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December 16, 2011

Skyrim Ships 10M, Is The Fastest-Selling Game In Steam History

While Skyrim players continue to wait for fixes to the various problems they're facing, Bethesda is watching the money roll in from its latest RPG release. Just over a month after its release on November 11, Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media ann…

3DS Ambassadors Get Their Free GBA Games Today

3DS Ambassadors in Europe and Japan were notified this week that their ten free Game Boy Advance games would be coming today, December 16. Those in North America didn't get any word on whether the games would be coming today or if the same list of h…

The Witcher 2 Developer Going After Pirates

CD Projekt, the parent company of The Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt Red, has confirmed it has threatened legal action against those who pirate the game following a report that it was seeking settlements in excess of $1,000. Last week TorrentFrea…

River Of Blood In China

A river so polluted in China that it's turned a Kool Aid shade of red. The End Times are nigh, and they are apparently Chinese.

World's Shortest Woman Is Two And A Half Feet Tall

Meet Jyoti Amge of Nagpur, India, dubbed today by Guinness as The World's Shortest Woman at 2-feet 6-inches tall. Jyoti is 18-years-old and has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. She hopes to be a Bollywood star, and I have no doubt she'll succeed.

Suh's Packers Outburst May've Been Caused By Untied Shoes

If this ends up being true, it might be the greatest thing ever: during an interview with KXTG in Portland, Oregon, former Packers offensive lineman Matt Brock introduced the theory that Ndamukong Suh’s Thanksgiving stomp session may have happened b…

Good Dog: The Ten Best Dogs In Nerddom

Fry’s dog, Seymour, definitely belongs on the list. Also for your consideration: Mr. Peabody Bandit aka “1″ from We3 GIR (not “technically” a dog) Jake (Adventure Time)

Next Xbox Coming In 2013, Current Design Boss Replaced

One of the most influential people working on the Xbox has been replaced, according to a report. General Manager of Entertainment Design, Don Coyner, has not left Microsoft but is "no longer leading the design and experience group for Xbox," acco…

Daniel Day-Lewis In Full Costume In Set Pictures From Lincoln

Earlier today I sort of pissed and moaned about all the boring biopics Hollywood makes, but I don’t really include Spielberg’s upcoming Lincoln in that complaint, if only because MOTHERF*CKING TOP HATS ARE THE MOTHERF*CKING SH*T, SON. Anyway, thanks…

Stocks Tumble As Euro, Oil, Gold All Fall

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Stocks sold off for the third straight session Wednesday as renewed eurozone worries sent the dollar up, knocking down commodities prices and spooking investors.

The Highest-Rated Charities In America: 2011

From groups helping military families to organizations that focus on major public health issues, these charities enjoy broad support and return the favor with efficiency and good management.

Ohai Sofia Vergaras Ass

Sofia Vergara was on set for ‘Modern Family’ yesterday, wearing some see-through tights that showed off her fantastic ass. But for some reason they weren’t see-through from the front. Despite the 50 filters I tried on photoshop. It’s damn near 2012…

TIME Magazine Person Of The Year 2011: The Protester

As 2011 draws to a close it is clear see that this has been a year of change generated by the public. Dissent, mass protest and revolution spread across the globe at an astonishing speed and it is only right that the selected person of the year is a…

"I'll Be Your Wingwoman": Two Friends Walk Into A Bar

The second in a short series about sharing, caring and not going it alone. In this installment: Friends and roommates Katie Heaney and Rylee Main practice pick-up strategies. Katie: So as you may know, one of the two us generally has a boyfriend, a…

Study: Smoking Cessation Ups Happiness

MADISON, Wis., Dec. 15 (UPI) -- People who quit smoking are happier and more satisfied with their health, compared to those who smoke, U.S. researchers say.

Nintendo Japan To Fix Borked Skyward Sword Save Games

Update: Nintendo of America thankfully also has plans to resolve this issue. Like in Japan, a program will be released that can repair save games, but a launch date for that is not known at this time. Alternatively, those who can't connect to the In…

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