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December 21, 2011

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Story Continues

The only real question is will Aang and Katara finally hook up? We got our hands on the first six pages of the graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics that continues the story of the Avatar. Defeating the Fire Nation Lord doesn't mean evil is wiped off the face of the Earth. This should keep us happy until "The Legend Of Korra" premieres.

Real Shit Girls Say

After the success of "Shit Girls Say" (both the web series and Twitter account) comic and writer Rose Surnow created a female response. These are the best of the early "Real Shit Girls Say" tweets. Shows The Politician's Most Embarrassing Moments

If you attempted to visit today, you might have expected to find the Presidential candidate's home page. But it turns out Gingrich never registered that domain (he has, so going to it redirects you to one of a number of sites that bring up the lowlights of the politician's career. We put together a video to demonstrate the clever attack.

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