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July 28, 2011

The 15 Best Ron Swanson GIFs

When I saw Todd's awesome Ron Swanson Gifts Post, I had originally thought it said "Ron Swanson GIFs." It turned out it was something even more fantastic, but then I was sad that there wasn't a post of Swanson GIFS. I am no longer sad.

Police Beat A Mentally Ill Homeless Man To Death

Tragic story out of Fullerton, California. After being suspected of breaking into cars at a bus depot, 37-year-old schizophrenic Kelly Thomas was repeatedly beaten and tased by a group of five or six police officers. Thomas fell into a coma and died a week later. A very graphic photo of the extent of his injuries can be seen here. Thomas' death has sparked protests and vigils in Fullerton. Police maintain Thomas resisted arrest. Inquiries into the incident are ongoing. This video of the beating was taken at a distance, but you can hear Thomas screaming as he's being tased and crying out for his father.

Hobbit Names Of The Tea Party

John McCain recently compared the Tea Party to a bunch of Hobbits. What if they were actually Hobbits? Using an ancient Hobbit name generator, here are the furry-footed names of some Tea Party notables.

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