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July 14, 2011

Better Call Saul: The Funniest Things Bob Odenkirk Says On Breaking Bad

AMC's Breaking Bad returns this Sunday for its fourth season, and anticipation is high. The show's revered for its dark themes and punishing suspense, but it remains underrated as a comedy; Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman, the world's sleaziest criminal…

Lady Gaga Banned From YouTube

Lady Gaga can get away with wearing meat to the MTV Video Music Awards and giving birth to an alien race in a music video -- so what on earth did she do to get kicked off YouTube?

Spotify Has U.S. Music Lovers Excited

The Swedish DRM-based music streaming service is now available in America Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

If Cosmo's "Guys Rate 50 Sex Moves" Was Written By A Guy

The mission: to pick apart Cosmopolitan articles from a satirical, chauvinistic point of view. This time, DM explains why the five “take it or leave it” ratings are incorrect.

BoHarryan Rhapsody: A Harry Potter Sock Opera

Just in time for the midnight madness that's about to sweep movie theaters across the world, here is BoHarryan Rhapsody. It brings together Queen, Sock Puppets, and Harry Potter. What else do you want?

Women's World Cup 2011: Team France's Nude Photos Raise Interest In Soccer

The women of the France are willing to go to great lengths to spark interest in women's soccer. They are rolling up their sleeves and going to work. In fact, they have rolled up their sleeves so far their shirts are off. And so is every other piece …

Kate Hudson Names Her Baby Bingham!

Kate Hudson's baby's name is Bingham Hawn Bellamy, dad Matt Bellamy reveals on Twitter!

Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

With the final Harry Potter film hitting theaters July 15, test your knowledge of the cinematic saga -- onscreen and off! (27 Photos)

Howsoever Did Police Identify This Wanted Criminal?

It's not as though he has any distinguishing characteristics or anything. Patrick Brooks was arrested in Redding, California for burglary, forgery, and receiving stolen property. But how did police find this stealthy master of the normal and nondescript? Perhaps it's because his disdain for society was written all over his face. You see where I'm going with this? You see where I'm going with this.

Carnival Ride Spins Off Axis

Hope everyone is enjoying their local fly-by-night summer fairs!

Celebrity Spotify Playlists

Now that Spotify has come to America, let's break down some celebrity playlists. From Mr. Demi Moore to Jonny Greenwood, what are they listening to?

Alan Tudyk Finally Joins Twitter

Shiny! For several years, someone has been holding the name Alan_Tudyk on twitter with the message that should the real Tudyk ever join the social network, they would gladly relinquish the name. That day has finally come! While not sporting a blue verified badge (yet), Wash was introduced by none other than Nathan Fillion himself.

A Q&A With The Advice Columnist Called 'Sugar'

Last year, an anonymous writer took over the advice column Dear Sugar at The Rumpus. Soon, she'll go public with her identity. Like many others, I've become obsessed with her advice. Her column isn't about etiquette. Sugar writes about being jealous…

The Thing Returns

It's not a dog! It's not a dog! Remember when horror movies were subtle without the use of creepy Asian children? The Thing remembers in this prequel to the original story.

Stocks Dip On Bernanke's Backtrack

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down by 5 points, or 0.04%, at 12,473. The S&P 500 was lower by 5 points, or 0.4%, at 1312, and the Nasdaq was off by 26 points, or 0.9%, 2771. In his second day of testimony on monetary policy before lawmaker…

President Obama Vs. Eric Cantor

Here's the widely reported rhetorical smackdown that President Obama delivered to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor during yesterday's debt ceiling negotiations, conveniently presented in words and pictures. All of Obama's remarks are quotes provided by multiple sources who attended the meeting, including Cantor himself. All of Cantor's remarks are admittedly simplified paraphrases based on the same sources.

Was A Young Josh Holloway On The Cover Of Details In 1991?

Is this real? Is it a doppelgänger? I'm not a big magazine guy, but it seems crazy to me that Sawyer would have been on the cover of a major magazine eight years before his first acting role? What do you think? Is it him?

Everything You Want To Know About Guys (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Doggy style is man’s best friend. Studies and polls verify what animals have known for millions of years: Men absolutely love getting it on from behind, and the ladies love it, too. “It’s a winner for everybody,” says Susan Crain Bakos, sexologist a…

Did News Corp. Also Hack 9/11 Victims' Phones?

Reports are surfacing that News Corp. may also responsible for attempting to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Voicemails From '80s Hollywood Super Agent Warren Klein Are Amazing

They may not be real, but they're still hilarious. Hear "Warren Klein" talk to the likes of Kim Cattrall, Andrew McCarthy, Kirk Cameron, and more. Trust us, you'll enjoy them.

17 Noticeable Mistakes In The Harry Potter Movies

Repairo. REPAIRO! Nope, no amount of wizard magic can cover up these mistakes. And there are hundreds more over at Movie Mistakes.

Harry Potter Parody Of Beyonce's "Halo"

'Hallows' is perhaps even better than the parody of Kanye West's 'Monster.' This Harry Potter inspired cover of Beyonce's hit 'Halo' is simply magical.

John Carter Official Trailer

I, for one, welcome our new space adventure overlord.

Roger Clemens Remains A Free Man: Judge Declares Mistrial

We know that Roger Clemens lied to Congress. We know this to be true. We know he did steroids. Yet today in his perjury case, the judge declared a mistrial, because the prosecution's case included comments the judge had early deemed inadmissable. Good job American justice system. It's been a good month for you guys.

10 Reasons Emmy Voters Are Idiots For Ignoring Community

Emmy voters, it's time we had a talk. Now I am somewhat impressed that you nominated Parks and Recreation and Friday Night Lights for Best Comedy and Drama respectively. Hell, you nominated Louis CK for Best Actor. That's awesome. But you still have a long way to go. And where you need to go specifically is to Hell. Did I say Hell? I meant Greendale. Here are 10 reasons why you need to stop ignoring Community.

Top 10 Kidz Bop Twitter Comebacks

I'm in love with the Kidz Bop Twitter account. FOLLOW ME PLEASE.

Google+ Circles You'll Actually Use

Because Friends, Family, and Co-Workers doesn't begin to cover the myriad of people in our lives.

‪Spotify Is Here

In the USA.

Top 15 Creatures From The Harry Potter Series

Sure, some of these guys are pretty temperamental, but I'd still love it if they were real. If you can think of a mythical animal I've missed, add it in the comments!

Snappy Things To Yell Back At Construction Workers


Spotify Has Come To America: A Guide To Get You Started

You can go get your account right now. The free version still requires an invite, but premium subscriptions to the greatest music service in the history of the world (that's not hyperbole, is it?) can be yours as we speak. Here's a guide the Spotify people put together about some of the product's awesome features.

Baby In My Sweatpants

I love TLC.

Creepy Singing Robot Mouth Is Creepy

I don't know why, but I find this terrifying. For the record that's also how I feel about Demi Lovato's new song.

9 Burning Questions For Nicki Minaj About Sarafee, Suitcases And Dallas (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj and her assistant/boyfriend got into a heated shouting match that left her with a fat lip.The Pink Friday friends both jumped on Twitter to deny any fist-a-cuffs, but it turns out Nicki got his in the mouth with a suitcase.Nicki Minaj Da…

Russian Hairdresser Captures Robber, Keeps Him As Sex Slave For Three Days

The DailyMail peppered this story with stills from Pulp Fiction, so who am I to say that it isn’t TOTALLY film-related? According to the story, Russian hairdresser Olga Zajac (pictured — doesn’t pixellating her face make her seem more guilty??), 28,…

Pizza Hut Kicks Out Man Because He Was In Drag

A man says he was kicked out of a Pizza Hut in Wallace, North Carolina because he was dressed as a woman. Reps for the chain said customers did complain about Vishon Murphy's attire, but he also came by three times and didn't buy anything. For good …

Facts And Information About Prisoners

The latest viral buzz from

Demi Lovato On Eating Disorder, Self-Mutilation

Demi Lovato has been through a lot these past six months -- and she's ready to tell the world about it with her new single, "Skyscraper." First, however, she paid a visit to Ryan Seacrest's radio show, to open up about her recovery from a serious ea…

A National Newspaper Mistakes Mary-Kate Olsen For Ashley–Here’s A Look-By-Look Guide To Telling Them Apart

This morning, the UK’s Daily Mail published a story that is headlined “Make-up free Ashley Olsen is unrecognisable in casual jeans and a shirt as she shares a smoke break with mystery man.” However, the four pictures that accompany the article, each…

Hulu & Other Movie Services That Can Make Netflix A Thing Of The Past (PHOTOS)

Still steaming mad over the price increase unleashed by Netflix? Fret not, movie lover!

Ron Paul Attacks Bernanke On Gold

During his testimony to the House Financial Services Committee, Bernanke was hardly allowed to speak as Paul grilled the head of the Fed. Paul: The price of gold today is $1,580 the dollar during these last few years the dollar was devalued almo…

Andres Guardado's Cybersex Pictures Are Here [NSFW]

Yesterday we told you that we'd keep out eye out for pictures of Mexican soccer player Andres Guardado having cybersex and today we're delivering on that promise. Not only that, we're also gonna tell you how the whole encuentro de amor went down. No…

Map Of The United States According To A New Yorker

Dan Abramson drew a map of the United States of America as seen by New Yorker over at Funny or Die. As far as I can tell based on my interactions with New Yorkers, it’s entirely accurate.

Yoga: From Hatha To Vinyasa

Been thinking of trying a yoga class but overwhelmed by the options? Here, the experts explain the differences between the 11 yoga practices that are cropping up around the country.

Demi Lovato's Comeback Song

Demi Lovato is the Disney star who went to rehab for doing a lot of drinking and cocaine and all that fun stuff. Well, she's apparently better and back with a new single that's probably not quite what you were expecting (no autotune). I like this one.

15 Sweet, Savory And Fresh Peach Recipes

Sweet grapes and peaches balance the earthy curry spices in this light and summery chicken salad.

Owl Imprint On Window

Do you ever find a bird image on your windows? Me, neither, but I don’t have any big picture windows. This eerie image of an owl was left when the bird crashed into Sally Arnold’s window in Kendal, Cumbria, UK.

Tilda Swinton Covers W, See Her Other Worldy 15-Page Editorial

This is one W cover we can get behind. W, like many glossies, has reported disappointing sales lately and while we’re not sure exactly what Tilda Swinton’s selling power is, we are always in support of her covering a magazine. Not to mention collabo…

Rosie Jones, Emma Glover And Rhian Sugden Post Hottest Twitpic Of 2011

Rosie Jones takes a huge lead in the race for best model Twitpic of 2011

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