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December 20, 2011

Ask A Cat Lady

Singer/songwriter/cat lady Sarah Donner of Catster answers all your important cat-related questions in adorable song form. Turns out it's ok to have a hit when you're pregnant and you're a cat and it's catnip.

Callin' Oates: The Hall And Oates Hotline

Thanks to Bobby Finger and Tyler Coates, today we were introduced to Callin' Oates, "your emergency Hall and Oates hotline." We decided to record what happens when you dial (719)26-OATES, so we could share the magic with you.

Soldiers React To Biden's "Taliban Is Not Our Enemy" Quote

Yesterday Vice President Biden gave an interview to Newsweek/The Daily Beast where he said, "the Taliban per se is not our enemy." Many soldiers on Facebook and Twitter were less than happy to hear it.

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