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July 30, 2011

David Beckham: "We Would Love One More" Child

Time to start speculating about what David and Victoria Beckham would name their next child. Just weeks after daughter Harper Seven's birth, her father revealed to the Associated Press that he and Victoria "would love one more." Watch the endearing …

Kate Middleton Wears An Embroidered Coat And Potato Chip Hat To Zara Phillips’ Wedding

For Duchess Catherine‘s first royal wedding that was not her own, she wore a cream colored embroidered coat with a hat that looks a lot like a potato chip only with flowers on the underside. Kate being Kate, the outfit she wore to Zara Phillips‘ wed…

Surprisingly Sweet Song About A Girl's Love For Famous Comedians

When I first heard about this video, I assumed it would be trying very hard to be funny. Instead it's sweet and understated. It doesn't hurt that she can sing too. It's kind of like if Janis Ian really had a thing for Patton Oswalt, Martin Starr, Louis CK, and others.

The Newest Batmobile: Dark Knight Rises Version Spotted

The Dark Knight Rises has been filming in Pittsburgh, so hopefully residents weren't too freaked out when they saw the newest version of Batman's "Tumbler" rolling through the streets. Here's a video of Bruce Wayne's newest toy.

LAPD Saves Suicidal Man With A Wedgie

You hear so many bad stories about police officers, it's nice to get to write a nice one. A Los Angeles man tried to kill himself after his girlfriend broke up with him, but the cops were there to keep him from jumping. They handcuffed him to the railing and then pulled him back over. His underwear played a large role in said pulling.

This Bird Doesn't Give A F*ck

He's just trying to chill. And by god, if it can't be on that windshield wiper, then it's not happening at all.

Ryan Gosling Hot Photos

He plays a ladies' man in Crazy, Stupid, Love. -- and it’s not hard to see why people go crazy for the actor offscreen! (17 Photos)

Fat Joe Looking Slim And Qreamy In Miami (PHOTOS)

Fat Joe attended the launch of the Qream event in Miami, Florida last night.Joe was joined by rappers Trina and creator of Qream, Pharrell Williams last night, while DJ Q-Tip was also at the event spinning on the one’s and two’s.Pharrell has teamed …

The Batman Formula

redditor i_luv_ur_mom says “My math teacher is REALLY cool.” Just as the Fibonacci sequence occurs in nature, so does math in the form of the Batman Equation occur in comics. Wait, maybe that’s not the best analogy. Still: mathematical proof that Ba…

The Condition: Existential Googling

Type “why am I” into a Google search and autocomplete will suggest “why am I here?” Type “why did” and you’ll find “why did I get married?” These questions seem so hackneyed, the kind of generic lamentations you might hear in a bad movie. And yet, G…

Auburn Football: According To Danny Sheridan, The Axe Is Soon To Fall On Auburn

On Paul Finebaum's national radio show, football writer and prognosticator Danny Sheridan has come out and said that the NCAA has the name of a witness who can verify the payoff to the Newtons in the Cam Newton scandal...

'The Onion' Writers On Strike?

This headline is not a joke. Writers for 'Onion News Network' are threatening to go on strike over compensation and benefit disputes. The Writer's Guild Of America and The Onion are currently in negotiations, but as of now, no agreement has been reached. Read the letter the WGA sent to all of its members who have Onion connections here.

7 Minutes In Heaven With Kristen Wiig

SNL writer Mike O'Brien has a web series where he "interviews" celebrities inside a closet. It's awesome, weird, and hilarious (though I'm not sure in which order I'd arrange those adjectives). Here is one such interview with the hysterical Kristen Wiig.

Avengers Teaser From The End Of Captain America Released

Marvel and Paramount have released a shortened, still-somewhat spoilery version of the end scenes of Captain America which tease the Avengers movie opening next May 4th.  It stars Robert Downey Jr. (in a Black Sabbath T-shirt!) as Iron Man, Scarlet…

Lady Gaga: Amy Winehouse "Gave Me Hope"

During a Los Angeles radio appearance on Thursday, Lady Gaga shared her thoughts on the passing of Amy Winehouse -- and told the emotional story behind her power ballad "The Edge of Glory." "I didn't know Amy (Winehouse); I just loved her so much…

How To Orgasm: Tips To Fix What’s Keeping You From Reaching The Big “O”

Is there something preventing you from a feel-good finish? We’ve got your sexual Rx! (27 Photos)

Julia Roberts: So Photoshopped Its Illegal

If you were to open a popular ladies magazine in England today and see this ad for Lancome cosmetics, you might shriek, “Is that supposed to be Julia Roberts? Why does she look so young? Am I back in 1995? What have you done to me, popular ladies…

Cremated Ashes Packed Into Ammunition

If you’d like to go out with a bang, Holy Smoke LLC offers to pack your cremated ashes (or those of your loved ones) into ammunition cartridges. You tell them the caliber or gauge, ship the remains to them, and they’ll load the cartridges:

Harrison Ford Runs Into An Old Friend

As if you needed another reason to love Harrison Ford, he recently used an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to remind us that he has a pretty sweet sense of humor.

In Honor Of Tonight’s Season Premiere Of Project Runway, Here Are Tim Gunn’s Ten Best Quotes

We will admit it: we still love Project Runway. From Heidi’s short skirts and occasional whacked-out hairstyles to the ever-entertaining Michael Kors, it sucks us in every season (even though we pretend to be too cool for it.) But the main reason we…

David Beckham For H&M: It’s Happening

We never really get sick of seeing David Beckham’s name (and by name we mean image, image of his abs) in print. And we’ve been seeing it a lot lately, since he announced he’s launching a lifestlye brand–his first offering will be bodywear and a new …

It's Playboy's #FriskyFriday On Twitter With Hot Girls

Thanks to sexy girls on Twitter and their camera phones, #FriskyFriday is the best day of the week. Come back all day for new pics.

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