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July 1, 2011

Woman's Dead Body Found In Massachusetts Public Pool After 2 Days

FALL RIVER, Mass. -- A woman's body might have been left in the cloudy water of a public swimming pool for more than two days, without lifeguards, health inspectors or other swimmers noticing it, officials said Thursday. Investigators were poring ov…

Maria Shriver Divorce -- Files For Divorce Against Arnold Schwarzenegger

TMZ has learned Maria Shriver has pulled the trigger on her marriage ... she just filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger ... and we've learned, there is NO PRENUP. In the divorce petition, obtained by TMZ, Shriver cites "irreconcilable diff…

HERO: Man Lives On Cliff And Talks Down Suicide Jumpers...for Last 50 Years //

Meet the Australian Who's Saved 160 People from Suicide Don Ritchie lives across the street from the most famous suicide spot in Australia: A cliff known as

Paris Hilton Hooks Up With 'Hangover' Director Todd Phillips

Paris Hilton has wasted no time in moving on to a new guy because she was spotted out on the town hanging all over her new man, The Hangover director Todd Phillips. Maybe someone should remind Paris that the last time she started dating a guy who li…

Zach Galifianakis High School Photo

Well I guess he couldn't be born with an epic beard.

"Transformers 3" Set To Spark Fourth Of July Fireworks

"Transformers 3" set to demolish the box office; mild mannered "Larry Crowne" expecting a mid-teen result Read more by Paul Dergarabedian on CBS News' What's Trending.

Playboy Trip: Patagonia Television Premiere

That’s right, those Playboy TV guys took their cameras all the way to Argentina to film four hot models against some ridiculously exotic backdrops. Sure it’s fun to see centerfolds all fluffed up against pillows on a waterbed, but there’s something …

Italians Arrest Mafia Don Of Corleone

PALERMO, Italy, July 1 (UPI) -- The Mafia boss of Corleone, the Sicilian town made famous in "The Godfather," was arrested Friday, authorities said.

Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's Wife, Taking Time Off From Job, Husband

Huma Abedin, a close adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the wife of ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), is taking some time off from her job as well as her husband, according to multiple reports. The New York Post first reported the news…

Ashton Kutcher In Twitter War With The Village Voice

The war of the words with the paper started Wednesday when the publication took the new Two and a Half Men star to task over statistics put forward during interviews and in the "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" public service announcements that he and wife…

Insane Email From Future Mother-in-law Goes Viral

Carolyn Burne, a very proper and manners-focused English woman, probably did not expect her email to her future daughter-in-law, Heidi Winters, to go viral. Most email correspondences don't, after all; it's just some random person's random message t…

Wimbledon's Andy Murray And Rafael Nadal Stir Up Twitter

Andy Murray fights his way to becoming the first British Wimbledon champion since 1936 Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Regis Philbin Creeps Out Kelly Ripa (Video)

Regis Philbin has been letting himself get a little creepy as he heads toward retirement, ogling photos of Rosie Huntington-Whitely and pausing a bit

Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock Married In Civil Ceremony (PHOTOS)

Text By JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press MONACO (AP) -- Monaco's reigning prince, Albert II, wed Charlene Wittstock of South Africa on Friday in a long-awaited civil ceremony that transformed the one-time Olympic swimmer into the Princess of Mona…

"Best Of: Stupid Facebook Conversations"

You'll also be able to post your CollegeHumor activity to your Facebook feed.

Has A Rock Star Ever Sued A Democrat For Using A Song In A Campaign?

When news broke of Bachmann’s legal troubles, reporters and bloggers who weren’t already mocking her John Wayne Gacy gaffe happily rattled off the names of other politicians who’d committed similar copyright crimes. The Toronto Star offered a long, …

Kate Moss Wedding Photos! – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice

Here is the first Kate Moss wedding photo to emerge, via Fab Sugar. And she’s wearing a veil in the car with her dad and daughter Lila Grace! Watch this space for updates throughout the day. Here’s a full-on picture of Kate Moss’s Galliano dress–sh…

Angelina Jolie: Bowling With The Kids!

Angelina Jolie carries her 2-year-old son Knox while leaving Eden Superbowl on Thursday (June 30) in St. Julian’s, Malta.

A Field Guide To Musical Typography

Regular readers of Flavorpill will no doubt have noticed that we are suckers for anything typography-related, so it’s really only been a matter of time until we found a way to combine our typographic geekdom with our love for music. And, indeed, the…

Glenn Beck Targets Jon Stewart On Farewell Show (Video)

Talk show host Glenn Beck used part of his farewell program Thursday to take a couple of digs at his TV nemesis Jon Stewart.

Great Album, Terrible Art

Our weekly staff and reader question looks at album art that doesn’t live up to the music beneath it.

Miley Cyrus Flashes A Wild, Mismatched Manicure--Like It?

I’ve been seeing mismatched, multicolored manicures everywhere lately--have you guys? Here’s a twist on the trend: mix-and-match patterned Minx nail decals, which Miley Cyrus wore for a concert in Australia over the weekend. Check out these backstag…

Waiting For The Three Day Weekend

Care levels critically low. Productivity plummeting. I can't be the only one struggling with this emotion today.

Minnesota Shutdown 2011: State Government Shuts Down

The post and live blog below are a collaboration between Patch and HuffPost reporters. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D) and top Republican state lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal to avert a government shutdown ahead of a midnight (CST) deadl…

American Homebrewers Association Names Top 50 Beers In America; Russian River Wins Again

Zymurgy magazine, the official publication of the American Homebrewers Association, has released its ninth-annual list of the 50 best beers in America. To assemble the list, its editors ask readers to submit lists of their top 20 favorite beers.

America's Most Beautiful People

The latest viral buzz from

Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Look "So In Love" In Catskills

Rachel Weisz's wedding to Daniel Craig may have taken the showbiz world by surprise -- but not her Catskills neighbors, who say the couple have been looking "so in love" during public outings.

Mac Mcclelland Haiti Article: Why Are People Most Interested In A Story About Haiti When It Has A White Protagonist

McClelland, who covered Haiti for Mother Jones, has provided us with yet another clichéd, egocentric article about documenting unimaginably terrible things experienced by powerless, broken, poor people who are victimized on a regular basis. But here…

80-Year Old Jazz Pianist Ahmad Jamal Can't Get Paid Because His Name Sounds Terrorist-Y . //

The U.S. government is reportedly blocking 80-year-old jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal from receiving payment for a music fest in Switzerland, because his name sounds

Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News Is A 'Huge Victory' For Media Watchdog Group

Though Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck’s final show aired on the network Thursday, media watchdog group executive director Rashad Robinson, tells The Hollywood Reporter that their work is far from done.

Camera Attached To Fireworks

No Bothan spies cameras were injured in the making of this video.

10 Little-Known American Patriots You Should Care About

We've all heard of those guys, you know, people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin--that's old news. Let's talk about these ten men and women who were killing it behind the scenes.

Miss Cupcake

Cupcakes are trendy, but there's good reason for it. Who doesn't love 'em? (Via)

Taraji P. Henson Talks 'Larry Crowne,' Tom Hanks

The name Tom Hanks means something.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Turns Heads At 'Horrible Bosses' Premiere (PHOTOS, POLL)

Forget Aniston! Jennifer Love Hewitt was not playing around at the premiere of "Horrible Bosses" in Hollywood on Thursday night.

'America's Next Great Restaurant' Winner Jamawn White Closes South Street Seaport, 2 Other Locations

MINNEAPOLIS -- A soul food chain launched two months ago after it was crowned the winner of "America's Next Great Restaurant" has already closed all its locations.

Octomom -- I Made $28,000 In June

Octomom has finally dug herself out of a massive financial hole -- raking in a grand total of $28,000 in June ... and she didn't even have to get naked to do it. We're told Nadya made her money doing various things like "Celebridate," The Cable S…

Denise Richards Adopts New Born Baby Eloise Joni Richards

Denise Richards has adopted a newborn baby ... TMZ has confirmed. It's a girl, who is now a few weeks old.  Denise named the baby Eloise Joni, after her mom Joni, who died in 2007. The biological mother gave birth in the U.S. Eloise joins Sam, …

FBI Admits Training Members Of Anti-gay Hate Group Westboro Baptist Church //

The FBI said Wednesday that members of an anti-gay fundamentalist group participated in the bureau's training of police officers and FBI agents - a move the

Jon Stewart Riffs On Mark Halperin's Obama Slur On 'Daily Show' (Video)

Jon Stewart devoted his first Daily Show segment Thurday night to Mark Halperin’s gaffe earlier that day on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, during which the network’s political analyst and Time magazine editor-at-large called President Barack Obama a “d—k” on …

Minnesota Government Shuts Down

Starting today, Minnesota state funding dries up and the government grinds to an abrupt halt. Republican and Democratic lawmakers could not come to a budget compromise in time, sending the state into a tailspin of uncertainty.

Princess Diana's Birthday: A Look Back At Her Unforgettable Elegance (PHOTOS, POLL)

There are few royals in the world whose style is more iconic than that of Princess Diana's. Her dresses fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions, and her wedding -- and her David and Elizabeth Emanuel-designed dress -- drew 750 million tel…

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hospitalized In London

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hospitalized on Tuesday (June 28) in London, England.

Sex Tips: A Flirty Move To Use Tonight!: Smitten

How’s your afternoon going? A little ho-hum? Here’s a dandy sex tip that should get you day dreaming about tonight’s festivities.

Lady Gaga's Beautiful Stripped Down Version Of "Hair"

Yeah yeah yeah, she looks ridiculous. Haters gonna hate.

Weed Officially Decriminalized In Connecticut

The Connecticut Senate voted on 7 June 2011 to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, becoming the fourteenth state to do so. This vote became official today. So, here's a bunch of cats that are totally freaking out on catnip, man.

Transformers 3 Vs. The Little Mermaid

Wait, so is Ariel supposed to be Bumblebee? Or the love interest?

Amber Rose Uncensored: 10 Things You Didn't Know! (PHOTOS)

Amber Rose, the chrome-domed beauty with a stripper past, has been the talk of the town this week as uncensored nude pics hit the net on MediaTakeOut.The nude pictures, which show the model playing with her private parts, has us all wondering ‘Who i…

Courteney Cox Let Coco Wear Red Lipstick

Before I had kids of my own, I knew exactly how I would parent my future offspring. I would be loving but firm, and they would be perfectly dressed, coiffed and behaved at all times. (Also they would sleep through the night from the beginning, watch…

Robert Pattinson News - Robert Pattinson's Got A Gun On Set Of 'Cosmopolis' (PHOTOS)

Look closely and you’ll see that Robert Pattinson is armed!!! The actor was on set of Cosmopolis and looked to be goofing around with the props during some downtime.

Maru Is Exhausted

Can this automatically get a cute badge? It's been hot out there in Japan recently, and Maru is really having trouble adjusting to the less than breezy temperatures.

Emma Watson Glams It Up For Harper's Bazaar

Flawless victory! Now this is how you photograph a young celebrity. She looks grown up and beautiful without looking like she took a dive headfirst into clown make-up.

Mother-In-Law's Scathing Email Goes Viral

Not an email you want to get from the mother of the man you are about to marry. But Withers may have the last laugh. She forwarded the brutal email to a group of girlfriends, who in turn passed it along to their friends, and like any good viral meme…

The Misadventures Of A Newbie Superhero Girl

Faith Erin Hicks is a webcomics veteran, the creator behind Demonology 101 and Ice. She’s also written and drawn two graphic novels, Zombies Calling and The War of Ellsmere (both published by Slave Labor Graphics), and you may recognize her work fro…

'Big Brother' Cast Revealed, Introduces New Twist

Big Brother returns Thursday, July 7 for its 13th round — but as always, there’s a twist. In addition to eight new houseguests this summer, the latest season of CBS’ reality series will  bring back the most dynamic duos from past efforts.

2011 China Hair And Beauty Expo

The latest viral buzz from

Daily Outfit Idea (BBQ Edition!): Three Chic Looks To Steal For Your 4th Of July Festivities

With a long weekend full of outdoor BBQs, beach days, and firework-watching on the very near horizon, we thought we'd make your holiday preparation that much easier with not one, but three outfit ideas perfect for all-things summer. See whose casual…

Quentin Tarantino Foot Fetish Detailed In Email

Of course, she only sent this email to her closest 2000 dozen friends. How it ended up all over the Internet is beyond her! Beejoli Shah (pictured above) completely eviscerates Tarantino with her recollection of their one night stand.

Maid Who Accused Ex-IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Of Sexual Assault Repeatedly Lied To Prosecutors

The maid who accused former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn of a violent sex attack in his Midtown hotel room has repeatedly lied to prosecutors and is "personally associated" with money launderers and drug dealers — revelations that have sunk the p…

Aaron Carter: Michael Jackson Gave Me Drugs When I Was 15

"He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff," says Carter. "We spoke afterwards, hours and hours, on the phone. I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police..." Carter's mother related …

Holley Mangold, 323-Pound Female Weightlifter, Dreams Of Olympic Gold (VIDEO)

If you only met Holley Mangold on the phone and based your perceptions of her just on a conversation, you'd think she was like any other 21-year-old girl. She likes makeup, having fun and is interested in getting a degree in either philosophy, theol…

UPDATED: MoviePass Introduces Netflix-Style All-you-can-see Program To Movie Theaters—and Movie Theaters Are Pissed

For those who are forced by tough economic reality to limit their movie-going to just four or five films per month, there’s now the MoviePass, a new service that allows subscribers to visit the theater as many times as they want for the monthly fee …

Gwyneth Paltrow Poses Topless For Vanity Fair

The 38-year-old mother of two looked a decade younger as she posed  topless wearing just jewellery and a pair of fishnet tights in a revealing photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

Stephen Colbert Allowed To Form His "Super PAC," Continue Mocking Campaign Finance Laws

The Federal Election Commission recognized that Stephen Colbert was just screwing with them when he proposed creating a “Super PAC,” one that would spend unlimited amounts of Viacom money on the 2012 presidential campaign without having to declare t…

Carolyn Bourne's Emails To Future Daughter-In-Law Heidi Withers Go Viral

Now making the Internet rounds: a set of obnoxious emails from a British mother sent to her future daughter-in-law. The subject of the correspondence: the bride-to-be's "staggering uncouthness and lack of grace."

Jason Statham News - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham's Romantic Lunch In NYC (PHOTOS)

Despite Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s hectic Transformers schedule, the sexy starlet still found some time to enjoy a nice lunch out with action star boyfriend, Jason Statham.

Dia Frampton: Before 'The Voice' I Was 'Hanging On By A Thread'

Dia Frampton recalls when she used to struggle for gas money, and marvels at how far she's come. Watch her interview and find out what direction she'd like to take with her new album and whether or not she's spoken to Kanye about her rendition of 'H…

China Opens World’s Longest Sea Bridge — And Three Other Record-Breakers

Three of the bridges – including the two longest ever built – are part of the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway which made its first commercial trip earlier today. The Jiaozhou Bay bridge, which is the world's longest over-water bridge at 26.4 mil…

Mother-In-Law’s E-Mail Rant To ‘Bad Mannered’ Bride Goes Viral

Bourne, 60, wrote to her future daughter-in-law Heidi Withers after the bride-to-be spent a weekend at the family's home in Devon in April. In the e-mail, Bourne criticizes Withers for her "lack of grace" and calls her "an ideal candidate for the La…

Shia LeBeouf Slams Justin Bieber & Robert Pattinson’s “Worldwide Popularity”

Shia LaBeouf doesn’t want a legion of Beliebers or Twi-hards chasing after him. The Tranformers: Dark of the Moon star recently opened up in an interview about the ills of worldwide fame, taking a a jab at superstars Justin Bieber and Robert Pattins…

Simon Van Kempen & Alex McCord Talk ‘Real Housewives’ Casting Rumors

Simon Van Kempen and Alex McCord are sick of The Real Housewives of New York casting rumors floating around. The fact is, Simon and Alex say Bravo hasn’t announced another season so speculation on which cast members are staying or going is purely ru…

Selena Gomez Meets Crush Shia LaBeouf

Selena Gomez posted a video of what she described as "Best... Day... Ever" on Twitter. While walking backstage she was ambushed by Shia LaBeouf, who was sitting in a makeup chair. A surprised Selena ran out of the room like a shrieking fan girl.

Duchess Of Cambridge Arrives In Canada On Thursday (PHOTOS)

Thursday morning, the Duchess of Cambridge demonstrated some excellent runway style -- on the airport runway, of course. The former-Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William departed from London's Heathrow Airport for their Canadian and L.A. tou…

Man Builds House With 6 Million Beer Bottles //

In the town of Quilmes, Argentina, there is a house made of empty glass beer bottles. 6 million of them, to be exact. TIto Ingenieri didn't have any other

That’s Your Financial Analyst: Lindsay Lohan

This Lindsay Lohan tweet is a couple of days old, actually, and I have no idea why more people aren’t talking about it because it’s AMAZING:

Kelly Marie Gets Sexy In Silly Bandz

Kelly Marie whips out her Silly Bandz and makes muli-colored rubber bands in all shapes sexier than ever in this gallery.

George Kenney, Hypnotizing Principal, Allegedly Lied About Putting Students In Trance

A Florida high school principal defied school orders to stop hypnotizing students and lied about casting spells on two students who later committed suicide and another who perished in a car crash, according to a report. Investigators found that Nort…

Danzig Cancel Their South American Tour

Heavy metal band Danzig have cancelled their entire South American tour due to travel complications. The group, fronted by Glenn Danzig, is currently touring Europe and was scheduled to kick off its South American trek in Santiago, Chile on July 2…

The Best Of Kate Moss Modeling Bridal-Ish Looks

Kate Moss is getting married tomorrow, and while the internet is abuzz with predictions about her dress, we’ve decided to focus on the best Kate Moss bridal moments of the past. Throughout her modeling career, arguably one of the longest in the biz…

The Perfect Penis | The Hairpin

Russell Crowe disapproves of the notion that THIS penis could really be the perfect penis, if you know what I mean.

Kelly Brook Doesn’t Need Makeup

Kelly Brook went shopping around her home in Kent yesterday, and here’s a helpful tip for all you ladies out there: you dont need to spend a lot of time on hair and makeup when you have giant boobs and wrap your hot ass in a super tight dress. To b…

Maru Is Exhausted

Jumping into boxes and constantly being adorable is tough work. Sometimes Maru gets tired, and just wants to rest...cutely, of course. (Via Tastefully Offensive)

"25 Things From The 90's We Hope Never Come Back" By CH Staff

The soul patch is, arguably, the most illogical of all 90’s trends. The chin strap beard, while stupid, clearly said, “I do too have a chin. I outlined it in my face hair. See?” The goatee wordlessly declared, “I’m an assh*le!” So what did a soul pa…

Ashton Kutcher Berates Village Voice On Twitter

Ashton Kutcher takes the Village Voice story slamming his anti-sex trafficking campaign personally Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

What Is This Expanding Light Thing?

Here is some footage from a webcam mounted outside of an astronomical observatory in Hawaii. It’s of a thing that nobody knows what is. Right? I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how you say that sentence. Nobody knows what this thing is. Bad Astronomy b…

Chihuahua Turned Sheepdog 'Can Do It All'

LONDON -- Nancy's not your typical sheepdog. This once mangy Chihuahua was brought into a London animal home two years ago with a skin disease so severe that she had to be hand-reared by a shelter employee.

11 Completely Scientific, Not At All Dubious Diets From Our Recent Past

In 1918, Lulu Hunt Peters’ Diet and Health, with Key to the Calories introduced Americans to the concept of “calorie counting,” and the modern diet was born. Realizing that counting calories was no fun, America took the concept and turned it into a …

Quentin Tarantino Foot Sex Email Girl Beejoli Shah Fired

Shock of all shocks, Beejoli Shah, the girl who dished in a mass email to friends about Quentin Tarantino’s chode of all chodes and the way he sucked on her toes while masturbating, will no longer be working at LA-based… uh… firm? Generate.  Other s…

25 Skimpiest Fan Outfits In Sports

I'm betting that ratings would skyrocket if all major sports switched from their standard, crusty old man refs to these women.

Texas Drought Declared Natural Disaster

Drought and wildfires have lead to the decision by the US Department of Agriculture to declare the entire state of Texas a natural disaster. KCBD in Lubbock reports that in all, 213 counties in Texas have lost at least 30 percent of their crops or p…

Joe Stagni, Kenner City Councilman, Apologizes For Sending Underwear Picture (PHOTO)

A Louisiana politician admitted to sending a picture of himself in his underwear to a city employee, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. "I had an inappropriate but consensual relation (sic) with an adult female and we exchanged improper electr…

Diet Soda Linked To Weight Gain

A study presented at a American Diabetes Association meeting this week shows that drinking diet soda is associated with a wider waist in humans. And a second study shows that aspartame -- an artificial sweetener in diet soda -- actually raises blood…

Wimbledon Whites: A Retrospective Roundup (PHOTOS, POLL)

With tennis' classiest, most quintessentially British tournament comes the start of summer (not to mention royal spottings in the stands) and a slew of white hot tennis get-ups. It's been a few years since we rounded up the glam and the gaudy looks …

Eco-Friendly Fashion Designers - Explore Eco-Friendly Fashion On

Learn more about the latest and greatest eco-friendly fashion designers. ELLE takes you inside the eco-conscious world of fashion.

Nigerian Man Flies From JFK To LA With Invalid ID, Expired Boarding Pass

LOS ANGELES -- A Nigerian national was able to board a flight from Kennedy Airport to Los Angeles without a valid passport or ID -- and carrying someone else's expired boarding pass.

"Your Internship, According To Your Resume" By Jesse E

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Norman Rockwell Meets Geek Pop Art In The Paintings Of Bryan Lee

How I won Wip 3 by Bryan Lee Bryan Lee looks like he is having a LOT of fun when he's sketching out ideas. Much like Norman Rockwell, his images tend to have

Shia LaBeouf & Selena Gomez Meet: Video

Justin Bieber's main squeeze gets all hot and bothered when she's tricked into meeting the "so handsome" Transformers star

Summer Fruit Desserts

Looking for fresh ways to enjoy seasonal berries, stone fruits, figs and melons? These fruity desserts are perfect for summer parties or whenever you're craving a sweet treat (31 Photos)

Gwyneth Paltrow Topless In 'Vanity Fair'

Gwyneth Paltrow is one hot momma -- and she's not afraid to show it. The Oscar-winning actress, singer, cookbook author and mother of two shows off her flawless bod in a topless photo for the On Jewellery calendar in Vanity Fair's August issue.

Summer Sex: 13 Must-Try Ideas

Ready to make your sex life as hot as the temperature outside? In honor of longer days and balmy nights, we’ve got 13 new ways for you and your guy to sizzle this season. Turn up the AC, ladies -- our ideas are so hot, you might melt!

Why Do People Get Pruney Fingers After Being In The Water A Long Time?

Now Changizi is trying to explain why the surface of human fingers get pruney after prolonged exposure to the water. His hypothesis is that the marks help disperse water and improve grip:

Coca-Cola Billboard Made Of Plants

There’s a lot of green activity happening in this Coca-Cola billboard in the Philippines. The cola giant partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature to create a 60×60 ft. billboard made of 3,600 Fukien tea plants, a breed excellent at absorbing ai…

Awesome Art Made From Books

A few months ago I wrote an article on non-literary uses for books. If you liked that post, you’d certainly appreciate this great post on WebUrbanist detailing 12 cool artists that use books as their mediums.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley News - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been on a media blitz promoting Transformers 3 and has looked stunning every step of the way. Although we have to admit,

Chris Hansen-Kristyn Caddell: To Catch A Predator Caught Cheating On Wife In National Enquirer Sting.

The National Enquirer has turned the tables on To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen, reportedly catching the NBC anchor on film cheating on his wife.

Bride Left Red Faced After Email Criticising Her Future-mother-in-law Goes Viral

Heidi Withers, 29, pictured left, was slated for her 'lack of grace' in the scathing email from mother-in-law to be Carolyn Bourne, right, after she visited Mrs Bourne's Devon home.

Octomom Nadya Suleman: I Hate My Babies And My Older Children Are Animals

Love lost? Octomom's Nadya Suleman says that she 'hates' her eight babies and has called her older six children 'animals'

NBA Lockout Official, Say Goodbye To American Sports

The NBA lockout means that two of America's major sports leagues are in danger of not having a next season Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Victoria Beckham Launches A More Affordable Dress Line, Will Open A Store, Won’t Do A Naked Pregnancy Pic

It’s just savvy business these days for designers to launch a secondary line, and Victoria Beckham has proved herself to be nothing if not savvy. Having surprised everyone with her chic and successful label, she just launched a (secondary) dress col…

Mel Gibson Settles Divorce Case With Wife Robyn Gibson

Mel Gibson and soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn have settled their divorce case. Robyn Gibson's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, appeared before the judge this morning and announced Mel and Robyn have reached full agreement on the terms of their divorce…

Robert Pattinson: Pie Face For ‘Cosmopolis’!

Robert Pattinson: Pie Face For ‘Cosmopolis’!

Singing Penis Insect Proves Size Does Matter


4 Anger Management Tips The Internet Could Really Use

Which is to say, getting pissed off at the wrong time can ruin our life. But stopping a good rage once it starts is sometimes like trying to reverse a lava flow by farting it back up the volcano. This is especially true on the Internet, where a lack…

'Green Lantern' Sequel: Tepid Box Office, Big Plans Create A Tough Call (Analysis)

Though the film is still rolling out overseas, current numbers suggest that Green Lantern could top out at $260 million or $270 million in worldwide gross. (Its cume through Sunday was $118.4 million; it has grossed $89 million domestically and $29.…

Emma Stone Dropped Out Of High School Before 'Superbad'

Emma Stone dropped out of high school to move to Los Angeles and try her hand at acting. But instead she ended up working part-time at a dog bakery and enrolling in online classes, she tells the August issue of Vanity Fair.

Disney Prepping Adventure Movie Based On Matterhorn Ride (Exclusive)

Disney is developing an adventure movie project inspired by the Matterhorn ride and has set Jason Dean Hall to pen the script. Justin Springer (Tron Legacy, Prom) is producing the project, which has a working title of The Hill. The Matterhorn, al…

Ryan Dunn 'Flipped' Bam Margera 8 Times In A Previous Car Wreck

Bam Margera isn't surprised by the way his close friend Ryan Dunn suddenly died, but that doesn't make the sting any less. "It was pretty much the worst news I've ever heard in my life" he tells E! News in a sit down interview.

Shera Bechard: 5 Things To Know About Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriend

Hugh Hefner didn't waste any time finding a new girlfriend after calling off his wedding to Crystal Harris. Hef introduced his new girlfriend Shera Bechard on Twitter Monday. “Shera is both our November 2011 Playmate & my new girlfriend,” he Tweeted…

2011 Teen Choice Awards: ‘Twilight’ Stars, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Nominees!

Nominees for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards have been revealed! Leading the pack with 12 nominations is the gang from Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but other bloodsuckers are hot on their heels vying for the coveted surfboards — the cast of the CW hit Vampir…

David Cook Talks About His New Album ‘This Loud Morning’ & Debunks Rumors

It’s been a long wait. A year-and-a-half to be exact. But that wait is over. The sophomore album from David Cook, winner of Season 7 of American Idol, is out today and This Loud Morning is well worth the wait.

Watch ‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert Skype With Jimmy Kimmel About “Satan” Bentley Williams

Bentley Williams made his return on The Bachelorette last night and finally Ashley Hebert told him off and moved on. But Jimmy Kimmel is still upset Ashley didn’t realize he was “Satan” from the very beginning!

Selena Gomez On Duetting With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez kept up with her Monte Carlo promotional tour today, stopping by Live! With Regis and Kelly to talk about her new flick and new album, When the Sun Goes Down, which dropped today! And co-hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa couldn’t help…

Chris Harrison Says Bentley Williams “Has An Amazing Talent For Saying Nothing”

The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison is happy that Bentley Williams has made his final departure from the show, as is the rest of America. Chris opened up about Bentley’s final goodbye and how happy he is that Ashley Hebert has moved on.

Chris Hansen Of ‘To Catch A Predator’ Caught Cheating On His Wife With Kristyn Caddell?

Chris Hansen knows how To Catch a Predator in a sting operation, and apparently the National Enquirer knows how “To Catch a Cheater” while secretly filming Chris. According to the National Enquirer, Chris was allegedly caught on camera cheating on h…

Selena Gomez Sounds Better Than Miley Cyrus & Vanessa Hudgens, Album Reviewer Says

Selena Gomez just released her hotly-anticipated album When The Sun Goes Down with her band The Scene, and the 18-year-old singer/actress/Justin Bieber‘s girlfriend has been getting some decent feedback. One review in particular, noted that Selena’s…

Gwyneth Paltrow Poses Topless In Fishnet Stockings For ‘Vanity Fair’

Gwyneth Paltrow does not look like a 38-year-old mom of two. The actress/singer/chef is the picture of health and femininity in a new photo shoot for Vanity Fair, showing off her toned bod in a sultry, topless pose!

Amber Rose “Did Not Send” Naked Photos To Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriend

Amber Rose isn’t happy about the recent rumors hitting the Web that claim she sent naked pictures of herself to Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend. Luckily, Amber has her Twitter account to put the rumors to rest right away.

Megan Fox And Shia LaBeouf's Hook-Up: New Details

Confirming LaBeouf's recent admission, a source tells Us the Transformers costars were "drawn together"

See Katy Perry, Russell Brand's Huge New $6.5 Million Home

The sprawling estate may look familiar to TV fans: It was featured on season one of The Bachelor! RadarOnline reports that Perry, 26, and Brand, 35, purchased the property from Daniel Lakin, the former CEO of National Lampoon, who was sentenced to 4…

Justin Bieber Meets With Daughters Of 9/11 Victims

Watch "Justin Bieber Meets Daughters of 9/11 Victims"

'The Voice': Meet Javier Colon

For more on Javier, make sure you visit his official website, If you're looking for his music, all his Voice singles as well as his August 2010 acoustic EP are available on iTunes. You can also chat with him on Twitter. I wish him a…

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol

Sadly having nothing to do with Tom Cruise’s team of super-secret spies engaging in diplomatic relations with spooky spirits, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol looks to be more of the same, only more awkwardly punctuated. Granted, there are a few…

Are You There, Single Men Of NYC? It's Me, Krystin.

Upon finding out they had a currently single, twenty-something intern who was living in NYC for the first time on their hands, my editors decided it would be my task to answer the question on most single girls' minds: Where are all the good men hidi…

Jessica Szohr Stumbles Upon What Could Be The Sexiest Hot Weather Updo Ever

With her sweet brunette hair and string of girl-next-door characters, Jessica Szohr might look like a Jackie normally but she’s really alllll Marilyn these days, don't you think?

Puppy Vs. Kitty For Maximum Cuteness From That Happened!

The latest viral buzz from

4th Of July Message From Hipster Shore From FamilySandwich, JASON FARRAND, Melissa Hunter, Heidi Gardner, KirstinKeagy, BradGage, Whitney Kieser, And EricLombart

An uber-exclusive Public Service Announcement from the cast of Hipster Shore on the dangers of having one too many microbrews this 4th of July.

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