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December 28, 2011

Parent Pranks White Sox Fan Daughter With Cubs Christmas Present

And this little girl really hates the Cubs. I'm sure if she had Twitter she would have complained about it.

Priests And Monks Brawl At The Church Of The Nativity In Bethlehem

The clergy throws down at the site of Jesus' birth. Oh, so this is the answer to WWJD. I never knew.

Real Housewife Kim Zolciak Talks Wedding With Kroy Biermann

With a new baby and a new husband, 2011 has certainly been a memorable year for Kim Zolciak. But the Real Housewives of Atlanta star -- who tied the knot with NFL player Kroy Biermann in November -- says there is one moment, in particular, that she'…

Mara Wilson Imagines How Armond White Would Review A School Holiday Pageant

You may remember Mara Wilson from such films as "Matilda," "Miracle On 34th Street," and "Mrs. Doubtfire." She's spent the last few years focusing on writing, and it's a good thing for us, because here she imagines how everyone's least favorite film critic would review a school play.

The Best Excerpts From 1948's "You And Your Sex Life: An Illustrated Guide Book For Women"

I think it's fair to say that times were different back then.

The Neutral Milk Hotel Skirt

An etsy seller is hawking a skirt featuring a painting of the cover of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in painstaking detail. You'll be a magnet for any Jeff Mangum freak within a mile radius.

Marine Karl Trenker Shot In Craigslist Sale- Turned-heist Plugged Holes With Fingers And Told Kids He'd Be Fine

Lieutenant Colonel Karl Trenker, 29, of Miramar, Florida, who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq, was shot three times as he confronted two men who had stolen a gold chain from him.

See If You Can Guess Why Women Are Upset About This Year-End List

Which of these things, from a BBC list called Faces of the Year 2011: The Women, is not like the other?

Rick Perry With Increasingly Larger Weapons

Here are a few photos of our soon-to-be President, Rick Perry, brandishing and firing increasingly more intimidating guns. Go America, obviously, but also, look at all the different expressions he does while he shoots the guns!

15 Stocks To Ride The Energy Boom Of The Next Decade

The latest viral buzz from

Lucky Foods

The latest viral buzz from

Ben Folds Makes Front Page Of Huffington Post

No, he didn't die, because that would be Ben Folds Folds. This is actually Ben Nelson, the lone Democratic Senator from Nebraska who chose to step down.

Rick Perry Wants To Outlaw Abortion In Cases Of Rape And Incest Because A DVD Told Him To

Absurd excuse for flip flopping on an important issue for the sake of wooing Iowa evangelicals? Or the absurdest? A quote from Rick Perry explaining why he changed his mind from allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest, a position he held as recently as last month, to wanting a total ban.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver Spend Christmas Together

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited again for another family holiday this weekend to celebrate Christmas with their children.

Here Are The 'Unhealthiest' Cookbooks Of 2011

The merry vegan propagandists of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are back with their annual list of unhealthiest cookbooks. Among their choices this year: Guy Fieri's Guy Fieri Food, The Neelys' Celebration Cookbook, and Paula Dee…

Alessandra Ambrosio Was Pregnant When She Walked In The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Yep, Ambrosio’s second baby with fiancé Jamie Mazur is on the way, People has confirmed (they already have an adorable 3-year-old girl). And according to Brazilian magazine Istoe Gente (ONTD has a very rough translation), to whom she broke the news,…

The Avengers Will Screein Post-converted 3D

This week, Disney announced that Marvel’s The Avengers will be screened in 3D as well as 2D when it opens this May. The announcement seemed oddly timed, given that the movie has been shooting since April, and it usually doesn’t take this long for a …

Cramer: What 2012 Holds For The Dow Components

Click here for information on RealMoney, where you can see all the blogs, including Jim Cramer's -- plus reader comments -- in real time.

Toddler Caught Dancing In Store Mirror

She's checking herself out and dancing like no one's watching. I'm so relieved she decides against doing a pole dance at the end.

Kim Jong-Un Weeps For His Father

It's easy to forget that Kim Jong-Il, though he may have been a tyrant who starved and oppressed his own people, was still someone's daddy. Unlike the hysterical theatrics in Pyongyang's streets, these tears might be genuine. Awwww...does the Great Successor need a tissue?

Everything Ron Paul Finds Unconstitutional

ThinkProgress put together this video illustrating all of the things that Ron Paul has called out as unconstitutional. It's an interesting list.

Cats Wearing Party Hats

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with cats wearing shiny party hats. These guys may need a day or two to recover.

6 Stocks To Gain From Tech Battle Starting In 2012

The latest viral buzz from

Lilly Becker Flaunts Her Bikini Body The Day After Christmas

To those of us who spent Christmas day snuggled indoors stuffing ourselves with turkey and roast potatoes, stripping off and donning a swimsuit the following day might sound like the worst idea possible.

Jesus Hates Merkins: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Almost) Outearned By Chipmunks

UPDATE: According to the just-released updated numbers, Dragon Tattoo beat Chipmunks by $100K. Still too close to call. There were three new releases

Ten Fashion Questions From 2011 That We Hope Get Answered In 2012

2011 is coming to a close, and some of the most pressing fashion mysteries of the year have yet to be resolved. While we’re all looking forward to a year of new collections, It-girl obsessions, and strange sartorial choices, here are some questions …

Wendy's In Japan Serves Hamburgers With Foie Gras

The hamburger chain Wendy's is currently relaunching in Japan — the first store opens today in Tokyo — and one goal of the relaunch is to "further differentiate our restaurants by adding innovative new menu options created exclusively for the Japane…

NFL Picks Week 17: Predictions For Every Regular-Season Finale

Week 17 of the 2011 NFL regular season brings major playoff implications, possible NFL draft changes and a whole slate of games that should excite fans of every team...

The 30 Most "Liked" BuzzFeed Posts Of 2011

Nostalgia, disaster photos, and lots of gay. Here are our biggest Facebook hits of the year along with my explanations of why they did so well.

Sh*t Vegans Say

The sh*tstorm continues. This time the victim is some weird subsect of vegans who actually consider Skinny Bitch to be their bible.

How Will William & Kate Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

There will be no raucous New Year's Eve for the royal newlyweds this year. As they celebrate the close of a huge year, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be ringing in 2012 surrounded by family, reports Us Weekly. Only days after their 8-month a…

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Named Their New Puppies ‘Louis’ And ‘Vuitton’

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, breakout teen stars from their family‘s many reality shows, got puppies for Christmas! According to Kendall’s Twitter, Bruce and Kris surprised them with a pair of chocolate labs, which they named–what else–Louis and Vuitto…

Gunner Kiel: Next Peyton Manning Would Be Insane Not To Geaux To LSU

All Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and LSU fans want for Christmas is the No. 1 rated quarterback prospect in the class of 2012.  Kiel could announce his decision any day and fans of the three schools will be on the edge of their seats until his mind is mad…

Someone Bought Todd English's $25,000 Groupon Deal

Sigh, it looks like someone bought that $25,000 Groupon deal for a cooking class/dinner package with New York/Boston chef Todd English. The deal nets the buyer a cooking class with English, dinner at one of his restaurants, a three-night hotel stay …

Image Of The Day: Why Is Lindsay Lohan Lying On A Miu Miu Dressing Room Floor?

This photo, titled “Lindsay Lohan in the dressing room at Miu Miu, New York” popped up on Purple Diary yesterday. We have so many questions: 1) Did Lindsay Lohan and Olivier Zahm hit the after-Christmas sales together? 2) Why is Lindsay laying down?…

Do Yourself A Favor And Listen To These Hilarious Mispronunciations Of Fashion Labels

We’ve found just the cure for your post-Christmas back-to-work blues. If you thought mispronunciations of fashion labels couldn’t get any funnier than Nomi Malone pronouncing Versace ‘ver-sayce’ in Showgirls, think again. YouTube channel Pronunciati…

ROFLMNBAO: The NBA Weekend In Pictures

I really believed that the NBA lockout and subsequent shortened season were going to do serious damage to the relationship between the league and the

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