…

Kristen Stewart News - Part Of 'Breaking Dawn' Sex Scene Leaks! (VIDEO)

To say things get steamy between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in this leaked Breaking Dawn footage would be a complete understatement! In this

Spanish Fly: Zoe Saldana, A-Rod & Other Sexy Dominicans Who Caused Our First Heatwave (PHOTOS)

The temperature is rising across our fair land and we've found the cause: Dominicans.That's right, Dominicans are hot, hot! So hot, they're sending waves of panic and causing electricity bills to climb in 45 of our 50 states.  At first we didn't bel…

The Crooked Forest

In a tiny corner of western Poland a forest of about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks – all bent northward. Surrounded by a larger forest of straight growing pine trees this collection of curved trees, or “Crooke…

Leopard Attack In India, 11 People Injured (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

A leopard attack in the Indian village of Prakash Nagar has left 11 people injured, the AP reports. The animal strayed into the village on Tuesday and became startled by a crowd of onlookers, according to a wildlife official.

James Franco Tells ‘Playboy’ He’s Single & Talks Losing His Virginity

James Franco is back on the market. The 33-year-old Renaissance man revealed to Playboy that he and his actress girlfriend, Ahna O’Reilly, have split after almost five years together. The actor also dished on an array of other topics — from wanting…

Guatemala Sinkhole Found Under Elderly Woman's Bed (PHOTOS)

Guatemala Sinkhole Found Under Elderly Woman's Bed (PHOTOS) | Breaking News | Latest News | Top Current News

Textual Healing: Could Giving Up Daily Texts Lead To Something Better?

Text messaging is often the fastest way to communicate with friends and acquaintances, but it’s not always the best one. Especially when it comes to texting with guys. Here at Crushable we aim to help you sift through all the subtext and emerge rela…

6 Things That Always Seem To Happen When You're Late [CHART]

It takes you half an hour to walk the dog and drive to work on a bad day? Stop moaning immediately please.

Khloe Kardashian News - Khloe Kardashian: Hosting Kim & Kris’ Engagement Party

Hi dolls! Just wanted to share my pics from Kim and Kris’s engagement party that I hosted at my house. It was insane how quickly we threw it together — we decided on a Monday that we were going to have it and then it took place that Thursday! We a…

Eva Mendes Goes Grocery Shopping

Late last week, Eva rocked a pair of alice + olivia high waisted coral pants as she attended a business meeting at Chateau Marmont.

Scientology's Hollywood Real Estate Empire

The biggest owner of historic buildings in Hollywood, the Church of Scientology has earned a good-neighbor status as its acquisitions continue -- even as questions about its motives abound.

Pals Of ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Wakiles Defend Them

Looks like some Jersey attitude has gotten Real Housewives of New Jersey castmmates in bit of trouble. The rather controversy-free Richard and Kathy Wakile have recently found themselves in quite the feud with Franklin Lakes men’s boutique, Somethin…

The 20 Naughtiest Cheerleaders Ever

If I were going to make a suggestion for cheerleaders everywhere, it would be this: Be a cheerleader, not a cheer follower. What does that have to do with this article? Nothing. It doesn't need to...

com News: Four-Time Pro Bowl Center Forrest Blue Dies At Age 65

SAN FRANCISCO -- Forrest Blue, a four-time Pro Bowl center who helped the San Francisco 49ers win three straight division titles in the early 1970s, has died. He was 65.

Bradley Cooper Talks Acting, Storytelling And 'Limitless'

The "it guy" of the moment, thanks to a run of charismatic and pretty boy handsome comedy roles, Bradley Cooper was sold on his first major solo starring role by a scene in which his would-be character is tired, desperate and face-first on the groun…

Federal Reserve Actively Preparing For The Possibility Of U.S. Default

The Federal Reserve is actively preparing for the possibility that the United States could default as a deadline for raising the government's $14.3 trillion borrowing limit looms, a top Fed policymaker said on Wednesday.

Ashton Kutcher Goes Nude For 'Two And A Half Men' Ad (PHOTO)

Charlie Sheen's sexual proclivities -- amongst many other things -- got him booted from "Two and a Half Men," but CBS, it seems, has no problem emphasizing the svelte body of their new star. Ashton Kutcher, who was announced as the show's new star i…

Musicians Are Probably Smarter Than The Rest Of Us

Want to keep your mind healthy and sharp throughout your life? Pick up an instrument. A new study found that musicians might have brains that function better than their peers well into old age. Bet you wish you stuck with those piano lessons after a…

EatingWell: The #1 Best Protein For Your Health And The Environment (And The Worst To Avoid)

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Editor, Nutrition for EatingWell Magazine

Jennifer Aniston Keeps It Classy In Valentino At U.K. 'Horrible Bosses' Premiere (PHOTOS, POLL)

Our general attitude about Jennifer Aniston's red carpet appearances is: this again? What sort of strapless and/or little black, possibly drapey, goddess-cut dress with a slit is she wearing now? But, we'll say it -- girl looked classy in London…

Vanessa Hudgens' Short Hair: Likes Or Yikes?

Vanessa Hudgens has a short new haircut! What do you think of Vanessa's short hair?

Paris Hilton Walked Out Of An Interview

I can’t imagine why, but Good Morning America did an interview with Paris Hilton, and you’ll be amazed to learn she doesn’t think her time in the spotlight is over, and if you imply otherwise she’ll throw a little hissy fit.

Jennifer Aniston News - Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Holding Hands In London! (PHOTOS)

If for whatever reason you had a doubt that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were really a couple, their hand-holding night in London will put that all to rest.

Gisele Bundchen News - Birthday Girl Gisele Bundchen's Sexiest Looks (PHOTOS)

She’s the object of admiration and envy, and today, July 20, Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen turns 31. In honor of the supermodel mom, Celebuzz encourages you to click the pics and feast your eyes on her sexiest looks over the years.  Here are a fe…

President Obama Backs Gang Of Six Deal: Hails Revived Proposal From Mark Warner, Saxby Chambliss

UPDATE: Looks like there is a new stumbling block to the latest debt deal: Congressional Democrats, who are none too happy with a still-in-the-works deal they say doesn't currently include any immediate tax increases.

Brussels Summit: Last-Ditch Talks To Save Euro Amid Debt Crisis

George Osborne urged European leaders to 'get a grip' when they meet in Brussels today in a bid to resolve the debt crisis and save the euro.

Inbetweeners Star Belinda Stewart-Wilson Strips Off For Sexy Photo Shoot

Window display: Inbetweeners star Belinda Stewart-Wilson - or 'Will's fit mum' - shows off her stunning curvaceous figure for a sexy shoot for Loaded magazine

Invisible Art For $10,000? Here's How To Create A Gallery That You Can See For Much Less

A woman payed $10,000 for an invisible piece of art. Find out how you can shell out much less to get quality pieces of work Read more by Zach Mack for Netted by the Webbys on CBS News' What's Trending.

Wondering What Freja And Arizona Say To Each Other In Their Most Intimate Moments? Check Out This Tumblr

It’s been all but confirmed by the models themselves that Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse, perhaps two of the most relevant and prolific models of the moment, are a couple. Yep, it’s insane. Two super hot models are getting it on and people are…

Captain Planet Movie - Captain Planet

What modern-age disasters should Captain Planet face in his upcoming movie?

R.I.P. El Chupacabra (1995-2011)

El Chupacabra, most famous for his work on that one episode of The X-Files has been killed by a little boy named Carter. From Wikipedia (Ed. note: A++ on the photo illustration Mr. Pedia):

Bugs, In Order | The Awl

36. Bedbugs 35. Lice 34. Cicadas 33. Locusts 32. Scorpions 31. Termites 30. Ticks 29. Mosquitoes 28. Roaches 27. Beetles 26. Water bugs 25. Scabies 24. Fleas 23. Wasps 22. Moths 21. Bees 20. Noseeums 19. Mites 18. Flies 17. Gnats 16. Fruit flies 15.…

Mila Kunis Tells ‘Regis & Kelly’ That “Body Parts Are Revealed” In ‘Friends With Benefits’

Poor Mila Kunis. Not only did she have to try and explain to Regis Philbin what the “benefits” are in her new movie Friends With Benefits, but Regis’ wife Joy was also there filling in for Kelly Ripa!

Comic-Con Debuts Sexy Footage From ‘Breaking Dawn’ Honeymoon!

Twi-hards got a huge teaser clip of the Breaking Dawn honeymoon — complete with a shirtless Robert Pattinson skinny-dipping with Kristen Stewart — during Thursday’s Comic-Con panel, and the squeals from the audience were certainly loud. What can fan…

Mila Kunis Loves Work, Hates Cold Showers

“I genuinely love what I do, and I don’t look at it as work,” Mila, 27, says at her Friends With Benefits premiere held this week at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre. “If I love the project and if I love the people I’m working with and waking up at 4:00 in th…

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Their PDA On At L.A. Vintage Shop

In need of a Robsten fix? Robert Pattinson and his leading lady Kristen Stewart were spotted getting cozy with one another during a shopping trip in L.A. last weekend, fueling hope that the duo is steps closer to revealing the true meaning behind th…

Zach Braff’s Not Gay: “My Old Website Got Hacked”

Zach Braff is not gay, as his old website announced today, but instead he is the victim of a hacker. OK! NEWS: ZACH BRAFF JOINS JAMES FRANCO & MICHELLE

Lindsay Lohan Ordered To See A Therapist Or Probation Will Be Revoked

Lindsay Lohan was back in court today for a progress hearing and Judge Stephanie Sautner was not impressed with said progress. OK! NEWS: LINDSAY LOHAN

Meet Denise Richards' Baby Girl Eloise Joni!

Currently on good terms with her ex ("We talk every day"), Richards adds that Sheen, 45, has spent time with baby Eloise. "He knows how much I love, love kids, so he was very supportive," the actress -- whose memoir, The Real Girl Next Door, is out …

Jennifer Lopez Nearly Left Marc Anthony After Stewardess Hookup

Anthony "begged" wife Lopez not to leave him after a 2009 incident, an insider tells Us

This Woman Lives With 700 Cats

Nat Geo WILD will air a special called “The Lady With 700 Cats” on July 30th — a Saturday night, because that’s prime TV-watching time for single people who own cats. The program is narrated by Jane Lynch and focuses on Lynea Lattanzio, who runs Cal…

Here Is The First Official Avengers Teaser Poster

It’s no secret that this weekend’s debut of Captain America: The First Avenger is almost more notable for what follows the film—namely a teaser trailer for next year’s The Avengers, a glimpse of which you can catch right now in grimy, bootlegged for…

Screw It, We're Doing A Music Festival Too. Introducing A.V. Fest.

Inspired almost solely by the title of the first Cranberries album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We, we here at The A.V. Club have decided to have ourselves a music festival. In true A.V. Club fashion, we're flying a little bit by the se…

Project: Revive Your Leftovers - Food

For our GOOD 30-Day Challenge, we're trying to waste less. Write up a recipe to give new life to your leftovers.

Best Brunch Cocktails - Food

Our new drinking advice column answers your burning questions. First up: Best bets for daytime drinking.

The Google+ Dilemma: How Do You Separate Online "Friends" From "Acquaintances"?

Researchers say it's not surprising that hundreds of millions of people are comfortable with calling relative strangers "friend" on Facebook. In May a study showed that the average social-site user has twice the amount of friends online than they do…

The Science Of Sunscreen

All your life you've been told to wear sunscreen. Your mom told you to, your pale freckly friend told you to, it was in that stupid song that radios played all the time when you your much older sister graduated high school, but you just whined whyyy…

Will Your Footwear Get You Fired? Here's The Number One Office Don’t According To A Recent Survey

While I know you ladies are savvy enough to know what is and is not appropriate to wear to work, this 90-degree heat can do crazy things to a person. Also, what is right in one office might not be right in another. (Hello, pearls and skirt suits!) S…

Hate Talking To Fellow Passengers On Long Flights? Here's How To Make It A Bit More Tolerable!

Smitten kittens, as you read this, I’m flying somewhere over the Midwest. There’s also a good chance that I’m chatting up the person sitting next to me.

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