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July 29, 2011

Don't Try Using This To Navigate

Using Rorschmap and Google Maps, you can take any city in the world and turn its streets into crazy kaleidoscopic designs. Also, a really great way to infuriate people you don't like when they ask you for directions somewhere.

Social Network Propaganda Posters

Artist Aaron Wood designed these awesome propaganda posters for some of the biggest social networks. They are awesome and prints are available to order at his etsy store.

Mr Runner 2 (Game Battle)

You know the drill here - play this game; don't play Tanner's asinine game. Unless you hate having an awesome time, in which case, reverse the process. Whatever gets you through the day. [Protip: Play on "Low Quality" if the game gets jumpy on you.]

Bombay / New York

A series of photographs from Nisha Sondhe depicting everyday life in two cities on opposites sides of the planet. It's a small world.

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