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December 10, 2011

Celebrity Mug Shots

Another year, another mug shot for Lindsay Lohan. Only a scant 13 months after she was last put behind bars, the 25-year-old starlet had her probation revoked because she was not fulfilling her court-ordered community service or therapy sessions. Sh…

MacGyver Homemade Beauty Products: 13 DIY Ideas

DIY dilemma: A day of volunteering at your kid’s kindergarten has drained the life from your face--and you’ve got just five minutes until the school bell rings and you can make a break for a restaurant with the family.

Grocery Store Gifts

Got a friend who loves making brunch? Give them McClure's spicy Bloody Mary Mix, which is made with McClure's spicy pickle brine, tomato paste and fresh cucumber juice. It's tasty enough to drink on its own, but how could you resist adding a splash …

How Much More Do Barbies Cost Today?

Mattel kept Barbie changing with the times, toying with Barbies that reflected the current fashion (1969 Mod Fashion Ensembles, retailing from $1.99, or $12.28 adjusted), which was difficult during the Sixties, in light of the turbulence of the era—…

It’s This Year’s Greatest NFL Parody Song

Obviously, I’ve grown quite fond of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler this season due to our new status as BFF, and I was pretty upset when he injured his thumb. And I’m not a Bears fan in the slightest. I just like the guy because I make fun of him and h…

Miyamoto Tries To Dispel Notion That He Is Retiring

Following an interview published on Wednesday evening where Shigeru Miyamoto suggested he was planning to leave his current position at Nintendo for one where he could work on smaller, more personal projects, Nintendo was quick to deny this was the …

How To Make A Skittles Burger

I will never eat Skittles the same way ever again.

NATASHA LYONNE LIVES! New Poster For American Reunion

There’s a new poster for the American Pie reunion movie out, and the big news is that it finally answers the question that’s been on everyone’s minds: Is Natasha Lyonne still alive? She lives, apparently, AND she’s going to be in the movie (presumab…

The 10 Stupidest Characters In Street Fighter History

By my calculations Capcom has made approximately 12 gazillion Street Fighter games (give or take a gazillion or two). Coming up with new characters for that

Lindsay Lohan's Nude 'Playboy' Photos Leak

Well, that didn't take long. Just two days after Lindsay Lohan's PG-13 Playboy cover leaked online, her pictorial for the magazine has also hit the Web -- and this time there's no strategically placed bunny chair to cover up LiLo's R-rated bits.

10 'High-Quality' Stocks For 2012

The latest viral buzz from

Best Watches Of 2011

We’ve given it some careful consideration, and here are the best watches of 2011. There can be only one winner, but the other nine are our favorites in different categories. All together, these are the most inspiring, most mind-bending, most intrigu…

Study: Greeland Rose As Ice Melted

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9 (UPI) -- A 2010 spike in the melting of ice cover in Greenland caused a large part of the island's bedrock to lift almost an inch, a U.S. researcher says.

Michael Bay Is Being Coy About The Transformers 4 Rumors

The third Transformers film grossed $1.1 billion at the box office, which is the fourth-highest gross of all time and also the reason the fourth seal popped (Why hello there, pale horse). Hasbro also made $482 million in toy sales on the first movi…

Jay-Z Says He Doesn't Mind If Obama Taxes Him More (DETAILS)

If Jay-Z has Obama on the text he might as well hit him up and tell him to tax the hell out of him, but only if the money is going to help people.STORY: Jay-Z Ditches Occupy Wall Street For "Occupy All Streets"The Brooklyn bred M.C.

Is Bane’s Dialog Totally Unintelligible In Dark Knight Rises?

I wasn’t one of the lucky handful of writers who got invited to watch the Dark Knight Rises six-minute prologue (which plays in advance of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol screenings at 70mm IMAX theaters next week), but among the journalists who d…

Tintin Review For PS3, 360, PC From

For the best Reviews of Tintin for PS3, 360, PC, check out this page on

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pictures Leak 2011

Lindsay Lohan's naked Playboy photos have leaked online!PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Playboy Leaked PicturesEarlier today the pictures from Lindsay Lohan's January 2012 Playboy shoot made it to the 'net and the world is having a great time looking at the s…

Selena Gomez Is In A Bikini, Justin Bieber Not Impressed

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a playdate in Los Cabos, Mexico, on Wednesday, with Selena hanging out in a sexy bikini, and Justin occasionally remembering that he’s supposed to be straight. She even stretched across him a few times, maybe tryi…

Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of 2011

After months of speculation following reports of Ashton Kutcher's alleged infidelity, Demi Moore finally announced the end of their marriage on Nov. 17. "It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to A…

The World Remembers John Lennon // Current TV

Rolling Stone... . JOHN LENNON . New York City Fans gather early in the morning at the Imagine mosaic in Central Park's Strawberry Fields to pay

November NPDs: Xbox 360, Call Of Duty, And Skyrim Come Up Big

In what was a foregone conclusion, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was the top-selling game in the United States during the month of November. The NPD Group today released its report for the month of November, which tracks new, physical sales at reta…

Jon Jones Challengers

UFC champion Jon Jones has been unstoppable, but can these guys serve him his first loss?

Kris Humphries Bakes Cookies On 'Good Morning America'

Kris Humphries' first his live interview since his split from Kim Kardashian wasn't exactly the juicy dish we were hoping for. Instead of talking about his gossip-worthy divorce on ABC's Good Morning America Friday, the NBA player chatted lightly a…

'X Factor' LIVE Results Dec 8th

Lenny Kravitz, Mary J. Blige... oh yeah! And see who got sent home! Who's in the FINAL FOUR?! See at the link below!

NFL Great Qadry Ismail Joins Anti-Animal Abuse Campaign // Current TV

DogTipper... . NFL Great Qadry Ismail Joins Anti-Animal Abuse Campaign December 4, 2011 by Grace Sydney . On the football field he earned

Lionsgate Hires Writer For American Psycho Remake

Mary Harron‘s film adaptation of American Psycho is eleven years old now, and people have heard of it, so I suppose a remake was inevitable. While I’d be the first one to tell you that the book is better than the movie, Christian Bale captures Patri…

Dead Rising 3 Set In California, Stars A New Character

After teasing that some sort of announcement on a new Dead Rising game was going to be made soon, the first details on Dead Rising 3 have been leaked. A post on the official Dead Rising Facebook account yesterday read, "I'm getting packing for my…

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