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December 30, 2011

Butt Coke, Trunk Cats, And Goat Porn, The Best Stories Of 2011

If you're at all familiar with FilmDrunk, you probably know the drill: we normally report the film-related stories, but if there's a weird story out

Cates' Favorite Buzz Of 2011

Apparently out of all the stuff that happened on the internet in 2011 I liked cute things, food, and Doctor Who the best. I, for one, am not shocked by this realization.

Christian Kids Covering "My Humps"

Here's a sassy little rendition of "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas, ingeniously altered to be about Jesus and how horrible atheists are. Ooh, push it! Christianity, that is. Should this video be NSFW?

Is Shira The New Rebecca Black?

Add about 15 years and some ugly lace tights, and you've got this dank gem, "Pound on my Muffin." Not to get technical, but all of the muffins in this video are actually cupcakes.

People Crying Over Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Divorce

So, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting a divorce after 14 months of marriage. Some people are crying. For real. No joke. Actual tears.

Everything You Could Want To Know About The Calendar

As we start our last year on Earth (shout out to the Mayans!), why don't you discover everything you've ever wanted to know about our calendar system. It's all right here in one convenient place.

Avenger PR Man Becomes Cooperative After Holding Twitter, Email Accounts Hostage

Christoforo was allegedly holding the accounts "hostage."

The Muppets Google+ Hangout

Unfortunately this is only the second best Google+ Hangout ever. Nice try Muppets.

300 Miles To Pigsland (Game Battle)

This is going to be the last Game Battle of 2011, friends. Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the good times we've had over the past year while we navigate these pigs to wherever the fuck it is that they're going.

Three-Year-Old Sings And Dances To LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It"

Marek, you are a national treasure. Marek's parents, clean the Kitchen. That place looks like a mess.

11 Photos Of Ron Paul That Will Haunt Your Dreams

He may win the Iowa Caucuses, despite not always being photogenic. Talk about a politician overcoming adversity.

Big Business Behind Solar Power

While the press was caught up in this typical Washington debate, a different story emerged, one that puts big business on the same side of solar power.

12 Things We've Learned From The First Week Of The NBA Season

The NBA is back, and it had a crazy first week. Here are the things that we've figured out so far.

21 Stock Picks That (Almost All) Experts Agree On

The latest viral buzz from

Man May Have Infected Thousands With HIV

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 28 (UPI) -- Michigan police say they've arrested a man who told them he had sex with as many people as he could over the past three years to infect them with HIV.

Doctor Who Meets Star Wars

Geek galaxies collide in the awesomest possible way. Four Doctors take a side trip to the Star Wars universe in this surprisingly well done Phantom Menace mash-up.

52 Examples Why Florida Is Still The Craziest State

All of these things happened in the span of one year. ONE YEAR.

Dollicia Bryan Rep Confirms She Is Dating Drake (DETAILS)

Earlier today we reported that Dollicia Bryan snagged Kim Kardashian's ex and was dating Kris Humphries.But the vixen quickly shut those rumors down and made it clear that in fact, her new man is October's Very Own: Drake!PHOTOS: Uh Oh!

Michael Jordan Engaged To Yvette Prieto (DETAILS)

Michael Jordan is engaged to Yvette Prieto, his girlfriend of three years. MJ proposed to the Cuban-born model this past weekend. USA Today reports:Publicist Estee Portnoy confirmed the news Thursday, first reported by television station WCNC in Cha…

Pregnant Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl Tiana-May Carter

Beyonce has given birth to a baby girl, according to the latest twitter rumor!Tiana-May Carter is the name Twitter has decided to come up with for Beyonce and Jay-Z's soon to be most famous and talented child in the world!PHOTOS: Pregnant Beyonce Ca…

Katy Perry Is Almost Single

Us magazine says, “It was Christmastime fireworks for Katy Perry and Russell Brand this year — but not the good kind,” which leads one to assume Katy Perry and Russell Brand are fighting again, and that Us is under the impression that people sho…

Chris Draft Loses Wife To Cancer One Month After Wedding (DETAILS)

GlobalGrind received word of some sad news out in Atlanta: former NFL pro Chris Draft, 35, lost his wife Keasha to cancer one month after they were married. As Reported By The YBF:The fairytale came to an end Tuesday--one month to the day of their w…

Longest Fan Letter Of 2011 - Jaana A

Jaana A. and other fans from 30 countries around the world wrote a fan letter to Jedward measuring 400 meters long. They wrote the letter in 2011.

Whoa! Not Cool, Children's Book

We'll, I've never... I can't believe we're teaching our kids these things.

Sinead O'Connor Reveals More About Why She Ended Her 18-Day Marriage

Sinead O'Connor is being quite candid about the reasons she ended her marriage after only 18 days.

Ben Breedlove YouTube Video: Teenager Shares Near-death Experiences Before He Dies

Austin teenager Ben Breedlove, 18, was born with a heart problem which saw him cheat death three times. He died on Christmas night from a heart attack.

Elle Macpherson Rides The Waves In Cutaway Wetsuit

Despite showing off a slight tanning mishap by baring a white bikini outline against her sunkissed skin, Elle looked entirely unconcerned as she grinned with delight in the water.

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