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July 30, 2011

Al Pacino's Daughter Julie Arrested On DWI Charge

Al Pacino’s 21-year-old daughter was busted in lower Manhattan this morning for DWI after admitting she threw back a few beers and smoke pot, police sources told The Post.

David Beckham: "We Would Love One More" Child

Time to start speculating about what David and Victoria Beckham would name their next child. Just weeks after daughter Harper Seven's birth, her father revealed to the Associated Press that he and Victoria "would love one more." Watch the endearing …

Olivia Munn News - Olivia Munn Flaunts Flawless Bikini Body (PHOTOS)

This is a bikini body we haven’t seen yet! Perfect Couples star Olivia Munn stepped out in a teeny bikini, showing off her impressive physique. The actress and Daily Show correspondent hit Malibu beach for a photo shoot with Shape Magazine.

Kate Middleton Wears An Embroidered Coat And Potato Chip Hat To Zara Phillips’ Wedding

For Duchess Catherine‘s first royal wedding that was not her own, she wore a cream colored embroidered coat with a hat that looks a lot like a potato chip only with flowers on the underside. Kate being Kate, the outfit she wore to Zara Phillips‘ wed…

Surprisingly Sweet Song About A Girl's Love For Famous Comedians

When I first heard about this video, I assumed it would be trying very hard to be funny. Instead it's sweet and understated. It doesn't hurt that she can sing too. It's kind of like if Janis Ian really had a thing for Patton Oswalt, Martin Starr, Louis CK, and others.

Jenny McCarthy Exits Production Deal With Oprah’s Harpo Studios

Oprah Winfrey is officially in place as CEO of her OWN network.

6 Questions Every Guy Wants You To Ask Him

If you've been watching The Bachelorette, you have to cringe every time Ashley asks, "When was the last time you cried?" or "How do you see me fitting in your life?" Plus, who can forget the moment that she suggested Ben (or was it Constantine?) ki…

The Newest Batmobile: Dark Knight Rises Version Spotted

The Dark Knight Rises has been filming in Pittsburgh, so hopefully residents weren't too freaked out when they saw the newest version of Batman's "Tumbler" rolling through the streets. Here's a video of Bruce Wayne's newest toy.

Cowboys And Aliens Movie - Western Movies

The famous cowboys and aliens that should do battle next.

Amy Winehouse Website Awards iPod To Woman Who Correctly Guessed Her Death

Talk about insensitive, creepy, sick and just plain awful. A woman won an iPod for guessing the exact date Amy Winehouse would die — a contest sponsored by a website centered around the British singer’s struggle with substance abuse.

Box Office Upset: 'Smurfs' Beats 'Cowboys & Aliens' On Friday

The third new film of the weekend, Warner Bros.’ Steve Carell-Ryan Gosling comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love got off to a solid start, grossing $6.6 million on Friday. The PG-13 movie, receiving a B+ CinemaScore, is on track to gross $18 million or $19 mil…

LAPD Saves Suicidal Man With A Wedgie

You hear so many bad stories about police officers, it's nice to get to write a nice one. A Los Angeles man tried to kill himself after his girlfriend broke up with him, but the cops were there to keep him from jumping. They handcuffed him to the railing and then pulled him back over. His underwear played a large role in said pulling.

Prince William & Kate Attend Zara Phillips’ Wedding

Prince William and wife Kate arrive at Zara Phillips‘ wedding on Saturday (July 30) at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Most Loyal Fans: Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Twilight Stars

From Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to Demi Lovato, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: which celebrities have the most loyal fans? See pics and VOTE!

First Look: A Day In The Life Of Boo, Facebook’s Most Popular Dog

How does a dog with 1.4 million Facebook fans celebrate signing a book deal? With a surprise party, of course, complete with cupcakes. Boo has firmly nestled himself into our hearts, driven by his rise as a bonafide Internet sensation.

Rumor Report: Jennifer Lopez With Diddy? Mariah Carey's Toilet Champagne? Ozzy's $10k Dog?

Mariah Carey's toilet champagne: The Daily Mail reported that the mother of twins got back to her diva ways - by ordering a $1600 bottle of champagne and having it delivered to her while she was in the ladies' restroom in a club in New York.

Boehner Debt Bill Passes House, Gets Defeated In Senate (UPDATE)

WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday to raise the debt ceiling and cut $22 billion from next year's spending. Passed as part of a power play by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the bill died in the Senate later Friday eve…

The 5 Most Insane Alternate Reality Games

What we're saying here is that ARGs are usually pretty crazy to begin with, but some of them go the extra mile. Like ...

High Minded: The Perfect TV Commercials For Stoners

I’ve also become highly aware of how stoners are targeted, subtly (eye drops; any commercial set in a basement with two people in grubby T-shirts watching TV; Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut “It’s Morning Somewhere” spots; Justin Long as the Mac guy) and not-…

This Bird Doesn't Give A F*ck

He's just trying to chill. And by god, if it can't be on that windshield wiper, then it's not happening at all.

Ryan Gosling Hot Photos

He plays a ladies' man in Crazy, Stupid, Love. -- and it’s not hard to see why people go crazy for the actor offscreen! (17 Photos)

Casey Anthony -- No Interviews, I'm Getting Treatment

Casey Anthony won't be sitting down with ABC .. NBC ... CBS or any other network for at least a couple of months -- TMZ has learned Casey will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead. Sources close to Anthony tell us ..…

Kate Middleton Recycles DVF Dress At Pre-Royal Wedding Bash

Duchess Kate and Prince William arrived Friday in Edinburgh, Scotland for the upcoming nuptials of Zara Phillips' and her rugby beau Mike Tindall. The fashion forward Duchess, 29, was all smiles in the a "Maja" green silk dress by Diane Von Furstenb…

Intermission: MTV Explains The Internet In 1995

MTV's Kurt Loder reported on a "big deal technological fad" in 1995. Some of his wisdom still rings true.

Box Office Update: 'Smurfs' Gaining On 'Cowboys & Aliens'

The two films were in a surprisingly close race Friday; "Crazy, Stupid, Love" off to good start. Read more

Marlo Thomas: Gay Weddings: Is There A New Etiquette?

Now in New York, this historic ritual is being celebrated with a new and liberating joy. And while the ceremony at the heart of these weddings is no different from any other we've ever witnessed, many people have asked if there's any special etiquet…

Fat Joe Looking Slim And Qreamy In Miami (PHOTOS)

Fat Joe attended the launch of the Qream event in Miami, Florida last night.Joe was joined by rappers Trina and creator of Qream, Pharrell Williams last night, while DJ Q-Tip was also at the event spinning on the one’s and two’s.Pharrell has teamed …

Oral Sex: Give Your Boyfriend An Extra Boost With This Move!

Ooh la la. A lovely Smitten reader just emailed us to share a very hot sex tip that her boyfriend adores. I think you (and your beau!) will get a kick out of it too!...

The Batman Formula

redditor i_luv_ur_mom says “My math teacher is REALLY cool.” Just as the Fibonacci sequence occurs in nature, so does math in the form of the Batman Equation occur in comics. Wait, maybe that’s not the best analogy. Still: mathematical proof that Ba…

Kris Humphries -- My Mom Is Hotter Than Kim

File this under: Things you NEVER say to your fiancee. Kris Humphries was lumbering around L.A. yesterday when he was asked -- IN FRONT OF Kim Kardashian -- if he was with "the most beautiful girl in world" ... and HE SAID, gasp,  NO! Granted, …

Kristin Cavallari News - Kristin Cavallari Steps Out With New Ring On Finger (PHOTOS)

She may have called off her engagement but Kristin Cavallari is still wearing a ring on her left hand. The Hills star was spotted out shopping at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills and instead of wearing her 5.2 carat diamond engagement ring from Jay Cutl…

Novelization Of The Trailer For The Movie Battleship

I also have a few artists that I'd like to understand better, except mine aren't literary greats like Fitzgerald and Hemingway. The artist that is most important to me is the person responsible for the new Battleship movie, the name of whom escapes …

'Thundercats': What Reviews Are Saying

Cartoon Network's new take on the '80s animated series ThunderCats premiered Friday night to overwhelmingly favorable response.

Miley Cyrus Wants To Be The New Angelina Jolie!

If she could follow in any actress’ footsteps, Miley Cyrus says she would love to be the “new Angelina Jolie.” The 18-year-old pop star told Ryan Seacrest July 27 she admires Angie’s charity work and is planning on modeling herself after the altrui…

Selena Gomez News - Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Bikini Body In The Sunshine State (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez kicked off her tour in Boca Raton, Florida on Thursday evening and not only has she been spotted at Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but now she’s taking things down a notch by relaxing by the pool. We can bare…

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez V. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth!

Justin Bieber is so supportive of his girlfriend Selena Gomez as of late, and their romance is only matched by the passion between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus! All of these young stars can’t seem to keep their hands off each other!

Did Amy Winehouse Die From Going Cold Turkey?

The Winehouse family believes Amy died from alcohol withdrawalAmy Winehouse's family believes that quitting alcohol cold turkey precipitated the singer's recent death, according to the British tabloid the Sun. Toxicology reports won't be ready for a…

The Condition: Existential Googling

Type “why am I” into a Google search and autocomplete will suggest “why am I here?” Type “why did” and you’ll find “why did I get married?” These questions seem so hackneyed, the kind of generic lamentations you might hear in a bad movie. And yet, G…

Wall St. Hypocrites -

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and his fellow Wall Street travelers yes terday released a letter warning that unless Congress and the president agree on a budget deal and raise the debt ceiling, the apocalypse will befall us next Tuesday -- when …

Denise Richards, Tori Spelling, 'I Regret My Boob Job'

"When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn't research my doctor," Richards told the magazine. "I just thought because they're a plastic surgeon, they must be good. You have to…

Ame Deal, Arizona 10-Year-Old, Killed By Family For Taking Popsicle

The family of a 10-year-old found dead in a trunk outside an Arizona home initially claimed the child died while playing hide-and-seek. But investigators now believe Ame Deal suffocated after her family locked her in the box because she took a popsi…

Box Office Update: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Gaining Strength

The big-budget pic headed for a $40 million-plus debut; Sony's "Smurfs" and Warner Bros.' Steve Carell comedy off to strong start. Read more

Auburn Football: According To Danny Sheridan, The Axe Is Soon To Fall On Auburn

On Paul Finebaum's national radio show, football writer and prognosticator Danny Sheridan has come out and said that the NCAA has the name of a witness who can verify the payoff to the Newtons in the Cam Newton scandal...

Kristen Stewart Walking Down The Aisle Felt “Real” To Ashley Greene

Kristen Stewart had been preparing herself for the big Breaking Dawn wedding scene for a while, but it wasn’t only emotional for the actress who had to make the trek down the aisle. Ashely Greene revealed that it hit close to home seeing her gal pal…

Louis CK's Triumphant Return To Letterman From TheMagicHour

So before last night, Louis CK had not been on David Letterman in over 15 years. I know, right? Don't the people who book that show have a list titled "The Funniest" that he sits firmly atop? That is just ridiculous.

Reese Witherspoon News - Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Share A Kiss In Italy

After a romantic stay in Paris, Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth are continuing their honeymoon in Italy. Reese and Jim looked more in love than ever as photogs caught them smooching while eating.

Apple Yanks iTunes From ‘Christian Values Network’

Apple's known for taking principled stands on all sorts of issues, and now it's taken another by pulling iTunes from the "Christian Values Network." CVN, which operates shopping portal, raises money for various religious groups through produ…

Sony Openly Warning You To Avoid The Smurfs

Echoing both its campaign for District 9 as well as the consensus of most film critics, here is Sony’s current marketing strategy for The Smurfs, a movie that revives a nostalgic franchise for modern audiences, then cheerily mocks them for actually …

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Having Sex With Someone New

Sex with someone you've never had sex with before, someone you think you might really like, someone you'd like to continue having sex with for a long time, can be a bit nerve-wracking. We spoke to Men's Health Girl Next Door Carolyn Kylstra and Nick…

'The Onion' Writers On Strike?

This headline is not a joke. Writers for 'Onion News Network' are threatening to go on strike over compensation and benefit disputes. The Writer's Guild Of America and The Onion are currently in negotiations, but as of now, no agreement has been reached. Read the letter the WGA sent to all of its members who have Onion connections here.

7 Minutes In Heaven With Kristen Wiig

SNL writer Mike O'Brien has a web series where he "interviews" celebrities inside a closet. It's awesome, weird, and hilarious (though I'm not sure in which order I'd arrange those adjectives). Here is one such interview with the hysterical Kristen Wiig.

John Boehner's Debt Ceiling Bill Stalls In House

WASHINGTON -- A Republican plan that would have hiked the nation's debt ceiling for only six months and left the country's spending captive to a "Super Congress" failed to advance in the House Thursday night, with Democrats and Tea Party-backed Repu…

Alex Trebek Chases Down Burglar At San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Alex Trebek will take the rapists and the burglars for $200. Early Wednesday morning at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, the Jeopardy! host chased down a burglar on foot and assisted in her arrest, injuring himself in the process, according t…

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News' Hypocrisy: Norway Terrorist Not Christian But Fort Hood Terrorist Muslim? (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart put aside the debt ceiling debate to focus on the recent terrorist attacks in Norway, or at least how Fox News responded to them. Once again Stewart found an opportunity to point out hypocrisy on the ne…

Donald Trump's Daughter, Tiffany Trump, 'Devastated' By Dad's Presidential Talk

From his crusade to uncover President Obama's birth certificate to his own White House aspirations, Donald Trump has certainly put his family through the wringer when it comes to his very public politics. Marla Maples, who married Trump in 1993 befo…

ELLE & The Coveteur: Katie Simone Nehra

ELLE & The Coveteur: Katie Simone Nehra. Discover more tastemakers' style at

Fast & Furious Blows Up For White House--Michael A. Walsh

Operation Fast and Furious -- the Obama administration's lethal gun-running fiasco -- keeps getting uglier and uglier.

Avengers Teaser From The End Of Captain America Released

Marvel and Paramount have released a shortened, still-somewhat spoilery version of the end scenes of Captain America which tease the Avengers movie opening next May 4th.  It stars Robert Downey Jr. (in a Black Sabbath T-shirt!) as Iron Man, Scarlet…

Lady Gaga: Amy Winehouse "Gave Me Hope"

During a Los Angeles radio appearance on Thursday, Lady Gaga shared her thoughts on the passing of Amy Winehouse -- and told the emotional story behind her power ballad "The Edge of Glory." "I didn't know Amy (Winehouse); I just loved her so much…

How To Orgasm: Tips To Fix What’s Keeping You From Reaching The Big “O”

Is there something preventing you from a feel-good finish? We’ve got your sexual Rx! (27 Photos)

Julia Roberts: So Photoshopped Its Illegal

If you were to open a popular ladies magazine in England today and see this ad for Lancome cosmetics, you might shriek, “Is that supposed to be Julia Roberts? Why does she look so young? Am I back in 1995? What have you done to me, popular ladies…

Cremated Ashes Packed Into Ammunition

If you’d like to go out with a bang, Holy Smoke LLC offers to pack your cremated ashes (or those of your loved ones) into ammunition cartridges. You tell them the caliber or gauge, ship the remains to them, and they’ll load the cartridges:

Harrison Ford Runs Into An Old Friend

As if you needed another reason to love Harrison Ford, he recently used an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to remind us that he has a pretty sweet sense of humor.

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian Shops For Sexy Lingerie (PHOTOS)

Fresh off her wild, bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas, Kim Kardashian was spotted picking up some sexy lingerie. The reality star shopped til she

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian: Mason Sleeps In His Shrek Ears!

Kourtney took Mason to Shrek the Musical and he LOVED his little Shrek ears! Check out more photos below! [midpostembed id='8296511' type='gallery'

Katie Holmes News - Katie Holmes Bares Belly, Back For Steamy Shoot (PHOTOS)

It’s not quite clear who Katie Holmes was shooting photos for on Tuesday — be it a magazine or an advertisement — though it’s clear that whoever the pictures are for is one lucky company. Plus, it was a family affair!

In Honor Of Tonight’s Season Premiere Of Project Runway, Here Are Tim Gunn’s Ten Best Quotes

We will admit it: we still love Project Runway. From Heidi’s short skirts and occasional whacked-out hairstyles to the ever-entertaining Michael Kors, it sucks us in every season (even though we pretend to be too cool for it.) But the main reason we…

David Beckham For H&M: It’s Happening

We never really get sick of seeing David Beckham’s name (and by name we mean image, image of his abs) in print. And we’ve been seeing it a lot lately, since he announced he’s launching a lifestlye brand–his first offering will be bodywear and a new …

NFL Star Larry Johnson Sued For Alleged Attack

Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is accused of beating the living daylights out of a man ... who later allegedly told police, "This ni**er is going down" -- referring to Johnson. In a civil lawsuit, filed last week, the alleged victim -- J…

Ashton Kutcher: ‘Two And A Half Men’ Curtain Photo!

Check out this promo pic for the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men featuring Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones in front of the famous red curtain!

Jennifer Lopez: ‘What To Expect’ With Rodrigo Santoro!

Jennifer Lopez is all smiles with Rodrigo Santoro on the set of their new film What to Expect When You’re Expecting on Thursday (July 28) in Atlanta, Ga.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Assassination Games Exclusive Clip

This first look clip shows that being an international hired killer can cause some emotional (van) damage.

A Dance For A Lady

I am not joking when I say that I hope if/when the Earth is destroyed and after another century passes in absolute silence before the aliens/self-aware SkyNet future mecha/Water People or whomever sift through the rubble for clues to what the Old Ea…

It's Playboy's #FriskyFriday On Twitter With Hot Girls

Thanks to sexy girls on Twitter and their camera phones, #FriskyFriday is the best day of the week. Come back all day for new pics.

PTC Vs. TV: 10 Television Show Controversies Gallery

What’s summer without a Hollywood superhero movie? This year, the... View gallery

Justin Bieber’s Surprise Cameo At Selena Gomez Concert Is A “One Time Thing”

For all of those with tickets to one of Selena Gomez‘s upcoming concerts, don’t get your hopes up that Justin Bieber will be making an appearance! Justin’s surprise onstage performance at Selena’s concert at Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, Cali…

Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez On A Date To Hooters; Swears He Went “For The Food”

Details of Selena Gomez‘s birthday weekend keep coming! Her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, promised Selena her 19th birthday would be “special,” and it looks like the couple spent the whole weekend celebrating. One of their stops: Hooters for some grub o…

Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber Making Sweet Music Together?

Watch out Selena Gomez — BFF Demi Lovato wants a piece of your man Justin Bieber — in the recording studio! According to some cryptic Tweets, Demi and Justin may be working on a duet together for Demi’s upcoming album!

See Justin Bieber Sneak Out Of Selena Gomez’s “We Own The Night” Concert

Selena Gomez kicked off her “We Own the Night” show in Boca Raton, Fla., last night and her always supportive boyfriend Justin Bieber made sure to be there! But rather than making an appearance onstage with her like the night before, Justin kept a l…

Amy Winehouse Posthumous Album: Rep Says There Is “Plenty” Of Material

Amy Winehouse‘s rep, Chris Goodman, says the singer left “plenty” of music behind for a potential posthumous album, but a decision has not been made yet as to whether or not one will be released.

‘Entourage’ Creator Says, “We’re Going To Do A Movie”

Calling all Entourage fans! No need to say your good-byes just yet. With the last season of Entourage comes a whole lot of farewells but perhaps the end is truly a beginning. The creator of HBO’s hit show announced they’re going to do a movie, it’s …

Kat Von D: "What Can I Say? I Suck"

Earlier in the day, von D stormed off of Good Day L.A. when asked about her split from James. "Although my intentions were never to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, this isn't an apology for walking out on a silly morning show interview this mornin…

Adrianne Curry Kicked Out Of Comic-Con For Too Sexy Aeon Flux Costume

Reality TV star Adrianne Curry was booted out of the Comic-Con event in San Diego, California, over the weekend amid fears her saucy outfit would offend fans.   The model turned up for a signing at the annual movie event dressed in a barely-there PV…

Selena Gomez Dazzles Florida Concertgoers In Sequined Costume

Selena Gomez wowed the crowd when she performed in Boca Raton, Florida, yesterday. During one song the Disney star sat on a cooler with pictures of her boyfriend Justin Bieber on it.

Community Probably Can't Do A "Back To The Future" Episode

The new season of Community starts production this week, and the cast and crew have been keeping the details pretty well under wraps.  So far we only know that Michael K. Williams and John Goodman will be guest stars at some point, and Gillian Jac…

Sandy McMillin's Bikini Bod Not Welcome At Walmart

Oregon resident Sandy MicMillan recently took a quick trip to her local Walmart to pick up chips, sour cream, and coffee creamer (this detail is not important, I just thought I would call your attention to her shopping list). She figured it was hot …

Metallica Charging $6 For 30th Anniversary Concerts

As the biggest band of The Big 4, Metallica could make fans pay through the nose for its upcoming 30th anniversary concerts in San Francisco. But the shows—which will include “special guests and events, rare songs, varied set lists, odds and ends, a…

Today's Mass Purging Of HBO News On Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, And More

Borne on a litter made of melted-down Emmys, HBO executives Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler arrived at the Television Critics Association press tour to survey their kingdom, reaffirming their power and proclaiming many more conquests to come. A…

Martin Starr Is Also Joining Community

More proof that NBC’s Community is just the collective dream of the Internet: Freaks And Geeks and Party Down alum Martin Starr will join the show for at least one episode this season, playing a political science professor—hard political science, wh…

Uncredited: I Don't Have A Credit Card, And Maybe You Shouldn't Either

As our nation comes to terms with the possibility of its credit score being downgraded, a reflection on never having credit debt in the first place.

The 5 Best Outfits Of The Week (As Worn By A Reader, A Staffer And Three Cute Celebs!)

This week in New York the weather was typical end-of-July madness - it was really hot, then it was really, really hot, then it was almost nice out and somewhere in there, it rained. Judging by the outfits that came in this week in and outside of New…

This Is The Cutest Nail Polish Name I've Seen In A While (And One Celeb Agrees!)

Here’s some random beauty silliness to make you smile before you scurry off to your fun summer weekends, ladies. Those of you who appreciate a cute nail polish name will especially enjoy this tidbit....

Time To Ponder Another Great Mystery Of The Beauty Universe

Today, let’s commiserate about another of life’s great beauty mysteries: the phantom hair. Do you know what I’m referring to? You long-haired ladies must....

Skateboard Failing Like A Boss From That Happened!

If you fall on a skateboard, moving at a very high rate of speed, this is how you fall from now on. KNOW THIS.

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