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December 24, 2011

Debra Messing Explains Why She's Still Living With Estranged Husband

Debra Messing explains through her rep that she and husband Daniel Zelman are separated but will live together for the sake of their son.

NORAD To Track Santa And Show If His Sleigh Is On Its Way

The tracker – a collaboration between Google and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) – shows live footage of the sleigh passing landmarks including Big Ben, the Empire State Building and, of course, his grotto in the North Pole.

30 Things You Need To Buy After You Win The Lottery

What are you waiting for? The jackpot is $640 million!

Hey Zelda Fans -- The Timeline Exists And Here It Is

Okay, let’s talk Zelda timeline. Any Zelda fan worth their salt has had more than a few uh, “discussions” about the series’ timeline. Many of these discussions tend to be about whether or not a master timeline even exists in the first place.

The 30 Most Important Dogs Of 2011

There is a popular maxim among some of my associates which states that "cats rule" and that dogs, in their near infinite capacity for love and loyalty, "drool". I think you'll find that in 2011, that couldn't be further from the truth.

25 YouTube Comments That Are Actually Funny

Believe it or not, sometimes YouTube comments are funny.

Little Girl Is Upset With The Way Toys Are Marketed

"The companies that make them try to trick the girls into buying pink stuff instead of the stuff boys want to buy!" Riley gets it.

The Obamas' Adorable Christmas Message

The President and First Lady wish you a Merry Christmas and ask you to remember the troops this holiday season. And they do say "Merry Christmas" so maybe the "War on Christmas" ended with the War in Iraq.

Your Nude Photos

The latest viral buzz from

Magic! Learn How JWoww’s New Bikinis (Read

Nobody wants to come back from the beach with awkward tan lines. But Jenni Farley, aka JWoww, really doesn’t like tan lines. And obviously, tanning is extremely important to any cast member of the Jersey Shore. So JWoww is diving back into the fashi…

Logan Morrison Uses Prince/Prince Fielder To Troll Twitter

Logan Morrison's Twitter bio reads To know me is to Tweet with me! Miami Marlins LF. Twittaholic. All around good guy (with just a pinch of dangerous

Brock Lesnar: UFC 141 Interview

The fighter talked to us about preparations for his upcoming fight at UFC 141.

David Archuleta Leaving Music To Become A Mormon Missionary

During a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, Monday night, the season 7 American Idol runner-up announced that he is going to take a break from the music industry to serve his church as a Mormon missionary. The 20-year-old pop singer said that he will …

Rihanna Slams Dutch Magazine For Calling Her N-Word

Rihanna is very, very angry. After the Dutch fashion magazine Jackie published a style article calling her the ultimate "n---a bitch," the singer took to Twitter to give the editor her two cents (and two words!) on the subject.

Debra Messing Still Living With Her Estranged Husband?

Never say Debra Messing doesn't make sacrifices for her child. Although the 43-year-old former Will & Grace star announced Tuesday that she had separated from Daniel Zelman, her husband of 10 years, earlier this year, a source tells Us Weekly that t…

Leilani Dowding Is Festive

British Model and VH1 reality star Leilani Dowding made spirits bright by posing in a little bikini and Santa hat on Miami beach yesterday. And then, presumably because it can get really hot in Miami, she took her top off (*). She did the right th…

JWoww Is A Bikini Genius

Someone let JWoww design her own line of swimwear, and, as literally everyone who has ever heard of JWoww would have guessed, the result was animal prints on a bikini even sluttier than regular bikinis.

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