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July 31, 2011

Hunchcat Of Notre Dame

I recommend playing 'Thriller' as background music.

Justin Bieber Gets Pulled Over By The Cops!

You'll never believe the reason Justin drew the attention of law enforcement in South Beach!

Your Fitness: The Crazy New Yoga Trend I'm A Little Stumped By

I’m all for new fitness trends, and I love mixing things up. But this new spin on yoga? Well, I’m not sure I could get into it. You?...

Kristen Stewart Vs. Lily Collins Projects

The latest viral buzz from

Gay Weddings In New York City--Some Of The Happiest Couples You’ll Ever See (And Some AMAZING Wedding Dresses Too)

It was a beautiful day for a wedding--well, 24 weddings. An awesome organization called Pop Up Chapel performed same-sex wedding ceremonies today in Manhattan’s Central Park, so Paul and I headed over to get shots of the way-cool wedding dresses and…

5 Baffling 80s Trends (Explained By Rare Mental Disorders)

At a certain point, future generations are going to come to us wondering what the hell happened, so we'd better get our story straight. Fortunately, neurologists and sociologists have identified a number of rare and serious mental disorders that are…

Amanda Knox: The Fatal Gift Of Beauty

Her beauty has dimmed considerably over the past two years, and it is this change of circumstance — as much as new DNA evidence and forensic findings and a distinct shift in public opinion — that may very well lead to a lesser sentence, if not an ac…

Woman Claims To Have Found Missing Girl In India, Four Years After Disappearance

The Daily Mail reports the British woman known as Carol spotted a girl bearing striking resemblance to Maddie at a Market in Leh in northern India. Two American tourists even tried to take the girl from the couple she was with. The couple, a French …

Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Taste Cakes For Wedding Day

Kim Kardashian and fiance Kris Humphries stopped by Hansen Cakes in L.A. on Friday for some wedding cake tasting. Although the 30-year-old bride-to-be has recently revved up her fitness routine, she put aside her wedding slimdown plans to find the p…

'In Time' Trailer: Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde Star In Andrew Niccol Thriller (VIDEO)

Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde have had two of the best summers in Hollywood. Timberlake scored major buzz for his sexy lead in "Friends With Benefits," winning over critics and fans alike, and helped "Bad Teacher" open to big numbers, too. Wild…

Uncle Rush Celebrates Art For Life (PHOTOS)

Last night Russell Simmons celebrated his 12th annual Art For Life Benefit at his East Hampton estate with family and friends. Russell's adorable daughter Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons showed love and support for their daddy along with the rest of t…

6 Movie And TV Universes That Overlap In Mind-Blowing Ways

And in True Romance (written by Tarantino), there's a film producer called Lee Donowitz, who has been confirmed to be Donny's son. One of the main characters in True Romance is a woman called Alabama -- the same Alabama Mr. White mentions as a forme…

Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms, Default At Stake (LATEST UPDATES)

The Republican-led House on Saturday rejected a Senate Democratic bill to raise the nation's debt limit just three days before the deadline to avert an unprecedented U.S. financial default. President Barack Obama and lawmakers remained at loggerhead…

Caleb Followill’s Brothers Clarify & Apologize For His Abrupt Exit During Dallas Kings Of Leon Concert

Although Caleb Followill cited the extreme heat in Dallas as a reason for his abrupt exit in the middle of Friday night’s Kings of Leon concert, it became clear that there were other issues involved in his stage departure when his brothers and band …

Zara Phillips' Royal Wedding Guests Pictures

The latest viral buzz from

Cancer-Stricken Ground Zero Worker Edgar Galvis Gets Settlement Check For Zero Dollars

Cancer-stricken Ground Zero worker Edgar Galvis has finally received a compensation check -- for zero dollars.

Don't Make Dan Savage Angry, Rick Santorum. You Won't Like Him When He's Angry.

Sex columnist Dan Savage (whose advice and tirades you can find weekly on our very own site) has let the other shoe drop, so to speak, in his ongoing Google battle with Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Santorum has been known to say so…

Editor Summer 2011 Travel Guide

From lazy lake-side weekends to glamorous jaunts in the south of France, our editors tell you where they’re off to for summer vacation—plus what they’re packing for the trip!

Kevin Bacon To Play Yet Another Villain In R.I.P.D.

Having apparently taken “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon” as some sort of challenge, Kevin Bacon continues to approach Christopher-Walken-in-the-’90s levels of ubiquity with the number of roles he accepts, most recently joining the comic-book series adap…

The War On Photoshopping: UK Bans "Misleading" Makeup Ads

A government body in the UK has tossed two makeup ads after complaints that they were too exaggerated for public consumption.

Tom Hardy: On Set As Bane For ‘The Dark Knight Rises!’

Tom Hardy takes a break while on the set for The Dark Knight Rises in full costume on Saturday (July 30) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Lindsay Lohan Falls Down, Paris Helps Her Up

Lindsay Lohan went out again in Malibu last night with pals Paris and Nicky Hilton and she just couldn't stand it -- no, really ... she fell down.  Lindsay blamed her little trip on the paps, posting this on her Twitter page: See also Paris,…

Bacon Products - Weird Products

List and gallery of The Most WTF Bacon Products

Futurama's Head-In-A-Jar Creator

The latest viral buzz from

Kylie Johnson Hot Pictures - Photos

Whether you recognize Kylie Johnson or not, you’ll be happy to see her right now

10 Cartoon Movies That Should Be Made!

THE JETSONS A live version of Hanna-Barbera’s modern space-age family has been bandied about for years, but as with so many cartoon and comic book movies, it took time for filmmaking technology to reach the point where it could do the concept ju…

Dead Woman Found Floating In Bronx River

A woman was found naked and floating dead in the Bronx River near East 226th Street, police said.

Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall Married In U.K. Royal Wedding (PHOTOS)

Text by SCOTT HEPPELL, the Associated Press EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) -- Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Phillips married England rugby star Mike Tindall on Saturday -- but Britain's second royal wedding of the year was largely a low-key affa…

Harry Potter As A Teen Comedy

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love trailer mash ups and this Harry Potter one is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

'Sex And The City' Prequel Rumors Fly; Who Would You Cast? (PHOTOS)

HBO's 'Sex and the City' went off the air in 2004 but Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda haven't gone anywhere.

The $5 Trillion Coin: Gimmicks The Government Could Use To Resolve The Debt-ceiling Debacle.

The countdown clock to the Debtpocalypse now stands at four days, give or take. Soon, the Treasury will start receiving bills it cannot pay, and the United States will fall delinquent on billions of dollars in promised payments to Social Security re…

World Population Predicted To Hit 7 Billion This Year

A new study shows that the earth's population will hit 7 billion in 2011, which is double what it was in the 1960s, according to Discovery News. What's more, researchers predict that another 2.3 billion people will be added to our planet over the ne…

Horrifying Houseguest And New Old Spice Fabio

Know Your Meme's top dogs present the memes that took over the Interwebs this week Read more by Brad Kim, Don Caldwell on CBS News' What's Trending.

Lily’s National Anthem Lily-national-anthem

The latest viral buzz from

Angelina Jolie Explains Why She & Brad Pitt Are Taking On “Fewer Films”

While Angelina Jolie remains very appreciative of her successful film career, the mom of six recently opened up about slowing down her pace on the big screen to enjoy life with Brad Pitt and their family.

Adam Braun On Pencils Of Promise And How Justin Bieber Is 'Making The World Better'

And with that realization, Braun quit his finance job at Bain & Company and started Pencils of Promise in 2009. Two years later, Braun had built 41 schools in Laos, Nicaragua and Guatemala and raised more than $3 million, thanks in part to spokesman…

Lunchtime Lowdown: Prince William & Kate Attend Pal Zara Phillips’ Wedding In Scotland; Gwyneth Paltrow Shouts Out Coldplay’s New Album On Twitter

Prince William and his wife Kate attend pal Zara Phillips' wedding in Scotland. (Just Jared) Gwyneth Paltrow promotes hubby Chris Martin's new Coldplay

Kat Von D's Facebook Note: 'I Suck'

Reacting to public news of her breakup from fiance Jesse James, Kat von D wrote a heartfelt message on her Facebook page Wednesday night. The 881-word note, entitled "What can I say? I suck" ranges from self-deprecating to wistful. Contrary to repor…

Bill O'Reilly Lashes Out At 'Hateful' Republicans (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly took some Republicans to task on his Thursday show, saying that they needed to stop their "craziness," tone down their "hateful rhetoric" and pass a debt ceiling increase. Speaking to guest host Laura Ingraham from Los Angeles, O'Reill…

'Red Tails' Trailer And Release Date (VIDEO)

'Red Tails,' Lucas's Tuskegee Airmen Movie, Lands a Release Date -

Analeigh Tipton's Star Rises In Hilariously Awkward 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.'

On set and preparing for her first starring role in a major motion picture, getting ready for scenes with stars like Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, you can understand why Analeigh Tipton would be a little bit anxious. Luckily, that's exactly what …

Elizabeth Hurley Steps Out With Son Damian (PHOTO)

Elizabeth Hurley brought her adorable son, Damian, 9, to the set of 'Gossip Girl' on Thursday, and Bauer Griffin has the photos. Damian's father is Steve Bing; Hurley divorced Arun Nayar earlier this year.

Casey Anthony: Hustler Offers $500,000 For Nude Photos, Larry Flynt Reports

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt said he is willing to pay Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose naked for his magazine. The porn mogul made the announcement on HLN's "Nancy Grace" show Thursday night.

Alec Baldwin: It's Time To Suck It Up And Pay Our Bill

Americans are caring. And what those who are opposed to raising the debt ceiling are essentially attempting to do is insist that we stop caring. That we stop doing one of the primary things that make this country what it is. That makes us who we are…

41-Year-old Man Stabbed By Girlfriend's Baby Daddy In Bedford-Stuyvesant Apartment

A popular neighborhood street vendor, who had just proposed to his sweetheart, was stabbed to death by the ex-con daddy of the woman’s 6-year-old son during a violent face-off in Brooklyn early today.

Robert Pattinson Shocks Kristen Stewart With Baby-Biting Story

Robert Pattinson shocks Kristen Stewart with a baby-biting story. K-Stew says R-Pattz is "really weird" for pretending to bite a 'Twilight' fan's baby while on the set of the first movie.

Harrison Ford And Chewbacca Reunite -- And Fight!

Star Wars fans, you've got to watch this. Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a great skit: Harrison Ford meets his old cohort, Chewbacca! But if you think this on-screen, space-smuggling duo have remained friends off screen, think again. N…

Woman Takes Bar Exam While In Labor, Delivers Baby Right After

So Mother Bar Exam sat down for the afternoon session of the Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”). Not long after, she started going into labor — not a little discomfort, but full-on labor.[...]

Holy Smokes Batman! The Bat-Signal Shines Over Pittsburgh

Citizens of Pittsburgh, do not be alarmed! The Bat-Signal didn’t go up because the Joker is up to no good in your town, but rather to show love for the crew of the new movie The Dark Knight Rises, who have been filming in the Pitt and may be staying…

Cat Beard

I see all your smug facial hair photos and raise you this: Cat Beard. Top that! Via I Have Seen The Whole of The Internet

George W. Bush 9/11 National Geographic Interview

Bush said that he quickly realized that all eyes were upon him, both in the classroom and out of it. “So I made the decision not to jump up immediately and leave the classroom,” he said. “I didn’t want to rattle the kids. I wanted to project a sense…

Google TV Continues To Flop, Announces $99 Price Drop

Google TV drops its price down to $99 Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

"Cowboys & Aliens" To Rope In Win At Box Office

(CBS/What's Trending) - The Universal/DreamWorks co-production of "Cowboys & Aliens" starring James Bond's Daniel Craig opens in 3,751 theaters in North America on Friday and the genre-mash up looks to outdraw the competition with a debut in the $40…

Image Of The Day: Giorgio Armani Rocks A Speedo At Age 77

Armani the company is having a pretty good year: it’s dressing the Italian Olympics team and scored Megan Fox for its beauty ads and Rihanna in her underwear. Armani the man isn’t doing too badly either. The Daily Mail captured him here hanging out …

Ex-Yankee Pitcher Hideki Irabu DEAD -- Suicide By Hanging Himself

Former New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead yesterday in his California home -- and law enforcement sources tell TMZ, it appears he committed suicide by hanging himself. We're told a friend found him. L.A. County Coroner is still tr…

Preview Of CN Tower’s “EdgeWalk” Might Give You Vertigo

Here is Mark Laroche, President and CEO of Canada Lands Company (“Duh, we know.”), getting a tour of EdgeWalk, which is a thing that will open in August on the CN Tower in Canada and hooooooly moly. Is anyone else on the floor? One second I was at m…

Fox News Anchor Disproves Global Warming, Leaves Bill Nye Stunned

One time when I was in college (you are impressed) I was walking with a friend who I had known for three years, and somehow the topic of global warming came up. And he started talking about how he didn’t believe in it and was reading a book about ho…

What The Future Looked Like In 1995

@RonMwangaguhunga LKASHFLKSHF OMG RON! YOU ARE HERE! Can we talk about the old Paper Mag boards that had black backgrounds with neon blue and green text and that your avatar makes me think of always (but, like, in a good way!) This would have been i…

Creative Ways To Teach Children Harsh Life Lessons Article

We've been using the same careful allegories about birds, bees and other sex crazed beasts of the sky for years. We asked you to come up with some more creative ways to break the bad news about life.

Battle Rages Over 'Battleship' Trailer: What Fans Are Saying (Video)

The Battleship trailer hit the web Wednesday, and it wasn't what many people expected. Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and Rihanna star in the Peter Berg-directed actioner, which features a fleet trying to defend t…

Kings Of Leon Concert Cut Short After Lead Singer's Abrupt Exit

Jared took to his Twitter account after the shortened gig to elaborate on some things, writing, "Dallas, I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am. There are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed. No words."

Daniel Craig In 'Cowboys & Aliens': What Fans Thought

"Daniel Craig's granite chin should get an Oscar nom," one moviegoer said of the British actor's performance in the film.

We’re Flattered: New George Clooney Movie Poster Features TIME Cover

He truly is a man of exquisite taste. George Clooney has made the extremely wise choice of using a fake TIME magazine cover as the poster for his new movie, The Ides of March.

Rosa Parks’ Archived Writing Reveals Attempted Rape

Before she was known for her defiant act that catapulted the American civil rights movement into prominence — and placed her at the center of it — Rosa Parks had long been a human rights activist and crusader for social justice.

Royal Wedding Encore: Zara Phillips Gets Married In Scotland

The British royal family was out again in their finest attire (and craziest hats), this time to celebrate the wedding of Prince William’s cousin. Another one of the queen’s grandchildren has tied the knot, though it a ceremony much tamer than April’…

Lady Gaga Cries & Jumps For Joy As ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Guest Judge!

Lady Gaga certainly dedicated herself to the role of So You Think You Can Dance on last night’s episode of the hit reality dance competition. It was also a very emotional night for Mother Monster who found herself in tears and jumping for joy by all…

Justin Bieber Asked To Prom By Virginia Teen Cady Eimer In “One Less Lonely Prom” Video

Cady Eimer (the teen girl on the right) has her heart set on asking Justin Bieber to her senior prom. The Virginia teen (who is 17 years old, just like Justin) created a website and video invitation titled “One Less Lonely Prom,” and is asking for s…

Kyle Richards Returns To Acting In ‘Deadly Sibling Rivalry’

If you caught the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you saw a sibling rivalry (or at least a sibling spat) unfold between Kyle Richards and her sister Kim. Well, looks like Kyle is returning to her acting roots for an upcomin…

Debbie Gibson Rocks Flat Abs At 40

After appearing on Good Morning America today, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany launch their Journey Through The ‘80s tour tonight in Westbury, N.Y. (I can’t wait – and I can’t wait to see if mega-Tiffany fan Bethenny Frankel will be on hand, too.)

Rachel Zoe Spoils Infant Son With $87,000 Nursery

During a Wednesday appearance on Nightline, the 39-year-old stylist took ABC's Juju Chang on a tour of her son's luxe walk-in closet. Zoe proudly showed off Skyler's $1,160 Gucci bomber jacket, as well as his $3,700 shoe collection. Though the infan…

Inside JP And Ashley Hebert's Final Bachelorette Date In Fiji

"My dearest Ashley: This is the first chapter of the greatest love story ever told. The past few months have been the happiest of my life and I can't wait to see what the future holds," Rosenbaum writes. "Meeting you has changed my life forever and …

'SYTYCD' Recap: Lady Gaga Adds To A Great Night Of 'Dance'

Marko’s Dance for Mom – The emotional power of the Sonja Tayek choreographed “I Know It’s Over” was enough to reduce Lady Gaga (and pretty much everyone else with a heartbeat) to tears. Marko and SYTYCD All-Star Allison communicated such a raw, real…

There Will Be An Entourage Movie, As Prophesied In The Long Ago

Vincent Chase’s circumnavigation of the Hollywood world is nearly complete, as this eighth and final season of Entourage sees him returning home—like a modern Odysseus having escaped from Sasha Grey’s coke-pushing Circe, survived his shipwreck on th…

Summer School Is Bunk: Why Camp Shouldn't Just Be For Rich Kids

Summer school for poor kids may seem logical if all they're doing is sitting around. But is that really the best we can do?

Is This The Future Of Music? - GOOD Blog

Tim Berners-Lee believes data is the future of journalism. It might also be the future of the humanities. Reading (code) just became fundamental.

Fifth-Year Senior: Why Making High School Longer Is A Brilliant Idea

The five-year initiative would accelerate the traditional high school curriculum so that credits are finished more quickly, and bring introductory college courses—college English 101, for example—down to the high school level. Students who opt in to…

Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back The 90s! Who Was Your Biggest 90s Crush?

Three cheers all around because Nickelodeon has recently decided to bring back some of its biggest shows from the 90s, including All That, Clarissa Explains It All and many of their popular Nicktoons. My younger self is totally squealing right now.

Top 3 Wedding Dresses Of The Week: Sparkly Edition!

Looking for a wedding dress with a little shimmer and shine?...

Christian Louboutin’s Take On Eco-Friendly Style

There is just no end to the insanity (and gorgeousness) of Christian Louboutin’s creations. Sassybella clued us into his week’s mind-boggler: Louboutin’s take on eco-friendly style - no, not a cute naturally dyed ballet flat - a 6-inch pump comprise…

Oh Just A Guy In A Pink Dog Suit Expressing His Feelings On Richard Gere From Look What I Found

Nothing to see here, everyone. Let's move along. (via reddit:

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