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December 25, 2011

Old Fruitcake Brings $525 For Charity

CINCINNATI, Dec. 25 (UPI) -- How much is a 70-year-old fruitcake worth? For a winning auction bidder the answer is $525, which will go to help the homeless in Ohio, the cake's owner said.

BuzzFeed's New Editor-In-Chief Defends Cat Pictures On CNN

Our new Editor-In-Chief, Ben Smith, was on CNN's "Reliable Sources" this morning explaining how BuzzFeed is planning on getting into the reporting game. He also shows that he's not afraid to go on the record about his affection for cat media.

10 Christmas Themed Alcoholic Beverages

The holidays are a time of heavy drinking. Use these recipes to keep yourself in the proper Christmas "spirit."

The NBA's Opening Day Montage Is Perfect

See Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan play together. See Kobe and Magic take the court side by side. See Larry Bird pass to Ray Allen and Wilt Chamberlin block a Dwight Howard shot. If this beautiful montage doesn't get you excited about the NBA, then nothing ever will.

This Dog Hates Christmas

I think moments after this video was taken, the dog ate his owner. Can you blame him?

Anti-Christmas Movies

If you’ve stepped into a mall or turned on your television over the last month, chances are you’ll be overwhelmed by an endless stream of Christmas carols and holiday specials. Theoretically, December is the season of joy, but with so much manufactu…

Raw Footage Shows Ron Paul DIDN'T Storm Out Of CNN Interview Over Racist Newsletters... The Interview Was Simply Done

Reports that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul stormed out of a CNN interview earlier this week seem to be dramatically over-exaggerated.

A Christmas Song From Zach Braff And Donald Faison

One of the greatest bromances ever was renewed today, as Scrubs' JD and Turk got together and sang "Baby It's Cold Outside" in suits. In California. Merry Christmas.

Nintendo Direct Event Scheduled For Next Week

Nintendo will be talking about Wii and 3DS (in Japanese) on Monday night.

The 25 Most Awesomely Inexplicable Nativity Scenes

Ever wanted to see Jesus's birth as witnessed by Frankenstein and a bunch of dinosaurs? The answer is certainly yes.

Skyrim Christmas Lights Are Pretty Epic

Mitch at Awesome Christmas Lights put together a Christmas light show synchronized with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim theme (“Sons of Skyrim” composed by Jeremy Soule). Mitch explains his method:

Dysfunctional Family Christmas Drinking Game

Turn your holiday misery and emotionally crippled family into a recreational drinking sport! Because, let's face it, you were going to get drunk anyway.

Ryan Reynolds Takes Blake Lively Home For The Holidays

Things seem to be getting pretty serious between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds brought his Green Lantern costar and current girlfriend to his Canadian hometown of Vancouver for a visit this week, and reportedly even took her to meet his f…

Julianne Moore Is Palin In The ‘Game Change’ Trailer

HBO has a big season coming up in 2012, but one of the network's most hotly anticipated projects is the upcoming political film Game Change, about the 2008 presidential election. Early photos of lead actors Julianne Moore and Ed Harris showed them o…

'X Factor' Finale Preview: Who Should Win?

Thursday night, one of the three remaining contestants on The X Factor will walk away with a record-setting $5 million recording contract. Simon Cowell's search for the next "global superstar" has come down to Virgin Islands R&B crooner Melanie Amar…

The Picture That Shows The Caring Side Of John Terry As He Poses In Hamleys With A Black Baby

The Chelsea player was at Hamleys toy store, in central London, today with his wife Toni, no doubt buying last-minute Christmas presents for the couple's twin children.

An Open Letter To Jackie Magazine: I’m Not Over It

I know, I know, why can’t I get over it? The editor, Eva Hoeke, resigned and issued two sincere “apologies.” Well, you see, the thing is, your flippant use of the word is pretty fucked up. Especially when I read that Hoeke initially tried to brush o…

Baby Polar Bear Turns Over

I'm not gonna lie, I really needed this today. If bears are not your thing, there's bonus footage of a pig and a dog frolicking together below.

Rift Account Database Hacked, Exposing Some Personal Info

Trion Worlds says there is no reason to believe full credit card info was compromised.

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