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July 20, 2011

Eating Meat Linked To Disease, Report Says

The so-called Meat Eater's Guide, compiled by the Environmental Working Group, is generating buzz for its "cradle-to-grave" look at the environmental impact of 20 popular types of meat, dairy and vegetable proteins. But it also emphasizes the potent…

Ex-Tiger Mistress Rachel Uchitel Could Be Free To Tell All

Tiger Woods might be shaking in his golf cleats now that his top mistress appears free to reveal his most personal secrets.

"Jennifer, Do You Want To Kill Yourself?"

80 degrees and sunny. I had not noticed either fact that day. At the moment I was shivering, yet covered in sweat as I sat naked under a paper gown getting poked and prodded by yet another doctor. I had just spent the last hour in the doctor's offic…

Why Comic Con Fanboy Favorites Become Box Office Bombs

(CBS/What's Trending) - This week the comic book fan's version of the Super Bowl, San Diego Comic Con, kicks off. Movie studios pump millions of dollars into Comic Con each year, hoping to build hype for their super film projects. However, stats sho…

Linda Hamilton Offers To Go To Marine Corps. Ball Instead Of Betty White

Linda Hamilton changes the game by being a celebrity asking a soldier to the Marine Corps. Ball Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

OS X Lion Roars Its Way Online - What's Trending

Apple announced their newest operating system OS X Lion today Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Dancing Squid Is Horrifying Please Don’t Eat It

Something that I’m trying to learn, and maybe you’ll find that this is a good tip to use in your own life, is that when someone orders something that is clearly disgusting at a restaurant, you don’t make a gross face and say “Ewwwww.” Similarly, whe…

Miley Cyrus's New Dog Floyd Vs. Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Bear

Can you hear us squealing with delight? Miley Cyrus recently got a new gorgeous puppy Floyd, tweeting about how much she loves him this past weekend. He’s a stunner with his bright blue eyes and pointy ears. But Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s B…

Justin Bieber Picks The 5 Songs That Inspire Him

The teen phenom who's moved countless fans with his story, music and charity work lists five songs he finds inspiring.

New York: The Ghostbusters Firehouse

New York politics affecting the future of the Ghostbusters firehouse is appropriate, considering how much the movie reflects the city. Like Texas heavily informing Friday Night Lights when the series shot in Austin, New York plays a critical role in…

Vanessa Hudgens' Short Hair: She HATES Her New Cut, But Do You Think It Has Potential?

The tabloids have been abuzz this week over Vanessa Hudgens' new short hair--her self-proclaimed "soccer mom" haircut--and last night on the red carpet, she really showed it off. Take a good look at it, then let's do what we do best: discuss.

12 Ways To Tell If Your Friend Wants To Become A Friend With Benefits From Friends_With_Benefits

AKA "12 ways to tell if you just lucked into the deal of a lifetime."

Worst Blacksmith...Ever

Gendry would never tolerate this sub-par level of craftsmanship. Even in blacksmithing school someone has to be bottom of the class.

Worst. Blacksmith. Ever.

Gendry would never tolerate this sub-par level of craftsmanship. Even in blacksmithing school? someone has to be bottom of the class.

Kim Kardashian Suing Old Navy For Using Look-Alike Model

No, seriously. Because it violates Kim Kardashian's "intellectual property." The only scenario imaginable where the words "Kardashian" and "intellectual" will ever be used in the same sentence. So are the Black Eyed Peas also going to sue?

Britney Spears Sued For Sexual Harassment, Being Disgusting

The former bodyguard of Britney Spears, Fernando Flores, has long alleged sexual harassment against Spears. But new court documents have added a disgusting level of specificity to the whole sordid affair, making it even sordider (it's a word now). Flores claims that Spears would frequently make unwanted sexual advances, but her personal hygiene was so atrocious that he suffered psychological damage from the stinky come ons. Excessive farting and nose-picking are among her alleged crimes against sanitation. Also, she was (allegedly) so bombed on drugs that she insisted on being called Jennifer and Queen Bee. All charges are denied by the Spears camp. From Radar Online, here are the pertinent passages from the court filings.

The Official Matthew Lewis Aging Timeline

This is the tale of how Matthew Lewis transformed from a bumbling little Neville to a hotty, kick-butt hero. Seriously, watch the final Deathly Hallows movie and you'll see what I mean.

Larry Summers Calls The Winklevoss Twins Assholes

Anytime someone wants to make fun of the Winklevoss twins, I am there. Anytime that person confirms that he bitch slapped said twins years ago... I am pumped.

Justin Bieber: 'With Time Off, I'm Able To Think, Pray And Grow Up' (Exclusive)

So when will fans see Bieber next? The 17-year-old is soon to start work on his second full-length studio album, the follow-up to 2010’s My World 2.0, but for now, Bieber is taking a breather (when he’s not crashing weddings with his girlfriend Sele…

Vintage Captain America Posters

Artists Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, and Eric Tan created these awesome 1940s propaganda posters for Captain America: The First Avenger. Prints of the posters will be available for purchase from Mondo, who partnered with the Alamo Drafthouse to commission the works.

Reasons To Love Ireland

In response to Reasons to Love France, here's why Ireland's so great. I haven't been there, but it looks legit.

Heat Wave Source Discovered

I knew it! You know, not everyone enjoys temperatures over one-hundred and one Mister.

23 Refreshing Childhood Drinks

So. Thirsty. My kids will never know what a Hi-C Ecto Cooler tastes like. Now I'm sad...

Battle Of Beat Between Simon Cowell Protege Leona Lewis And House DJ Avicii Over Song

A Battle has erupted between Simon Cowell protégé Leona Lewis and Swedish DJ Avicii over the use of a similar track for their respective new singles.

The 50 Best 'Dear Blank, Please Blank' Entries

If you've been too lazy to browse the seemingly endless pages of Dear Blank, Please Blank, then here's the posts you should definitely know about. Post which ones you think are best in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Amid all the arguments over organic versus mechanical web shooters, Mary Jane Watson versus Gwen Stacy, every young actor in the world versus Andrew Garfield, the most fervent debate regarding The Amazing Spider-Man was this: Do we really need anoth…

Wedding Day Mugshot: Tammy Lee Hinton Arrested Moments After Saying 'I Do' (PHOTO)

Til' the law do us part? Perhaps because you only get to wear a wedding dress on your wedding day, Tammy Lee Hinton elected not to change out of her gown and veil when police took her mugshot last Saturday, just a few moments after she said, "I do."

Fashion Week Swim's Most Outrageous Bathing Suit Statements (PHOTOS, POLL)

Fashion Week Swim always brings out the best and the brightest beachwear looks...or at least the brightest.

Apple's Stellar Quarter; Google's iPhone App

The company reported adjusted earnings of $7.79 per share, up from $3.51 per share last year. Revenue increased to $28.6 billion from $15.7 billion a year ago. Analysts had expected earnings of $5.80 per share on sales of $24.9 billion. In other…

Demi Lovato & Ryan Phillippe Dating?

Are Demi Lovato and Ryan Phillipe hooking up? Despite an 18-year age difference, the Disney starlet and 'Lincoln Lawyer' actor were reportedly "hot and heavy for a while."

Woman Buys Non-Existent Art For $10,000

This can't be real. This just CANNOT be real. People cannot be this idiotic, ignorant, and so engulfed in a world of pseudo-arts to consider a blank art. It's just like that guy who supposedly wrote a book, but all the pages were blank. I don't ca…

Comic Con Preview: Stan Lee On How SDCC Has Evolved

Stan Lee sits down with What's Trending to talk about all things Comic Con Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Controversial Video Games - Violent Video Games

We break down the most controversial video games of all time.

Paris Hilton Walks Out Of ABC News Interview (Video)

Paris Hilton got annoyed and walked out of an interview with ABC News' Dan Harris after he asked her about being past her prime and living in the shadow of former friend Kim Kardashian. Watch the footage, which aired on Good Morning America Wednesda…

New Bible Aims For ‘Common’ Language, Gender Neutrality

We didn't know Jesus being called the “Son of Man” was so confusing. But the publishers of the Common English Bible translation want to clear up anything and everything that can confuse those inclined to dive into the Bible, so “Son of Man” now read…

Emma Watson Meets Her Gay Porn Counterpart.

According to tumblrblogger Justin Taylor, who first posted the photo, this is Emma Watson with gay porn actor Cameron Adams, who played a version of her Harry Potter character in one of his sodomy films. (No offense to gays, I just enjoy the term “s…

The Best 'My Chemical Romance' Tattoo You'll Ever See

Did I say best? I meant 'why would someone ever do that to their body?'

Dog Jumps Out Of A Moving Car On The Highway, Is Totally Fine

Now the question is: "Why did he jump?" Was the van trying to kidnap him and our dog was escaping? Is he a stunt dog who likes to show off? Was the driver playing Rebecca Black's "My Moment" on repeat? We may never know.

How Michael Bay Parks His Car

Okay so this may not actually be the famed "film" "director", but whoever it is clearly believes in the book of Bay. Commandments 1-10: Thou shall kick ass.


Learn how to flirt from some lady who looks like a Duggard.

10 Douchiest Colleges In America

So GQ just released their list of the nation's douchiest colleges. They did okay, but we've put together our own list. It's like theirs, but you know, right.

Ruins Of Submerged Village In Argentina

Haunting. Disturbing. Beautiful. Villa Epecuen, Argentina was founded in the 1920s as a tourist town. It remained a vibrant, if small community of around 5,000 until 1985 when the dam holding back the salty waters of Lake Epecuen burst. Over the next eight years, the town slowly sank beneath the waves. Only now have the waters begun to recede, revealing the stark destructive force of Nature.

Warren Buffett's Top 10 Dividend Stocks

It should come as no surprise that the most popular of these portfolios is that of renowned investor Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) and one of the richest people in the world. Today we're taking a closer look at Buffett's 10 h…

Video Games From The Villain's Point Of View Article

We asked you to go back through some of your favorite games and show us what it might look like through the eyes of one of the characters who are trying to kill you.

Plastic-Bottle Bulbs Shed Some Light On The Situation

When filled with water (with some bleach to keep out the algae) and snugly inserted into custom-cut holes in a roof, plastic bottles refract the sun's rays, scattering about 55 watts of light across a would-be pitch black room. The new lighting sour…

Corgi Puppy Loves Peanut Butter

You may not have asked for it, but you certainly wanted it. Here's more than two minutes of adorable corgi-on-peanut-butter action. 'Pudge,' a four-and-a-half month old corgi cannot get enough of the stuff.

"Five Senses" Fan Trailer

Jaron knocks it out of the park again. One of the most anticipated comic reveals for SDCC is "Five Senses" by Viper Comics. I defy Hollywood to create a better trailer to feed the hype machine.

RIP White MacBooks

As of today, you can no longer buy a white MacBook from the Apple store. This is the first time in over 10 years Apple hasn't sold a white-cased laptop. ~Miss you already~

Who Cares What's Playing?

In one of the hottest American summers on record, it's important to keep your priorities straight. At least, depending on where you live.

I Think We Need To Remember What The Word "Urgency" Means

I just hope that engineer has a siren, because we really can't afford to wait for red lights.

"The Parent's Guide To Road Trips" By Alex Watt And Caldwell Tanner

by Alex Watt and Caldwell Tanner on July 20, 2011

A Guy’s Perspective On Ginny Weasley

Last week Lilit wrote a post on her (negative) feelings towards Ginny Weasley. The comments came in fast, some agreeing, some filled with fan-girl rage. Here we bring you another point of view on Mrs. Harry Potter. If I may offer an alternative, per…

Vacation Relaxation?

This chart from Jorge Cham of PhD Comics is more relevant than ever. However, I’ve heard that it only applies to Americans. Link -via Chart Porn   Tags: chart, stress, timeline, vacation …

News Of The World Scandal: Murdoch's Tabloid Minions Have Nothing On The Journalists Of 1897.

William Randolph HearstIt was 1 a.m. on a hot July night when detectives marched into the offices of the New York World. "Where's the head?" they demanded.

'American Idol' Creator Sues Fox For Millions In 'X-Factor' Money (Exclusive)

TV’s most-watched show exploded into litigation today as American Idol creator Simon Fuller sued Fox claiming he should be paid a rich fee for the upcoming Simon Cowell competition show The X-Factor.

Wendi Deng: The Life And Times Of Mrs. Rupert Murdoch

By now most of the world knows that Wendi Deng can pounce an attacker wielding foam. But there's much more to the Chinese immigrant who married the world's biggest media tycoon.

Gisele Bundchen At 31: Hottest Mom Ever! Pictures

Bundchen stayed so trim during her pregnancy, she never needed maternity clothes. "I gained a little, but I kept using almost the same clothes, with minor adjustments close to the belly," she said.

'Vintage' Actress Linda Hamilton Pleads For Marine Corps Ball Invite (Video)

Actress Linda Hamilton has pleaded with a U.S. Marine to invite her to an upcoming military ball after Betty White turned down his offer. Sergeant Ray Lewis became the latest military man to invite a celebrity as a date after asking the ageing Gol…

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Sneak Peek

FINISH HIM. Machinima has managed to shame all Hollywood challengers by producing the best Mortal Kombat series of all time. The final chapter will be released at Comic-Con on Sunday the 24th and available simultaneously on their YouTube channel.

Man Buys $330,000 Home For $16, Becomes Least Popular Person In The Neighborhood

This goes to show that US law is bizarre and complicated. It also goes to show that haters gonna hate.

Interactive Car Window Concept

When I was kid, you watched the scenery pass by on long car trips. AND YOU WERE GRATEFUL. Toyota is touting this new concept and if we're being honest, my inner child super jealous.

Comic-Con 2011

The game is afoot! Starting at 6pm PST tonight, the world's largest cross-section of geeks and nerds will descend upon San Diego. The next four days will be a whirlwind of squees and Slave Leia. Follow the coverage HERE and if you were lucky enough to snag a pass, remember to upload your experience to the feed. I'll be keeping a sharp eye out for fellow SDCC fans.

Coco News - Coco Flaunts Her Curvaceous Bikini Bod In Barely There Two-Piece (PHOTOS)

Rapper turned actor Ice-T‘s wife was seen soaking up the sun in Miami on Tuesday afternoon and showed off her famous bod in a pink, floral two-piece.

48-Year Old Michael Jordan Can Still Slam Dunk

Here are a few facts to make you feel extremely old, pending you not being one of those 14-year olds who has had the Internet their entire life and can’t remember what they did five minutes ago...

10 Deleted Scenes That Would've Ruined The Film

You can criticize Hollywood for their often glaring inaccuracies or their attempts to cast dead actors, but the very existence of deleted scenes proves that they are capable of reigning things in and making good decisions. Still, you have to wonder …

Comic-Con 2011: Emma Stone: 'Spider-Man' Trailer Is 'Amazing' (Video)

Emma Stone hasn't seen the Spider-Man footage that will be played at Comic-Con in San Diego yet -- but she did see the first trailer that was yanked off the Web Tuesday by Sony Pictures. THR's COMPLETE COVERAGE: Comic-Con 2011 "I've seen the tr…

Fake Apple Store In China? American Blogger Takes Pictures

I've seen some pretty convincing knockoffs in my time. Lithuanian flea-market tables with immaculately duplicated illicit versions of Microsoft and Norton products. Metro kiosks off Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg with jewel-cased, color-labeled c…

Watch Jenna Fischer Reveal To Jay Leno She’s Having A Baby Boy!

Jenna Fischer saved a special piece of information for her interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Tuesday night — the sex of her baby! The last time

Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch's Pie-Blocking Tiger Wife

Following her fierce counter-attack to the shaving foam heard round the world, Wendi Deng has stepped out from behind husband Rupert Murdoch to become an international celebrity in her own right. Deng is 37 years Murdoch's junior and a former employee of the embattled mogul. Thanks to her pie-slapping skills, Deng has become a national hero in her native China, affectionately referred to as Tiger Woman. Here are a bunch of photos of Ms. Deng-Murdoch, plus video of her discussing Tiger Mother techniques with Charlie Rose.

Evolution Of Warner Bros. Logo In Harry Potter

Darker...darker. Nope, still not dark enough. As Hollywood well knows, dark=adult.

Wall Cat Is Watching You

When a Redditor's cat discovered a way through a wallpaper-covered chimney duct in his new apartment, little did this cat know he was about to become a meme. Now you can find Wall Cat all over the place, and you can add him in wherever you please, too.

20 Celebrity Firsts On The Big Screen

Your favorite celebrities had to start somewhere. And it may surprise you! Take look at where it all began for some of your favorite A-listers.

Reasons To Clean Your Dorm Room Before Moving Out: Awkward Boob Job Pact

I'm not sure this contract would hold up in court.

Rachelle Friedman, Paralyzed At Bachelorette Party, Will Finally Marry

RALEIGH, N.C. -- A year after she was paralyzed in poolside horseplay at her bachelorette party, Rachelle Friedman knows one thing she would change about her life before the injury. "I wish we had danced together more because I love dancing so much,…

'Captain America' Reviews: What Critics Say

"The latest superhero flick from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures, "Captain America" is a solidly entertaining movie that, while lacking the wow factor of Thor or X-Men: First Class, tells an otherwise interesting summer yarn," she adds. "It's …

First Image From Wet Dream On Elm Street

I just got the first teaser image from Evolution Distribution and Tom Byron Pictures‘s upcoming title, Wet Dream on Elm Street, from director Lee Roy Meyers. I love that they finally broke from the “This Ain’t ___ XXX” title convention, because come…

July 20, 2011 : Savage Love

So I’ve got a new word to describe relationships like yours, mine, and your mom’s, IIC: “monogamish.” We’re mostly monogamous, not swingers, not actively looking. Monogamish.

Meet Biscuit, The Rock Climbing Dog

AKA the most badass dog EVER.

David Cameron Defends Himself In Phone Hacking Scandal

The British Prime Minister took to the floor of Parliament to defend himself against allegations that--at the very least--he showed poor judgement in hiring Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor who was arrested in the phone hacking scandal, and--at the very worst--his staff attempted to stop an inquiry into the phone hacking scandal as a political favor to Rupert Murdoch. Cue the delightfully outraged harumphs! British Parliament is like a very polite Thunderdome.

25 Amazing Impressions In One Video

Jim Meskimen does everyone from Morgan Freeman to Droopy Dog to George Clooney and so many more. My only criticism is the name of his show... Jimpressions? Really? You can do better than that.

Meagan Good: Is Hollywood Racist Or Just Plain Stupid? (PHOTOS)

Meagan Good is one of the finest women in all of Tinseltown.We watched her perform brilliantly as Kara in the cult classic Brick as she dances with the camera, reciting her lines as naturally as can be.We remember her from Eve's Bayou where her tale…

Chris Kluwe Is The Voice Of Reason

Heading into the weekend, there was a good feeling in the sports world that the NFL Lockout was so close to lifting and that we wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Expectations were so high that the World Wide Leader was reporting that teams coul…

How Ben Affleck Helped Jennifer Lopez With Crumbling Marriage

Although Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck famously called off their engagement and 18-month romance in January 2004, the actor was happy to help as his ex's 7-year marriage to Marc Anthony was falling apart.

Q&A: Gordon Ramsay Dishes On Season 9 Of 'Hell's Kitchen'

And when I’m not there during the day my standards are implemented on a daily basis; they’re like two head chefs so there’s three of us running it. The foundation behind me is quite extraordinary because of the teaching that goes on. And that’s w…

Unexpected Beauty Crush: Rose Bryne's Incredibly Voluminous Updo

It's rare that an updo is both incredibly large and incredibly chic. But the one Rose Byrne wore to the Zimmermann 2011 Resort Collection Dinner at the Chateau Marmont manages to hit those two notes at the same time. Come see if you agree or think I…

This Cop Is Doing It Right

'Jeremy' was questioned by a policeman, Officer Matt Lyons, for openly carrying a weapon. He handles the situation like a champion, casually referring to how he's gonna have to 'look good' for YouTube. Too bad this kind of respect (on both sides) is so rare these days.

The Zombie Decapitation Slingshot

The latest insane contraption from The Slingshot Channel combines the power of a guillotine with the portability and ease of use of a slingshot. Laugh now, we'll see who's still alive after the zombie apocalypse.

Jessica Simpson News - Jessica Simpson Shows Off Curves, 'Happy As Ever' With Fiance Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson got the rumor mill running when she stepped out to a business meeting in Beverly Hills wearing this hip-hugging beige dress. While some blogs suggested the singer might be pregnant since the frock appears to be tight around the midse…

Cartoon Network Teams With 'Transformers'' Don Murphy For 'Captain Planet' Movie

The news follows a mid-June announcement that Joel Silver (Sherlock Homes, Die Hard) had signed a similar agreement for a Ben 10 movie project in development at the channel.

Don't Drink The Water: Organic H20 Is A Total Sham

You already know bottled water is a marketing ploy. Don't fall for the latest attempt to get you to buy what flows freely from the tap.

Donnie Williams Is Better At Riding A Motorcycle Than I Am At Anything

This is not the cop I'd want after me in a high speed chase. I don't know what I did to inspire said chase, but whatever it was there's no way I could get away from this type of skill.

Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Give Us "The History Of Rap, Part Two"

Jimmy and Justin pull a Deathly Hallows and give us a "part two" to their masterpiece, "The History of Rap." It's just as awesome, and shows once again that The Roots are about as good as a band gets.

Awesome Flash Mob: Beyoncé's "End Of Time" In A Target

I can't tell you the number of times I've been in a Target and wished-nay... Prayed that everyone would join me when I broke out into a choreographed Beyoncé number. As it stands, I'm usually just asked to leave.

'Unbelievable'dog Bites Shark In Shocking Beach Attack (VIDEO)

One pooch showed a shark who's top dog.

10 Rock Photographers You Should Know

who are the rock photographers we should know that are only rock photographers (that are capturing younger acts)/that aren’t trying to be filmmakers?

Archie's Breakout Gay Character Is Getting His Own Comic Book

Last September, Archie—the science-fiction comic about life in a small American town trapped inside a time warp—introduced Riverdale’s first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, perhaps as a way of disrupting the loop that had snared its citizens wit…

Bald Eagle Lands On Grave At US Military Cemetery

I hope it was not the smell of rotting flesh that attacted it to that cemetery... because Bald eagles usually scavenge dead carcasses.

"Rebuild The Dream": Can Van Jones Help Liberals Create Their Own Version Of The Tea Party?

Van Jones "I've been unemployed or underemployed since September 2006," said Benito Diaz. "The only thing I've done since then is part-time jobs, not even in what I used to work in. Frustrating is not the word. Yeah, so, the most important thing to …

High-Priced Hogwarts: Harry Potter’s Wizarding Tuition Would Cost A Pretty Penny

If you thought NewsFeed was done talking about the Boy Who Lived now that the final film has premiered, then you must be the unfortunate victim of a Confundus charm. Eleven-year-olds (okay, and adult NewsFeed writers) around the world are disappoint…

January Jones News - Pregnant January Jones Has A Relaxing Day Shopping & Eating (PHOTOS)

January Jones nursed her pregnancy cravings by stopping at Houston’s restaurant in Century City on Monday. The Mad Men actress grabbed some lunch before doing a little shopping at the Westfield Mall.

Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis: Why I Gifted My Housekeeper With Plastic Surgery

For more from Lewis -- including his and assistant Jenni Pulos' five reasons to watch the rest of the season -- check out our exclusive video above!

COVER STORY: Angelina Jolie Can’t Take It — Brad Pitt’s Mystery Woman!

Now, after six years, maybe Angelina Jolie knows how Jennifer Aniston felt. The Oscar-winning actress is going nuclear over Brad Pitt’s flirtatious relationship — documented in photographs — with a young, brunette female assistant on the Malta set o…

Live-Action Captain Planet Movie To Save The World Through Heroic Lecturing

Just when we’d given up on saving ourselves and begun prepping our interstellar hovercraft escape routes, Cartoon Network and Transformers franchise producer Don Murphy have finally stepped up, answering the powerful call of our Heart ring to come a…

The Gay Archie Character Is Getting Married

Readers will also get a glimpse into Kevin’s adulthood thanks to a continuing married life story line in Life With Archie, which shows that famous redhead’s life on two paths: one in which he married Betty, the other in which he married Veronica. In…

DSK And Anne Mansouret: Did Strauss-Kahn Have Brutal Sex With Tristane Banon's Mother?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Tristane BanonThe parade of women accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual brutality has just taken another twist. A very bizarre twist.

Study Shows Girls Have Weaker Spatial Thinking As Compared To Boys //

Do girls have weaker spatial thinking as compared to boys? The Pennsylvania State University states that 90 percent of engineers in the United States are male.

Rupert Murdoch Pie In The Face Video: News Corp Chairman Attacked At Hearing (VIDEO)

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, was the target of "a white foam pie" attack on Tuesday as he was testifying before a British Parliament committee about the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

Coco And Her Bubble Butt Got Ran Off The Beach In Her String Bikini! (PHOTOS)

Coco showed off her amazing body in a string bikini, but it looks like the Ice Loves Coco star also had the paparazzi going crazy!Coco was trying to get some time in the sun with her mom, but the constant snapping of the paparazzi ended up cutting t…

TwitPic Theater: The Sexiest TwitPics From The Past Year

Twitpic Theater is a look into the sexiest twitter feeds in existence. These are the hottest pictures from the past year of Twitpic Theaters.

10 Classic Bumper Sticker Parodies (PICTURES)

Face it: bumper stickers usually aren't funny. Most of the time they're either cynical, self-righteous, corny or a combination of the three. But occasionally we come across bumper stickers that actually make us laugh. In the case of the 10 real exam…

Best Hair Salons - Top Salons In The United States On

Find the best hair salons in your area! ELLE uncovers the top salons in the United States.

These Cats Ain't Care (And Links)

How to Sell Captain America to Non-Americans |Pajiba|

Bette Midler: Lady Gaga's Wheelchair Mermaid Was MY Idea First

Bette Midler and Lady Gaga are in a diva-off over the concept of a wheelchair mermaid Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Spin Posts Free Nirvana Tribute Album For Download

As September approaches, so does the inevitable march to recognize the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Spin is jumping the gun by a month, devoting its August issue to the landmark album and offering up a tribute album called Newermind.

3 Ingredients Every Girl Needs In The Morning

Good morning lovelies! Are you getting these three super-healthy things in the morning? Put them on your list......

Daily Outfit Idea: More Proof That Long Dresses Are All You Need In Your Summer Wardrobe, Courtesy Of Whitney Port

If the term "long dress" is synonymous in your mind with laid-back beach parties and stuffy black-tie events, today's look will show you that they're just as good for everywhere else you have to go (including work). Take a look at how Whitney Port r…

New Doctor Who Trailer

Amy Pond wields a samurai sword. Is it September yet?

Members Of Congress Who Have Totally Metal Names, In Order

Related: Members of Congress Whom I Would Have Preferred to Have Tweeted Photos of the Nouns in their Last Names

Comic-Con: TV's 6 Most Wanted Women

One's returning to TV, another is switching shows and they all have a lot to say about fight scenes, Twitter and going incognito at the annual convention.

Game Of Thrones Casts Its Stannis And Melisandre

With certain central characters gone and a whole new set of stories to tell, Game Of Thrones has been busy adding new faces to its cast—though so far, most of them aren’t the sort of big names seen in the first season. Following previous reports tha…

Michele Bachman 2012 Migraine Headaches: GOP Hopeful Said To Suffer From Severe Headaches.

Original Post at 1:18 p.m.: Michele Bachmann suffers from frequent stress-induced headaches that “incapacitate” her for days a time, former aides for the Republican presidential hopeful tell the Daily Caller.

How Marc Anthony Tried To Control Jennifer Lopez's Wardrobe

During an Us Weekly cover photo shoot, Anthony objected to a pic that was "too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two"

Dirty Talk: Here’s What NOT To Say In Bed

Talking dirty can be super hot for some and just awkward for others. And certain phrases are just a mess no matter which way you shake it....

College Football Pre-Season Top 25: Ranking The Hottest Campuses

To make time go by quicker leading up to kickoff 2011, checking out college football's hottest campuses is a solid alternative. Now, you must be warned, because the following ranking may cause your jaw to drop, and/or melt off your face...

Casey Anthony Lies Low On First Day Of Freedom

ORLANDO, Fla. — This is what freedom looks like for Casey Anthony: $537.68 from her jail account, no job, estranged parents, a criminal record, lawsuits pending against her and the scorn of multitudes who think she got away with murder. She quickly …

Ohio Church Holds Mock Retrial Of Casey Anthony

CLEVELAND -- A church service in Ohio has included a mock retrial of Casey Anthony, the woman in Florida found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter. WJW-TV reports Sunday's exercise at the In Touch With Christ Christian Center in Cleveland …

Pitchfork Street Style - Discover More Street Style At

Street style from the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. See more street style at

Street Style: Sharon Stone Is Going To See Harry Potter

Name: Sharon Stone and son Roan Occupation:Actress Are you a big Beatles fan? (Referring to the image of Yoko Ono and John Lennon on her T-shirt) BIG Beatles fan! What’s your favorite Beatles song? Oh, I don’t know, that’s a hard one. OK, if you cou…

Kate Middleton Makes Some Of The Same Makeup Mistakes As Britney Spears And Has ‘Kitten Lips’

Everyone generally falls all over themselves lauding Kate Middleton’s style. And admittedly, she always looks polished, respectable, and exudes a sense of propriety, which is what’s expected of her as a royal. There’s also been a lot of fuss about h…

'Basketball Wives' Recap: The Ladies Taste Wine, Shop, & Fight In Rome!

In case you forgot, the ladies are in Rome! There must be something in the water in Rome because all of the ladies act so out of character! They can’t stop fighting! They can’t stop talking smack about each other! What’s gotten into them?!

Harry Potter And The Deathly Epilogue

The last Harry Potter movie is a pretty beautiful thing, just in terms of flickering pictures on the cave wall and tableaux. It's very good! As a non-Harry Potter book-reader, it wasn't even that confusing, despite its having to wrap up 10,000 plots…

Murdoch Hearing Suspended Due To Attack

Cameras cut off immediately at the Murdoch hearing as people in the room yelled—from what we could see, it looks like someone charged Rupert Murdoch from the audience. More as everyone figures out what the heck just happened. According to Josh Robin…

Barbara Crane’s Polaroid ‘Private Views’ Of The ’80s

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

'The Dark Tower' Crumbles As Universal Officially Cancels Ron Howard Project

The Dark Tower is dead...and no one is surprised. Universal has officially closed the book on its ambitious three-movie and TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s fantasy Western from Imagine Entertainment, writer Akiva Goldsman and director Ron H…

'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: Deena Is An Italian Holiday (Exclusive)

Jersey Shore represented the U.S. in Italy for Season 4 and we’re sure they served as perfect ambassadors. As if. Would the MTV series be a hit if they crew was well behaved?

Teen Choice Awards 2011: 'Pretty Little Liars,' Rebecca Black Added To List Of Nominees

Choice Summer TV Star: Female Troian Bellisario, “Pretty Little Liars” Lucy Hale, “Pretty Little Liars” Vanessa Marano, “Switched at Birth” Crystal Reed, “Teen Wolf” Raven-Symoné, “State of Georgia”   Choice Summer TV Star: Male Keeg…

Comic-Con 2011: 'Supernatural's' Jared Padalecki On His Love Of Boba Fett And 'The Little Show That Could'

With hundreds of thousands of people attending San Diego Comic-Con every year and the July 20-24 event kicking off this week, The Hollywood Reporter chatted with the big names in television to discuss their favorite memories and tips for attending t…

‘My Moment’: Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Followup Has All The Auto-Tune You Expected

Proving she does indeed understand production values, Black follows up the gloriously bad “Friday” with “My Moment.” But her newest attempt won’t be swallowed any better than her original.

Anonymous Incurs Google+ Ban, Retaliates By Launching Own Social Network

If you can't join 'em, try and beat 'em—that's the gist of the reaction by notorious hacker group Anonymous to several of its members' accounts feeling the banhammer from Google's new social network site, Google+. But instead of hacking Google+ in r…

That Was Fast: Facebook Bans Google+ Ad

Well, I guess Zuckerberg wasn’t too smitten, even if he has the most Google+ followers. Next time, Google should throw in some freebies to win over the CEO, like a lollipop. Or a pizza. I would like a pizza right now.

Harry Potter Beats Dark Knight For Biggest Opening Weekend Ever

I try not to post too many reminders about what a genius I am, because I figure that’s old news for most of my readers. But sometimes it’s unavoidable. Times like when I choose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for our fantasy summer box o…

Justin Timberlake Squirms At “Sock” Mention

Cool, collected Justin Timberlake can be intimidated with the simple mention of a common footwear accessory. When the singer-turned-actor, 30, wisecracks his

Whoa! Vanessa Hudgens Really Chopped Off Her Hair!

Vanessa Hudgens walked the red carpet at Neutrogena's 2nd Annual Wave for Change By Helping Kids Make A Difference bash in L.A. Monday -- and debuted a choppy, super-short new haircut! (She modeled her shaggy pixie alongside Hayden Panettiere, who l…

Jennifer Lopez Is "Devastated" By Marc Anthony Split

Singer-actress Lopez "tried everything she could to make it work," one source close to the star tells Us. "They went to marriage counseling. She was patient and loving and did everything he wanted her to.. She exhausted all the possibilities."

Lil Boosie Facing New Drug Smuggling Charges In Prison

Incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie is facing extra time behind bars after he was accused of attempting to smuggle drugs into his prison cell for the second time in two months. The hip-hop star, real name Torrence Hatch, is currently serving a four-year…

Lamar Odom Involved In Car Accident With Motorcyclist

Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom was involved in a car accident last weekend in which his car slammed into a motorcyclist and teen pedestrian.

Beyond The Speedo: The Secret Lives Of Public Pool Swimmers

That's the takeaway of a new public art project, "The Secret Life of Swimmers," by Judy Starkman, a Los Angeles-based director and photographer. A lifelong swimmer, Starkman is a habitué of the Culver City Plunge pool, where she noticed the daily me…

Intermission: The "Flashed Face Effect" Makes Normal People Look Monstrous

An accidental discovery by Australian researchers finds your brain unintentionally believing normal women to be hideous.

Oral Sex: A Simple Move You’ll Both Love: Smitten

Oral sex is usually a crowd pleaser. And if you’d like to titillate your partner even more, try this ridiculously easy sex tip on for size.

6 Rejected Milk Ad Campaigns (Even More Sexist Than The Original) From Funny Or Die And The 'Shop Shop

Milk has unveiled their sexist new ad campaign. Yayyy. If this is what they decided was the best idea, what did they turn down? What suggestions didn't make the cut? Good question.

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