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July 19, 2011

Finally! A Photo Of Dylan Lauren's Ralph Lauren Wedding Dress

Designer Ralph Lauren's only daughter, Dylan Lauren, got married back in June—and though we had an inkling of what she wore, no one had actually seen published photos of the dress. Until today. Say hello to the "handmade duchesse satin, silk tulle, …

Money-Saving Kitchen Tips Cooking Tips

Even the best cooks have occasional kitchen disasters: crumbling layer cakes, overcooked steaks, too-salty soups. But instead of tossing less-than-perfect dishes and ingredients in the trash, save some money and still get dinner on the table with th…

Harry Potter Spoof Videos: What We're Watching Now

Harry Potter lives through these fan-made spoof viral videos Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

"Sergeant Pepper Plugs You Into 7 Social Media 'Power-User' Strategies"


Leaked Bootleg Trailers For Amazing Spider-Man And The Avengers

A lot of people like to take a big moral stand on not posting leaked trailers, and I often don’t, simply out of the hope the studio will release the official version and I don’t have to post it twice. But in the case of the leaked Amazing Spider-Man…

Rebecca Black Without Autotune

I'm sorry for posting this. So, so sorry. Everyone else has gone home for the night and I can't tell if this is real or just Break messing with me.

"Ape Leaps From Boxcar - Hits #1 On Google Search


The State Of The Internet In 2011 (Infographic)

Our friends at Online Schools put together a fascinating interactive Infographic that tells the story of the state of the world wide web today. It even includes counter that tells you how many people have become new Internet users and how many websi…

Twilight Fans Already In Line Outside H Hall

It has begun. The Breaking Dawn panel isn't until 11:15am PST on Thursday, but that hasn't stopped these Twihards from getting in line today. Just repeat after me: It'll all be over by Thursday afternoon. It'll all be over by Thursday afternoon.

Trying To Get Cast In Hollywood: Doug Hughs Is Doing It Wrong

Watch out Xan Spencer there's another actor making a fool of himself in an effort to get cast. Unlike Xan this guy actually has some credits on IMDb, but nothing you've heard of. This video will probably be his legacy.

PSA To Stop Geek Bullying

Not everyone can reach level 85. In a world where geeks have become the majority, we need to remember not to laugh at those that don't know the difference between Isengard and Azeroth.

Stop Geek Bullies PSA

Not everyone can reach level 85. In a world where geeks have become the majority, we need to remember not to laugh at those that don't know the difference between Isengard and Azeroth.

Nirvana Covers Album Available For Free Download

To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the release of Nevermind (which will make certain of us feel older than God), SPIN Magazine put together a Nirvana tribute album called Newermind. And it's free. All you have to do is friend SPIN on Facebook. Among the notables: Meat Puppets cover "Smells Like Teen Spirit," The Vaselines do "Lithium" and Titus Andronicus provide a rendition of "Breed."

Our Dream Cast For The Live Action Captain Planet Movie

It was announced today that producers of Transformers, Don Murphy and Angry Filmworks, have acquired the rights to bring the eco-friendly super hero to the big screen. We've put together our dream cast. What do you guys think?

Apple Earnings: Live Blog

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It's been a good month for Apple(AAPL) shares, which are up about 17% following an unusually dismal performance run for what's generally considered tech's hottest stock. Despite the summer of Android that sees the Google(…

David Letterman And Harrison Ford Go Horseback Riding Through New York

How romantic. Glad he's not riding Solo. I just threw up on myself out of shame.

Leopard Attacks Indian Village

It's like some sort of ninja leopard. The animal wandered into the village of Prakash Nagar, India and ended up mauling six people before local officials were able to tranquilize and move it to the jungle.

Mr. T Vanity Plates Done Right

This guy's really thinking outside the plate.

Black People Hobbies Vs. White People Hobbies

Yiiiiiiiiikes. It's 2011, people! You can't say that.

Dow Surges 202 Points, Nasdaq Roars On Strong Earnings

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied after President Obama signaled his support for a deal that would cut the deficit by $3.7 trillion. The ambitious plan has been gaining support from Democrats and Republicans, and includes changes to Medicare…

The Macau Episode Of No Reservations: Just The One-Liners

Yesterday's episode of No Reservations found Anthony Bourdain in Macau, where he won big at Baccarat, jumped off of a huge tower, went cart racing, and managed to find time to eat a bunch of pork in between. Here now, on to the Quotable Bourdain — f…

I'm Comic Sans, A**hole: The Stop-Motion Short

'When people need to kick back and party, I'll be there, unlike your pathetic fonts.' Joe Hollier has done a brilliant translation of Mike Lachler's famous McSweeney's entry, 'I'm Comic Sans, Asshole,' into stop-motion animation. After you watch it, we can all go get hammered with Papyrus.

Emma Watson Meets Her Gay Porn Double

Emma Watson poses with Cameron Adams, the actor that played Himmione Grainghim in a gay porn parody of the Harry Potter franchise called Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls. One thing is clear, gay porn producers are great at puns.

10 Famous People Who Have Been Pied

Unsurprisingly, Rupert Murdoch isn't the first famous person to get pied. Nope, it's a tradition that has lasted throughout the ages. Here's ten of the most prominent people who got nailed by pies to the face.

Best Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Video Review You'll See

Though Benny and Sam Gammerman do at one point refer to Daniel Radcliffe as Daniel Craig, their breakdown of the final installment of Harry Potter is pretty damn funny. Sam points out the lunacy of the Resurrection Stone, while Benny points out which of his body parts Haley Joel Osment looks like. (Warning: Spoiler filled)

25 Photos Of People Posing With Love Nuts

The world's largest seed, the fruit of the coco de mer palm (aka, "the love nut," "the bum seed" and "the Maldive coconut") can be found on the Praslin, Curieuse and Seychelles islands of the Indian Ocean. It also happens to look a great deal like a woman's naughty bits. The coco de mer is in the news recently after the foreign minister of the Seychelles gave one to Prince William and Kate Middleton as a honeymoon gift. Aside from their general genitalia-ness, this raised a few eyebrows as the love nut is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Here now are some people having fun with their bum seeds.

Star Wars Metal

Eric Calderone a.k.a. 331 EROCK, a guitarist from Sarasota, Florida, is performing a heavy metal medley containing some famous themes from the Star Wars saga.

'Leisure Dive': Summer Posers Caught Mid-air In New Photography Craze

After planking swept the internet, now comes leisure diving - a craze where swimmers strike a comedy pose in mid-air often holding a beer, book or tennis racquet - before splashing into the pool below.

The Amazing Spiderman Teaser Trailer Is Awesome

The reboot that has no reason to exist actually looks kind of amazing. Based on this trailer that will probably be attached to Captain America, I have to say that Garfield looks awesome, and Marc Webb might have been a better director choice than I thought. Well done Sony.

Expectations Vs. Reality

Reality sucks.

A Goodbye To Ambien In Dubai

First I have to get there. My cab arrives at JFK and I immediately walk to the biz class lounge, putting cheddar wedges and water crackers on my plate the way I think a rich person would. The goal is to match everyone else’s silent snobbery and act …

Game Of Thrones Season Two Casting Revealed

Four major players from Clash Of Kings now have faces. Still no sign of Brynden "Blackfish" Tully or Davos Seaworth or Ygritte though. (Information via Entertainment Weekly)

Trader Joe's Ron Swanson Bacon Special

Here's a photo by Kelli Marshall of a bacon special at a Trader Joe's featuring our hero, Park and Recreation's Ron Swanson. Thing is, Ron Swanson wouldn't be caught dead in a Trader Joe's, as he buys all of his food and most of his stuff at Food An…

The Spiderman Teaser Is Kind Of Badass

Hopefully this isn’t one of those trailers that studios made exclusively for the big San Diego Comic-Con, which starts tomorrow night, because the teaser for Sony’s Spiderman reboot is pretty god damn cool. Actually it’s boring and repetitive and m…

Happy Birthday Lil Jimmy: 11 Awesome Jim Norton Clips [NSFW]

Today is Lil Jimmy Norton's Birfday! I grew up listening to Opie and Anthony, so Jim has always been one of my favorite comedians. In his honor let's look back on some of his best moments and characters. These videos are obviously NSFW (language).

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parody

Quick! Let's stir hype to the boiling point a year in advance! It's the only way to achieve maximum profit potential.

Firefly Art Nouveau

Everything about this is shiny. Just in time for SDCC, QMX Online is releasing prints worthy of any Browncoat collection.

Jersey Shore Trailer: Did Snooki And The Situation Have Sex?

The premiere of Jersey Shore's fourth season is still a few a weeks away, but MTV is doing their best to get viewers psyched up for the show's next installment. In a new clip for the episodes filmed in Italy, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino claims t…

First Official Poster For "The Hunger Games"

And it moves! I kind of hope this catches on. I mean, if billboards can be animated, why not moive posters?

First Hunger Games Poster Released: And It Moves!

It's pretty straight forward, except for the fact that it's a motion poster. Ironically, it's exactly like what The Hunger Games poster would look like in Harry Potter's world.

The Cutest Online Marriage Proposal You'll See Today

An Internet super-nerd (who happens to be my actual BFF in real life) proposes to his girlfriend for the whole world to see. Spoiler alert: She says yes.

10 Hardcore Pie Fillings Murdoch's Attacker Could Have Used

Shaving foam? Really? That's like being attacked by a rogue Double Dare contestant. Foam doesn't even stain clothing. Murdoch deserves a better brand of protester.

Wendi Deng's Five Best Enraged Expressions

Wendi Deng: HOLD MY HOOPS. Don't you wish she was testifying instead, instead of Rupert Murdoch or poor, poor dim James? OH WENDI.

Jonnie Marbles, The Guy Who Pied Rupert Murdoch

Here's the last tweet from the man who pied Rupert Murdoch with shaving cream, sent from inside the inquiry room just before he did the deed. Plus the hilariously confused response from his ex-girlfriend. Jonnie Marbles and Pageantmalarkey...why did these two break up? They seem made for one another. #splat

Rupert Murdoch's Pie Attacker, Jonnie Marbles, Is A Terrible Comedian

It turns out he's way better at throwing pies than he is at making people laugh.

Forget FAIL: Epic Win Compilation

We all love a good FAIL video. Hell it's one of the buttons on this site, but there is nothing as good as a truly epic win. Here's an awesome video full of them.

Awful Advertising: Black Vaginas Are Sassy?

There's nothing like mixing vague racism with a bit of condescending sexism to try to sell products to women. Good Job Summer's Eve!

Get Excited For The First Avenger With Awesome Captain America Cosplay

To get you in the spirit for Captain America coming out this week, we present some of the best of Captain America cosplay! Are you a cosplayer or cosplay

Richard Blais' 'Quirky' Cookbook Coming November 2012

According to a press release, Top Chef All-Stars winner Richard Blais got himself a book deal: the cookbook will be published in November 2012 by Clarkson Potter and will feature 100 to 125 recipes in "Blais's signature style—a creative and often qu…

Nelson Mandela Turns 93, Taliban Releases Police Killing Video And More From While You Were Sleeping

'Police Killing' video released by the Taliban Disturbing footageof an execution-style murder of 16 policemen in Pakistan has been released by the Taliban. The video is allegedly from June when Taliban militants captured the police. The footages sho…

Just Dining On The 405

Taking the bar--or champagne flutes, rather--and raising it to a whole new level, these three friends hopped a 'fence or two' and set up this elaborate dinner scene on the abandoned 405 in Los Angeles during Carmageddon. All the while, a construction crew was working nearby, a helicopter was flying overhead, and police lights flashed in the background. Cheers to that.

Trailer For 'Jersey Shore' In Italy

Just in case you forgot that this was actually happening, enjoy the new trailer for the Jersey Shore's trip to Italy. It looks like they learn a lot about their ancestors, Italian culture, and each other!

Chihuahua Scares Off Robbers

These guys are going to have trouble showing their faces at the next Evil League of Evil meeting.

Fireworks... You Should Really Be Patient

"That was it?" No young lady. No it was not.

Family Saves Humpback Whale, Awe-Inspiring Cuteness Ensues

While boating in the Gulf of California, a photographer and his family stumble across a juvenile humpback whale who is near death after getting tangled in a net. This is their story. SPOILER ALERT: Awwww.

Charles Schulz Of Peanuts Drew Batman

Sadly, it appears that he only drew this single panel as a gift to a friend. A crossover would have been really neat. Who would Batman take up from the Peanuts cast as his Robin? Link -via Comics Alliance | Photo: Marc Nobleman …

Dog Photobombs Naked Guy

A Redditor's girlfriend requested that he take a picture of himself naked, just after showering. Apparently, though, his dog simply wasn't having any of that.

Rebekah Brooks's Husband Tried To Throw Away A Computer, A Phone And "Paperwork"

So in continuing with the totally non-shady things happening around the News Of The World hacking case, it turns out a bag containing a computer, phone and "paperwork" from the Brooks home was found in the garbage of a nearby parking facility. Charlie, Rebekah's husband, contends this is all a misunderstanding, but his story is less than compelling...

Subway Uses Dwarf To Make Sandwich Look Bigger?

Subway, your sandwiches are wonderful on their own. You don't need tricks of photography, you already have tricks of meats and cheeses!

Pamela Anderson Designed A Line Of “Couture” Stockings–Here Are Images From The Entire Collection

If there is one thing Pamela Anderson can do, it’s look sexy. The woman may not exactly be a style icon, but she is certainly a testament to the power of some nice lingerie (or, occasionally, the lack thereof). So it isn’t exactly a long shot that s…

And The Beet Goes On! - AROMA CUCINA //

AROMA CUCINA It was time to yank those suckers from terra madre, have a party, and get creative. How many dishes can you create with

Millionaire's Son, Girlfriend Dead

CORONADO, Calif., July 18 (UPI) -- Wrinkle-cream millionaire Jonah Shacknai said his young son died in a fall. Two days later Shacknai's girfriend was found dead in an apparently unrelated case.

Justin Bieber Crashes A Wedding

Justin Bieber has just taken one lucky bride's wedding photos to the next level. According to TMZ, on Friday night, Biebs and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were hanging out in Malibu, Ca., when they heard his single "One Less Lonely Girl" being sung …

Boris Becker's Wife Lilly Kerssenberg Looks Luscious In A Tiny Bikini As She Has A Ball In The Balearics

She's known for her stunning figure - and tennis legend Boris Becker's wife Sharlely 'Lilly' Kerssenberg certainly served up a treat for envious onlookers on a Balearic beach yesterday.

Jennifer Lopez: Her Men And Her Outfits (Weddings, Nip Slips, Red Carpets)

There’s been much ado made in the press over the last year about how Jennifer Lopez has pulled herself out of a slumping career. 2011 has seen J. Lo come roaring back with a vengeance. Her recent roles include: L’Oreal model/spokesperson, American I…

Google Plus Circles You Can Actually Use

One of the nice features of Google+ is that you can sort relationships into different categories that you can name anything you want. Happy Place had some fun with this idea and offered suggestions about how you can categorize your contacts. Link -v…

50 Cent Wants To Save People's Lives! (PHOTO)

50 Cent is known for spitting grimy street rhymes, but his tweets as of late are far from what we'd usually expect of the Queens, NY artist.Via his Twitter, 50’s new goal has nothing to do with music, but with impacting the lives of people in a way …

Rolling Stones/Janis Joplin Songwriter Jerry Ragovoy Has Died //

Jerry Ragovoy dies at 80; songwriter had hits with Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin Jerry Ragovoy wrote or co-wrote hits including 'Time Is On My Side,' 'Piece of

5 Important Life Skills That Women Are Way Better At Than Men

The idea of women exclusively ruling the world is usually the stuff of quasi-erotic, darkly-comical science-fiction satire. It could never happen in real life, right? Women need men to like, open pickle jars & make sure the cable bill doesn’t go to …

Fatal 'Cash Cab' Accident Investigated

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 17 (UPI) -- A pedestrian was killed in Vancouver, Canada, when he was struck by a replica taxi used in the television series "Cash Cab."

JediBot Uses Microsoft Kinect To Lightsaber Battle With You

Some well-meaning nerds from Stanford used Microsoft Kinect to built a lightsaber wielding robot. But I don't think they've thought this through. All I'm saying is, if Skynet uses swords in their uprising, we'll know who to blame...

Creepy Harry Potter Baby Dolls Are Creepy

There goes any chance I had to sleep tonight...

Lamar Odom's Car Accident Victim Has Died. Details... (PHOTOS)

Lamar Odom's car accident in Queen on Saturday does not have a happy ending.  The victim has passed away.  TMZ reports:A 15-year-old boy has died from injuries he sustained in a NY car crash involving a vehicle carrying NBA star Lamar Odom ...

Pigeon Rides Ferry Every Day For 3 Years

NEW YORK, July 18 (UPI) -- Crew members of a New York Waterway ferry said the same feral pigeon has ridden the vessel every day for the past three years.

James Franco Wanted To Be In Twilight, Wanted RPattz For Art Show

James Franco’s full Playboy interview just came out in the print edition (you may remember the teaser where he talks about what went wrong at the Oscars from a few weeks ago) and I thought I’d share some of the highlights. After all, who doesn’t lov…

VIDEO: Flash Mob Busts Out Beyonce’s ‘End Of Time’ At Target //

Very impressive right?!

Know Your John: First Major Study Looks At Men Who Buy Sex

A new study has been released examining men that pay for sex.

Man Posing As Food Network Chef Scams 300 With Fake Event

Authorities say a Delaware man posed as a celebrity Food Network chef and scammed 300 people out of of money by selling tickets to a star-studded cooking event in New Jersey that does not, in fact, exist. Leonard Ruebeck, 20, allegedly said that che…

'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows -- Part 2' Shatters Box Office Records

It certainly was a magical weekend for Harry Potter fans. The beloved boy-wizard franchise's final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2, opened worldwide to rave reviews and sold-out showings. There were so many sold-out shows…

The Michelin Guides Lose $24M A Year

The Financial Times has a pretty epic 2,700 word piece on the tough situation the Michelin Guides are in. Currently losing over $24 million a year, the guide is projected to lose $30M in 2015. Restaurants awarded stars, meanwhile, can see a boost in…

Which Is Worse? Chinese Take Out

When we’re too busy (or tired) to make dinner Chinese food is the go to take-out food, but do know which choices are the healthiest? (51 Photos)

Magical Unicorn Pug Hat

Etsy seller Nathaniel Baker crochets hats for his pug, including ones that transform the dog into Shrek, a Purple People Eater, a Viking warrior, and a lop-eared bunny. Now your pooch can impress all the other dogs at the dogpark. Link -via Uniblog …

Saki Yamaguchi Hot Pictures

Want bikini pictures of Saki Kumagai, who scored the winning PK in the World Cup Final against the USA? Best we can do are these of Saki Yamaguchi.

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