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July 15, 2011

Owling And Do You Like Me Now!?: Memes You Might Have Missed

Without further adieu let's go over some of the viral media and memes on the horizon for this week Read more by Brad Kim, Don Caldwell on CBS News' What's Trending.

Oversharing Parents On Facebook: Hitler Edition

Hi, again! It's B. from STFU, Parents. Now, before I make my case for what I think is a weird pattern of Facebook updates mentioning Hitler, I should say I was raised Jewish and am therefore extra-sensitive to anything Hitler-related. Also, my birt…

Sexy, Sophisticated, Legless Supermodel

Beautiful and inspiring. Aimee Mullins is some sort of superhero. Born without fibula bones, her legs were amputated below the knee at the age of one. Since then, she's gone on to be a world famous athlete, graduated from Georgetown University, interned at the Pentagon, got herself listed as one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People and become an international supermodel.

'Harry Potter' Stars Through The Years

From the humble halls of Hogwarts to global stardom, check out how the young wizards have grown up while making movie magic! (32 Photos)

Steve Buscemi Dress

We’ve already featured Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes, but now there’s chicks wearing Steve Buscemi eyes. As a girl, I would be super creeped out by the thought of wearing this, but what do you gents think? Would you be creeped out if you saw someon…

Shaquille O'Neal Accused Of Ordering Murders

A former associate of Shaq, Robert Ross, claims in a lawsuit that the basketball star asked him to assassinate enemies and mistresses. Among the targets: a member of the Crips who disrespected O'Neal in front of his wife, a mistress for whom O'Neal had paid for an abortion, and a "renown (sic) record producer." He was also asked to break the arm of a rival NBA player. Ross doesn't confirm if he carried out the alleged hits, but he seems to be implying that he'd like compensation for services rendered.

5 Heavily Shorted Market Leaders Set To Soar

These stocks reward the trend followers, like me, who like to buy strength rather than buy stocks that aren't acting right in hopes they someday recover. Part of the discipline of buying market-leaders is having the wiliness to pay up to own a stock…

Playboy Shares Girls And Camera Phones For Twitter's #FriskyFriday

It’s #FriskyFriday! We collect the sexiest pics posted to Twitter all day, right here.

Apparently A Thing: Douchebags Making Cornhole Trick Shot Videos

Cornhole is a game one plays while drinking in his or her back yard. It's low key barbecue fun. Unless you're hardcore like these guys. THEN IT'S INTENSE.

Meanwhile, In Kentucky

This is considered a routine court hearing in Appalachia. Too bad American Idol never ends like this.

Paintball Shotgun

Potato canons aren't paintball guns. They're awesome paintball guns.

Kitchen Garden Lunch: Spaghetti Ortolana

AROMA CUCINA The taste of summer. Let your garden feed your hunger. Our orto is producing and we there4 eat of its bounty. Here's a

20 Movie Characters Named John

Man, Hollywood needs a character name generator like nobody's business. I was just going to do "Fictional Johns" but that was the deepest rabbit hole I've ever seen. Who'd I leave out, guys?

Stormtrooper Walking Across Australia?

In a creative way to raise money, an Australian man is walking across his home continent dressed as a Stormtrooper. Why a stormtrooper? I don't know, but I'd imagine so people would post his photos and help him raise money for his worthy cause, the Starlight Foundation.

10 Great Moments From Five Years Of Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights ends tonight. In honor of its finale, we've put together 10 of our favorite moments from the shows run. This is by no means a definitive list, and we left off some moments for their lack of video clips online, but these are some great ones.

20 Alcoholic Beverages Inspired By The Harry Potter Series

If you're looking for a way to celebrate (or forget) that a significant piece of your childhood has ended, then these are the drinks to do it with. Manage mischief responsibly.

Pictures From Amazing Spider-Man: Web Shooters, Blonde Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a different person than Emily Blunt and she wants to look like a young Jaime Pressly. Gotcha. Now, where does the scarf come in?

Awesome 8 Bit Artworks

If you were a gamer during the 80’s, then you know just how amazing 8 bits can look, which is why you shouldn’t be at all surprised by these great 8 bit artworks -impressed yes, but surprised, no. WebUrbanist has plenty more for your viewing pleasur…

How Los Angeles Looks Without Any Cars

'Carmageddon' is happening in LA this weekend, due to a ten-mile stretch of the 405 being closed for 53 hours starting tonight. To honor it, filmmaker Ross Ching redid one of his films to envision the City of Angels without any cars (with a new soundtrack, coloring, and shots). It's like a sunnier, less stressful version of 28 Days Later.

Spanish Priest: "Measure My Anus If You Must, But I'm Not Gay!"

Andres Garcia Torres, a Spanish priest from Fuenlabrada, Spain, took a shirtless photo next to a 28-year-old Cuban seminarian which, according to a Bishop from the nearby city of Getafe, turned Andres into a crazy, HIV-ridden power bottom.

Barneys’ Amanda Brooks And Simon Doonan On The Row’s New $39,000 Bag And The Return Of The Backpack

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were on hand at Barneys last night to fete the launch of their new line of luxury handbags for The Row (I’m pretty sure I know which one is which now thanks to our handy guide–Ashley’s in the floor length embroidered numbe…

Guy Fieri Goes To Hogwarts: Diners, Drive-ins And Dementors

So apparently Streeter from College Humor does an awesome Guy Fieri, and this week Guy's going to Hogwarts. Snape takes him into the kitchen to cook up some Polyjuice Potion. That stuff is funky.

The 16-Year-Old Bride And Her 51-Year-Old Husband Give Their First Interview

And it does not disappoint. Courtney Stodden insists she is a devout Christian who has never had plastic surgery, and Doug Hutchison bravely maintains that he is not disturbing on several levels.

Alison Brie And Gillian Jacobs As Pin-Up Girls

And there's video. Since life can never again achieve this pinnacle of sublime perfection, I'm going to curl up and die now. The women from Community, particularly Alison Brie, are amazing. The Emmys can go suck an egg filled with cyanide.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Die Hard

On this day in 1988, John McClane and Die Hard came into our lives. In honor of this storied occasion, let's look at 10 things you didn't know about the best action movie of the last 25 years.

Epic Rap Battles Of History: Gandalf Vs. Dumbledore

'I don't give a Fawkes about your Order of Phoenix.' Just in time for the release of The Deathly Hallows, Part 2, Nice Peter has released the eleventh 'Epic Battles in History.' Is the better wizard finally apparent?

20 Best Of #GrownUpHarryPotterBooks

It's all downhill from here. When you save the world from evil at seventeen, you've peaked.

Thank God It's Friday: Here's Some Deejaying Kittens

I guarantee that these kittens can DJ better than you. Or at least look cuter doing it.

The Dugout: Let Laura Pettitte Testify

The perjury trial of former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens ended in a mistrial on the second day of witness testimony after prosecutors showed the jury evidence that violated a court order.

Rebecca Nalepa Was Found Hanged On Mansion Balcony

CORONADO, Calif., July 14 (UPI) -- A woman who died under mysterious circumstances at a San Diego-area mansion was found hanging by the neck from a balcony, investigators said Thursday.

Deathly Hallows Behind The Scenes Photo

My father will hear about this breach of secrecy. I never knew there were so many cameras involved to get one shot. Warning: This might be spoilery? I'm not sure.

BBC: Where Even Their Bloopers Are Smart Comedy

"You know it seems we're in a worse situation than that..." The English demand intelligence even from their gaffes. And for that I'm thankful.

What Two MMA Stars Would Change About MMA

Urijah Faber and Jon “Bones” Jones are two of the great forces in mixed martial arts. When K-Swiss had their four-day shoot to restart their awesome Kenny Powers “MFCEO” campaign, With Leather’s Josh Zerkle was invited to check it out and spend time…

Macho Man Tribute Fundraiser Neither Tribute Nor Fundraiser

Independent pro wrestling shows promoting one thing and delivering another is nothing new, especially when they’re run out of your local hockey complex and advertise shows featuring The Honky Tonk Man, but Florida promoter Dino Puglia has taken it t…

First Look At Colin Farrell In Total Recall Remake

Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell is set for August of next year, and in their latest issue, EW just published the first photo. So I guess now we know what a single frame of that might look like (*dusts off hands, folds hands …

Guy Quits Taco Bell In Awesome Fashion

This is how you become a fast food LEGEND.

Woman Almost Killed For Looking Like Casey Anthony

So apparently people are really unhappy with this Casey Anthony. I don't know if you guys have heard about her or not, but she was this woman in Florida... Anyway, a woman in a place that was decidedly not Florida (Oklahoma) named Sammay Blackwell was mistaken for the Orlando-based now free woman who people believe killed her daughter, and was followed and almost run off the road for her crime of doppelgängery. I'm sure this is how guys who rocked Chaplin mustaches in the '30s and '40s felt.

Next Time You're In A Jetpack On Live TV, Try Not To Crash It Into The Water

If you are going to be interviewed on live TV while wearing a jetpack, it's probably best if you can control said jetpack. Otherwise you might lose control and faceplant in the water. That's just one possibility that comes off the top of my head.

Rebekah Brooks Resigns As Head Of News International But Refuses To Apologise

Rebekah Brooks has finally resigned as chief executive of News International a day after it was alleged that Elisabeth Murdoch said Brooks had 'f***** the company'.

Players Angrily Respond To Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison's Comments Via Twitter

Social media has made everyone a spokesperson on controversial issues including the Harrison Men's Health interview Read more by Daisy Barringer on CBS News' What's Trending.

Jon Stewart Ponders Why We're So Fat On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart is asking the tough questions on The Daily Show. For example, why are we so fat? Is it because we've weaponized our fast food, like the Baconator? Is it because we actually have a National French Fry Day? Nah, like Howard Dean says, it's…

Nickelodeon Will Begin Re-airing Its Entire '90s Lineup This Month

The catch about this rocking lineup is that the shows won't be airing on Nickelodeon. They'll be airing on Teen Nick. A quick visit to their website tells me Teen Nick is mostly all about Degrassi and fun quizzes for teen girls. That's fine, but it'…

Chemical Wine Label

Educated Guess, a wine produced by Roots Run Deep Winery in California, summarizes the wine making process on its label. Running clockwise from the top-right corner, you see sucrose conversion, sulfide production, bleaching with sulfur dioxide, its …

Optical Illusion Turns Pretty Girls Into Ugly Monsters

How do you turn pretty girls into ugly trolls without make ups or special effects? All you need is some good ol' optical illusion. Here's the Flashed Face Distortion Effects:

College Football: Top 10 Stadiums In The Country

Like picking a favorite child, picking the best stadium in college football is nearly impossible. In order to create a fair set of rankings for the top 10 stadiums in college football, I have set four categories (atmosphere, fans, tradition and arch…

Barack Obama: "This May Bring My Presidency Down" (PHOTO)

President Barack Obama has been negotiating with Washington D.C. lawmakers over America's debt ceiling for some time now and last night, the back and forth battle reached its limit.

Bicycle Wine Rack Means Never Picnicking Sober Again

Because stuffing a bottle into your backpack just isn't classy: This leather wine rack affixes a single bottle to the frame of your bicycle. It's made by hand, uses antique brass fasteners, and is perfect for wooing your lady with some public consum…

Man Forced To Sell Camaro On eBay, Offers Lengthy Comparison Of Car And Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife

wyliewalcyzkracing doesn’t go into much detail, but he links the loss of his beloved Chevrolet Camaro with his upcoming divorce. This is tragic because the car, he asserts, has superior features and performance to his wife. He goes into great detail…

Awesome '90s Nickelodeon Shows Are Back

Link via The Daily What   Tags: 1990s, 90s, are you afraid of the dark, clarissa explains it all, doug, nickelodeon, nostalgia, Ren and Stimpy, TV Neat stuff from the NeatoShop:…

Taxidermy Animals Gone Wrong

The pictures were all posted up a Facebook page aptly named Badly Stuffed Animals and has a current following of 2,707.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ford Models’ New Promo Featuring Only Models Of Color

Like any other company selling a product, modeling agencies put together promotional materials to showcase their goods, which happen to be beautiful people. And no one does this better and more creatively than top agency Ford, especially their fast …

Paz De La Huerta Naked In Nurse 3D Concept Art

Here’s Paz De La Huerta doing what she does best in the concept art for Nurse 3D, a film “inspired in part by photographs of fantastical, sado-masochistic nurses by Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen.” I just hope we get to see whether she …

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