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July 29, 2011

Is This Gorgeous 10-Year-old French Model The Next Big Thing, Or Is It Just Creepy?

I’m starting to feel a little creepy writing about children all the time, but this girl has an epic beauty, an effortless chicness and an impressive modeling portfolio that is far beyond her ten years. According to Facebook, Thylane Lena-Rose Blonde…

The Ring Of Fire: Twitter Analytics And Social Media Marketing


Crystal Harris Apologizes For Saying Too Much About Hefner

Crystal Harris may have pleaded for privacy after calling off her wedding with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner

Lily Anderson's Special Rendition Of The Star-Spangled Banner

My job as a sports blogger is to be snarky and judgmental about everything, but earlier today I posted a video of a grateful kid being happy about baseball so I might not have any idea what I’m doing. Looking around for stories to close out the wee…

Olivia Wilde Rocks CGI Nipples In The Change-Up

Olivia Wilde, beautiful actress, has a nude scene in the upcoming movie The Change-Up. Which is funny because she wasn’t actually naked in the scene—she wore pasties to cover up her bitties [THAT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL! -Ed]. Turns out, they CGI’d her n…

Archer Learns From Amy Winehouse's Mistake

Going to hell. Taking you with me.

The Last Scene Of 'Captain America,' With A Teaser For 'The Avengers'

So, obviously, spoiler alert. And this is official. No shaky cam.

Don't Try Using This To Navigate

Using Rorschmap and Google Maps, you can take any city in the world and turn its streets into crazy kaleidoscopic designs. Also, a really great way to infuriate people you don't like when they ask you for directions somewhere.

Playmates Defend Hugh Hefner's Sexual Prowess

Hugh Hefner's ex-fiancée Crystal Harris may have trashed his bedroom skills on Howard Stern's radio show -- but other visitors to Hef's boudoir are giving him glowing reviews! While Harris claims that she only had one sexual encounter with Hugh and …

Water Like You've Never Seen It

Once you've seen these images, you'll never think of water the same way again.

5 Fake Pulp Fiction Novels I Wish Were Real

I defy you not to be intrigued by these amazing titles. They were created by Joystiq, as a tongue-in-cheek jibe at a failed video game clone of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Kirstie Alley Busts David Letterman For Fat Jokes

I think this demonstrates a remarkable sense of humor from both parties. Turnabout is fat play! What?

Social Network Propaganda Posters

Artist Aaron Wood designed these awesome propaganda posters for some of the biggest social networks. They are awesome and prints are available to order at his etsy store.

Mr Runner 2 (Game Battle)

You know the drill here - play this game; don't play Tanner's asinine game. Unless you hate having an awesome time, in which case, reverse the process. Whatever gets you through the day. [Protip: Play on "Low Quality" if the game gets jumpy on you.]

Olivia Wilde Used CGI Nipples For Nude Scene!?

Instead of going fully nude, Olivia Wilde decided to use some CGI nipples over her pasties for her scene in "The Change-Up" Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

8 Types Of Diaper Surprises

As a mother of two, I approve this infographic. There is something here for everyone! Parents can commiserate over the experience and non-parents can congratulate themselves on not knowing what the hell this graph is about.

If You Use Internet Explorer, You Are Dumb

Science! A new study from a "psychometric consulting company" took the results from online IQ tests and correlated them with the browsers of those who took the online IQ tests. IE users, of any version, scored lower than all other users. Smartest? Opera users. This wasn't designed to troll Microsoft at all.

40 Songs You Should Never Play At A Party

In my last months at college, my friends and I created a challenge to see who could kill a party's mood most quickly and depressingly by playing a single song. Now you can, too! And feel encouraged to add your own 'inspirations' in the comments.

This Woman Was Kicked Out Of Walmart For Wearing A Bikini

Believe it or not, you can't wear a string bikini in Walmart. Sandy McMillin was kicked out of a Walmart in Eugene, Oregon, for wearing a summery outfit deemed too skimpy to wear while shopping. On Sunday, McMillin was heading to Walmart to pick up …

'Harry Potter' Actor Convicted Of Sex Act

LEICESTER, England, July 29 (UPI) -- Nicholas Read, an actor who appeared in the "Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" films, was ordered by a court to participate in a sex offender group work program.

5 Bank Stocks Ready To Rocket

The 12-month consensus price targets for shares of the nation's 50 largest banks by assets are well ahead of current market prices, according to data from FactSet, showing that analysts feel the market is undervaluing the stocks. Several banks i…

Boobs Don't Work That Way - A New Tumblr About Baffling Boobs

I had a film professor in college who told us that Jessica Rabbit’s boobs literally defied gravity, bouncing up when they should bounce down and vice versa, creating a hypnotic effect. Perhaps that is a side effect of her boobie trap (or perhaps it’…

Lara Stone Admits She Doesn’t Like “Most” Of Her Body, Says She’d Love To Be In Zoolander 2

Here’s a sad statement on women and body image: even Lara Stone, the Dutch supermodel who arguably has one of the most incredibly perfect bodies on the planet, says she’s not fond of “most of it.” Or maybe it’s reaffirming? Supermodels, they’re just…

Meteorologists Welcome Newest Cloud Type

Cumulus, nimbus, stratus, cirrus...asperatus? First "discovered" in 2009, scientists have finally named this dramatic and rare cloud occurence as Undulatus Asperatus.

Jumping [Onto] The Shark

An avid Cape Cod fisherman got overtaken by curiosity and finally fulfilled his goal of jumping onto, and then riding a shark for fifteen feet. On the experience, he had this to say: 'I was like, you know, I need to feel this fish. I need to swim with him. I need to be part of this.'

"The Last Circus" Official Trailer

Wait. So all clowns are secretly crazed psychopaths? I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but subtitled clowns mowing down Nazis sounds like a win in my book of nightmares.

Survivor Of Oslo Bombing Had A Footlong Spike In Her Head

After the bomb set by Anders Breivik exploded in downtown Oslo, Line Nersnaes was briefly turned into a human unicorn. Nernaes was working in an office building near the blast site. A 12-inch wooden splinter was propelled by the explosion through her chin and up through the top of her skull. Miraculously, the spike missed her brain and only caused superficial damage. Nernaes is fine and already back to work.

Kitler In Real Life

Okay, but, this is actually pretty sad. This six-week-old kitten was found abandoned on the side of the road, and no-one is adopting her because of her unusual pattern. Spokeswoman for the Wood Green Animal Shelter had this to say: 'Kitler is an adorable little girl who will make a wonderful addition to the right family. She is really playful and a typical sweet kitten. We rehome five and a half thousand animals every year but we cannot find a loving owner for Kitler. We think her unusual markings are putting people off.' Who will heil Kitler?

Oslo Bombing Witness Can't Stop Talking About His Rad Workout

At least 76 people died in Norway in a terror attack July 22 that started with a bomb blast in the capital Oslo and continued with an hour-long gun rampage at a camp for Labour Party teens and young adults on nearby Utoya Island.

Bombay / New York

A series of photographs from Nisha Sondhe depicting everyday life in two cities on opposites sides of the planet. It's a small world.

10 Signs From The South African Apartheid

And to think these signs only became illegal in 1994. While overt American racial tensions of the 50s and 60s were content to divide folks into black or white, South Africa really went the extra mile. People were white, black, coloured, Asian, "other Asian" or "honorary white", with each group having its own rules and social stigma complete with paperwork to prove what group you were part of.

Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer, Prepares Us For Shark Week

It's almost Shark Week. Are you ready? Well Chief Shark Officer, Andy Samberg is and he is here to get you pumped for a week of sharks.

9 Amazing Book Sculptures: Nature Carved Into Stacks Of Books

Artist Kylie Stillman creates amazing carvings of the natural world using books. These are 9 of our favorites, but check out her website for even more.

The 13 Best Book Cover T-Shirts From Out Of Print Clothing

Out Of Print Clothing is awesome. Not only do they make cool shirts, but for every shirt sold, they donate a book to a community in need through Books For Africa. Here are 13 of our favorite book cover inspired shirts that they offer.

Postcards To The Future

Produced by German chocolate company Hildebrands, these faux postcards were released in the beginning of the twentieth century and depict what technologies we would have by the year 2000. You may be surprised how many of them have actually come true, though perhaps not in such fantastic fashion.

20 Cats With Cactuses

An odd choice for an object of affection, don’t you think? But from the look of contentment on the faces of these kitties, cactuses seem to be just what they’ve always dreamed of.

Are We Sure This Guy Is An Expert?

Because I'm pretty sure condoms aren't what's killing people in Africa.

Amy Winehouse May Have Been Killed By Sobriety

Irony, apparently, is lethal. Amy Winehouse's family are telling reporters that the recently deceased singer may have died as a result of going cold turkey and not drinking for three weeks. They say that doctors have told them the abrupt alcohol withdrawal was a fatal shock to her perpetually plastered system.

Louis CK Argues For Roving Bands Of Murderous Lions

Louis CK remains the funniest man on the planet. He was on Letterman last night and destroyed while discussing his desire for lions to be reintroduced into society as a means of keeping people honest. I'm for it. Who doesn't want awesome lion stories?

McDonald's In France Launches The McBaguette

The latest effort by McDonald's to adapt to the local culture: adding the iconic baguette to its menus in France. An article in French newspaper Le Figaro says that McCafe locations in the country will add freshly-baked baguettes with butter and jam…

'Madeleine McCann Found': Hopes Dashed After Sighting In India

As a registered missing child, Customs would be on full alert for anything like this and to get to India, she would have to go through two sets of immigration. That leads to the next question: how did she get through Customs without a childs passpor…

15 Name Suggestions For Brooklyn's New NBA Team

The Brooklyn Irony is a shoo-in. The only meta-ironic basketball team name in the NBA.

Absurd Fox News Climate Change Claim Gets Smacked By Bill Nye

I've never loved Bill Nye more than I do right now. And I've always loved that guy. He's the best. Also, he's the science guy.

George W. Bush Walks Us Through The Moment He Found Out About The World Trade Center Attacks

National Geographic is preparing a 9/11-themed week of shows for the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. One such show is a long-form interview they did with former President George W. Bush. In this insanely compelling clip, the former President walks us through those first moments in the classroom.

Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Will Walcott's Injury Affect Gunners' Transfer Plans?

Arsenal have already found themselves beset by the first serious injury of the young season today, after winger Theo Walcott was sent home from training camp due to an ankle injury.

Foot Care Tips: How To Get Pretty -- And Healthy -- Feet

Treat these common foot problems to your keep feet pretty and pain-free (9 Photos)

25 Hottest Poker Babes We Know We Can Beat

A woman in a poker room is about as common as a woman at a Rush concert. They’re unicorns and even the most appalling get oodles of attention. It’s the only place on earth where there is a shorter line for the women’s bathroom than the men’s.

Paper Airplane Producers: Morning Types Vs. Evening Types

The Experiments Our experiment design was aimed at examining decision effects of optimal versus suboptimal times-of-day. A prescreen survey utilized a validated reduced-form questionnaire (Adan and Almiral, 1991) to score the diurnal preferences o…

Did You Read That Times Piece On Dressing For ‘the Club’? We Thought It Was A Little Off The Mark

In today’s Times Style section, there is a piece titled “Dress Codes in New York Clubs: Will This Get Me In?” The author attempts to reveal the sartorial secrets for getting in to New York City’s most exclusive nightclubs. Apparently, to get into al…

More Mushrooms Than You Can Imagine: AROMA CUCINA //

AROMA CUCINA Full of funghi! It was one of those 'use it or lose it' moments...when it's just too good a deal to pass up. They're giving

Kimora Lee Simmons Graces The Cover Of Social Life Magazine (PHOTOS)

Philanthropist, designer and model Kimora Lee Simmons is the cover star of this month's Social Life Magazine, in stores now!In the issue, Ms.

Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" Honored By Orchestra

An orchestra takes on "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse Read more by Shira Lazar on CBS News' What's Trending.

Calls President A Liar About Fiscal Responsibility, But Is A Deadbeat Dad //

Freshman U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, a tax-bashing Tea Party champion who sharply lectures President Barack Obama and other Democrats on fiscal responsibility, owes

11 Examples Of Scumbag College

This first image is currently taking off on reddit. As a somewhat recent graduate, I relate. Colleges suck. Here are some (we hope) hilarious examples of Mr. Scumbag College that we came up with to go along with that one.

"Please Wash Hands - Before Handling Social Media"


British Driver Witnesses A Hit And Run, Chases Down The Offending Driver, Wins At Life

The two men who made this video are without equal. They deserve the finest meats and cheeses in all the land. The woman they were chasing? She is everything that is wrong with people.

Microsoft's Internal Gmail Parody Video

This is a surprisingly decent parody video that Microsoft put together for its annual sales conference. That said, everyone I know seems to like Gmail despite its Orwellian underpinnings, so the premise may be flawed.

Mexican Food Can Boost Memory Function

Finally, validation for late-night Mexican takeout binges! It turns out that cumin and cilantro, two common ingredients in Mexican and Indian food, can boost memory function.

I Cried A Good Two Or Three Times...

A few weeks ago, I sat in Ron Perelman’s house in the Hamptons for one of his regular movie nights, not knowing too much about the film he was going to show. The normal Hamptons crowd showed up, as did all of the actresses and filmmakers of the movi…

Rachel Zoe’s Baby Boy Can’t Walk Yet, But He Has A Walk-In Closet (And A Gucci Bomber Jacket)

Rachel Zoe took ABC’s Nightline on a tour of her four month old baby boy Skyler‘s closet, and his wardrobe is just as ‘bananas’ as you expected. Unsurprisingly, little Skyler will never have to worry about showing up at the playground in the same…

Praying Mantis Ruins Marlins Game By Making It Interesting

This is the most interesting part of a Florida Marlins 11-2 midseason victory over the Washington Nationals. A praying mantis showed up in the Florida dugout, causing the Marlins announcing and production teams to completely forget about baseball h…

Lauryn Hill Admits Rohan Marley Isn't The Father Of Sixth Child

Singer Lauryn Hill is tired of the false rumors about her new baby boy (born July 23) and her relationship -- so she decided to clear things up by dropping a bombshell on Twitter. For days, gossip columns have been buzzing that Hill's longtime par…

The Evolution Of The Pink Slip

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — While a pink slip of paper sitting ominously in a mailbox means “you’re fired” in the movies, nobody seems to have had this experience in real life.

Fancy Cats, A Whistling Champion, And Links

The latest viral buzz from

The Most Phallic-Looking Smurfs Houses

The Smurfs live inside penis houses. Large mushroom houses...shaped liked penis heads, circumcised of course. Disney is notorious for subtle sexual

Ryan Gosling Talks Dating In 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' Interview

Ryan Gosling is a sexy, talented star -- and anyone who's seen the previews for Crazy, Stupid, Love knows he has killer abs, too! So, it's a little surprising that the actor -- who plays a slick lothario trying to show Steve Carell how to woo women …

LA Riot Police Fire Rubber Bullets At Ravers On Hollywood Boulevard

The rioting youths sparked mayhem on Hollywood Boulevard after the youngsters threw bottles and set fire to cars because they had been denied entry to a Hollywood film première.

The NFL Free Agent Frenzy On Twitter

NFL players are voicing their insecurities about the draft on Twitter Read more by Daisy Barringer on CBS News' What's Trending.

Netflix Tragedy Gets A (Comedy) Relief Fund

The Netflix price hike has angered many customers, and now has spawned a hilarious viral video from Funny or Die Read more by Devin Brown, Shira Lazar on CBS News' What's Trending.

Reggie Bush Becomes A Dolphin, "Battleship" Trailer Released And More From While You Were Sleeping

Battleship movie trailer released The film won't be out until next May 18, but the "Battleship" movie is already making waves. "Battleship," based off the board game, stars Grammy award-winning singer Rihanna, Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson and "…

Brides Magazine Loves Kate Middleton A Little Too Much

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will never die. The McQueen gown has spawned a bajillion copies, one of which made its way onto the August cover of Brides and is modeled by a brunette clearly intended to be a Kate lookalike. The $5,000 dress is Legen…

Red-Band Trailer For Kevin Smith's Red State

Trailer day continues here on FilmDrunk, with the new red-band trailer for Kevin Smith’s Red State and sh*t. Our favorite jorts-ensconced taint enthusiast (thanks, Chareth) famously told mainstream distributors to suck his weiner at Sundance, where …

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