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December 20, 2011

The New BuzzFeed Office Is Missing Something

Though I suppose this is one way to build camaraderie.

Man Dies Eating Cocaine Out Of Brother's Butt

You’ll have to excuse the non-movie-related digression once again, but given the banner image, I think you understand. ATTENTION, EVERYONE! THE BUTT COKE HAS GONE BAD! REPEAT, THE BUTT COKE! HAS GONE! BAD!

Vita Sells 321K During Its Launch Weekend In Japan

Many users have been reporting issues with their launch Vitas.

Celebrities Star In Help Haiti Home PSA

Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Sean Penn, Edward Norton, and LL Cool J speak out on behalf of JP/HRO's efforts to help the many who are still struggling Haiti. Go to to donate.

"Actual" Titles That Foreign Leaders Gave To Kim Jong-Il

The recently departed "Dear Leader" was called many things in his life. The following are allegedly all titles that were ascribed to him by foreign leaders (according to North Korea).

Disney Made An "It Gets Better" Video

It's nice to see Disney get behind the cause

Ask A Cat Lady

Singer/songwriter/cat lady Sarah Donner of Catster answers all your important cat-related questions in adorable song form. Turns out it's ok to have a hit when you're pregnant and you're a cat and it's catnip.

The Dumbest Democratic Quotes Of 2011

Democrats said some dumb things this year. Here were the moments that stood out.

The Dumbest Republican Quotes Of 2011

These are the dumbest things to cross GOP lips this year.

Animals Wearing Yarmulkes

One for every night. Happy Hanukkah!

Dog Speaks Her Mind

Shut down the internet, boys. This video officially wins video of the year.

Guy Covered In Stick Insects

To "celebrate" the opening of the Bugs Garden habitat at Wild Life Sydney, the invertebrate keeper covered himself in stick insects. : 0

Why Rachel Zoe Might Take A Break From Her Signature Platforms, And How To Dress For This Year's Holiday Parties

Last Thursday, megastylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe blew into San Diego to showcase her resort and spring 2012 lines to an invite-only crowd at Nordstrom. The collections included pieces that were echt Rachel Zoe (like a prairie dress with disco-s…

10 Biotech Stock Predictions For 2012

Update: Please submit your own 2012 biotech stock predictions at the end of this story.

Credit Ratings And Facebook

Sure, some of your Facebook friends may embarrass you, but this new financial measure is ridiculous.

Rihanna Responds To Dutch Fashion Mag That Called Her The ‘N’ Word

Yesterday we caught wind of an article in Dutch fashion magazine Jackie that made all sorts of completely inappropriate racial slurs, including but not limited to the use of the ‘N’ word, in a feature on how to dress like Rihanna. Eva Hoeke, the mag…

The Absolute Very Worst Movies Of 2011!

Dishonorable Mentions: Dream House – I know I just said that Daniel Craig makes anything tolerable but this was easily one of the worst

25 Athletes With Strange Obsessions

Professional athletes have loads of money, plenty of free time and tons of people around them telling them how awesome they are. And that's a recipe for a lot of strange behavior.

Wii U Will Be At CES, Just Don't Expect Anything New

The latest viral buzz from

Callin' Oates: The Hall And Oates Hotline

Thanks to Bobby Finger and Tyler Coates, today we were introduced to Callin' Oates, "your emergency Hall and Oates hotline." We decided to record what happens when you dial (719)26-OATES, so we could share the magic with you.

Dow Posts 270 Point Gain On U.S., European Data

>To order reprints of this article, click here: Reprints Add Comment …

Online Dating PhD: 8 Things You Should Know

With all of those people to view and talk with its almost just as much pressure of meeting someone in person. One should be prepared when braving the unpredictable seas of online dating, filled with creatures from the deep and the occasional mermaid…

Offensive Tweet About President Obama From Texas College Republicans...Again

This showed up two days ago on the Twitter feed of the president of the University of Texas College Republicans. She has neither confirmed nor denied she wrote it, but her account was switched to protected shortly after this was posted. The kicker is that the previous president of the University of Texas College Republicans was forced out due to a similarly offensive tweet. History retweets itself, y'all.

The Carolina Panthers Ran The Trick Play From "Little Giants"

This past Sunday the Carolina Panthers beat the Houston Texans for the first time in their history. One of the plays that scored them a touchdown was "The Annexation of Puerto Rico," a variation on the fumblerooski, that was made famous by the movie "Little Giants." Now it's only a matter of time before the Knicks sign a basketball playing golden retriever.

Drunk History Christmas With Ryan Gosling

Gosling bless us, every one! And also Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes! This is the best drunk Christmas EVER.

A "Drunk History Christmas" Starring Ryan Gosling

BuzzFeed's patron saint of acting and hotness, Ryan Gosling, stars in Funny or Die's special Christmas edition of "Drunk History." Eva Mendes and Jim Carrey are there too, but Gosling is the real draw here.

How To Write A Satirical Pop Culture Book Sold At Urban Outfitters

I wrote a "satirical pop culture book" and it wasn't my fault they decided to sell it at Urban Outfitters! It just sort of showed up there, next to the slinkies and Spin Doctors-inspired knitwear.

Google Maps Has A "Lord Of The Rings" Easter Egg

Google is always there to help you. Or at least until they enslave us all, but for now, they just want to make sure you understand the danger of your journey.

Lowe's "Official Spokesman" Addresses Muslim Ads

Lowe's wants to set the record straight. After pulling their commercials from the TLC show "All American Muslim" due to anger about the positive portrayal of Muslim Americans, the home improvement chain explains their reasons.

Mitt Romney Does The Top 10 On Letterman

It's Mitt-tacular. Meaning stiff and slightly awkward. Despite his inert delivery, the jokes are still pretty funny.

Soldiers React To Biden's "Taliban Is Not Our Enemy" Quote

Yesterday Vice President Biden gave an interview to Newsweek/The Daily Beast where he said, "the Taliban per se is not our enemy." Many soldiers on Facebook and Twitter were less than happy to hear it.

Kim Jong-Il's Body

He looks so cozy.

Andy Richter's Obituary For Kim Jong-Il

Andy Richter, first of all, has no clue who Kim Jong-Il is. As you might expect, it's very somber.

20 Most Incredible Hockey Trick-Shot Videos Ever

Hockey is all about style points. OK, maybe that's not true, but it sure is fun to watch some of these elite athletes work magic with the puck. Whether in a shootout or a live game, hockey players have the ability to do things many consider impossi…

Watch Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 11/12

Lucas, Mira and the mysterious Phoenix group try to pillage the past; Taylor and Jim team up to take a stand; a decision permanently changes life in Terra Nova.

Dutch Fashion Mag Apologizes After Calling Rihanna The ‘N’ Word

It’s December 19, 2011 and yet this happened today: A fashion magazine out of the Netherlands published a story on how to dress like Rihanna. The headline? “De Niggabitch.” Really. Here’s the full excerpt from Jackie magazine, translated by Parlour…

Video: Runaway Golf Cart Injures Most At Cowboys Stadium

Golf cart mows down everyone in sight after a high school football game in Cowboys Stadium on December 17, 2011. Guy rides it for a second before screaming NOOOO and diving out as cart rides into canyon.

Michael Buble Christmas Duets On Saturday Night Live

The cameo-filled Jimmy Fallon episode of Saturday Night Live on Dec. 17 boasted several memorably hilarious sketches -- most of them with SNL alums. But one of the funniest segments starred musical guest Michael Buble.

Who’s The Most Influential Fashion Blogger? There’s No Easy Answer And Here’s Why

In case you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably noticed that the influence of personal style bloggers has grown exponentially the past few years. More and more, brands are forgoing traditional methods of PR and media and instead reaching out…

Mr. Dictator Heads

Create your own dictator, or mix and match your own! Makes a great toy for the single-party or military-junta obsessed kid in your life. Developed by an Australian artist named Stephen Ives.

Adventures In Copyright: David Yurman Calls Out Kate Moss For Copying His Campaign

On the left is a Spring 2011 ad campaign for David Yurman featuring a bed-headed Kate Moss sultrily lifting her fingers to her mouth to show off the jeweler’s rings. On the right is an ad campaign for the supermodel’s line for Fred showing a bed-hea…

What To Do When You Can't Get Hard

The latest viral buzz from

Watch Homeland Season 1 Episode 12

In the Season 1 finale, a near-catatonic Carrie is confined to bed as Saul puzzles over the unnerving implications of her time line. Elsewhere, Walker settles on a perch from which to complete his mission; and Brody preps for the vice president’s po…

Jon Bon Jovi Dead At 49 // Current TV

International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi dead at 49 Rockstar Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi, Jr) was pronounced dead today after paramedics found him in a coma at his Empress Hotel, city and law enfor…

Stocks Knocked Down By Weak Banks, Europe Uncertainty

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Stocks fell steeply Monday as Bank of America and other U.S. banks suffered a regulatory setback and the future of the European Union became more uncertain.

Who The Hell Is Geoffrey Zakarian?

While New York chef Geoffrey Zakarian is already a household name for the 152 employees who sued him this year for $1 million in unpaid overtime wages, we're about to hear a lot more from he of the tortoiseshell spectacles. Last night on the Next Ir…

Giuliana Rancic: Double Mastectomy Was A Success

Giuliana Rancic is back at home and recovering from Tuesday's breast cancer surgery. The double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery took about four hours, but Rancic is feeling optimistic about the results.

Is Marc Jacobs Dating This Brazilian Porn Star?

Here’s a picture of Marc Jacobs looking chummy with Brazilian porn star Henry Louis. The photo comes courtesy Brazilian gossip site GPS Brasilia, which broke news Friday that the two were dating. According to Made in Brazil Blog‘s Juliano Corbetta, …

The Condition: The Eye That Never Blinks

I’m on the internet again. This is how I begin most days, any day, immediately upon waking pulling the machine against my body. I often sleep with the laptop on the bed beside me waiting, as well the last thing I touched before I stopped and tried t…

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