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December 2, 2011

Stocks Finish Flat As Jobs Boom Goes Bust

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Kelly Brook Has A New Calendar And It’s Totally Sports Related

This is totally sports related. Kelly Brook is engaged to,or was pregnant with a professional rugby player. Rugby is a sport. Problem solved.

First Grade Problems Meme

The Internet, summing up all of our childhoods slowly but surely.

Atheist's Guide To The 2012 Election

Penn Jillette uses an atheism scale to rate the presidential candidates, from Obama to Romney. Do you know who the most religious president was in American history? Well, Penn is about to tell you.

How To Stop Buying Gifts Without Being A Scrooge

Unfortunately, skipping Christmas is easier said than done, and it may be tough to explain to close family and friends that you’d prefer not to give or get gifts this year. And even if you clearly explain to them that you don’t plan to engage in gif…

Holiday Main Dishes

These showstopping entrees will be the star of your holiday table. Take your pick from ham, turkey, chicken, beef, goose and fish -- there's something for every celebration! (28 Photos)

Watch American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 9

The latest viral buzz from

Man Kisses Wild Crocodile On The Lips

After a romantic watery slow dance. Defying science, and common sense, this Costa Rican man has formed a unique bond with a local crocodile.

The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011

What a year! Here's to 2012 being a more quiet and less destructive year.

Possibly The Highest Ever Scoring "Words With Friends" Move

This person deserves all the self-satisfaction in the world. I'm pretty psyched if I get anything over 35.

Cthulhu Advent Calendar

Who knew Cthulhu was a Christian? Despite some dubious religious connotations, this art from Red Wasp Design is pretty darn adorable.

'Satyagraha' And Occupy Lincoln Center, Last Night

The biggest opera house in the United States concluded its performance on time last night, at 11:15 p.m. Many of the nearly 4,000 people in attendance at the Met lingered in their seats for a bit, the better to praise the cast, orchestra and conduct…

The Antithesis Of KickStarter

Because the world doesn't need major motion pictures based on children's board games. Don't think of it as bribery; think of it as charity.

Talk Shows Were Way Better In The '80s

You'll never think of "Georgia On My Mind" the same way again. Unless you already pictured this guy when you thought of it. In that case nothing will change.

Animated Comic Covers

Simple, yet ingenious. Time to get these out of gif format and onto digital media.

Khloe Kardashian And The Powers Of Makeup

So you mean those Kardashian girls don't ALWAYS look like that?

Xenoblade Chronicles Confirmed For North America [Update]

Update: If the information below seemed to too good to be true, Nintendo has now confirmed the news: Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to North America next year. The game's page on Nintendo's website only lists an April release date, while GameSto…

New! Special Reactions!

Folks are always asking for new ways to react to BuzzFeed posts, so we've taken your suggestions and created a new feature that allows you to earn a variety of new special reaction buttons. You can earn them by winning badges or awards, being the King or Queen of a feed, and more! Keep an eye out for these new reactions on posts and see if you can earn some for yourself.

Is This The Worst Music Video Ever?

Alternate Reality's "The King That Never Was" may just the take the title. The first time I watched it I could only make it 2:45 before quitting. How long can you take it?

A Gingerbread AT-AT Is A Delicious AT-AT

This piece of geekery is fully edible and on display at the Discovery Science Museum in California. Mmmmm... Empirey.

"Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie" Red Band Trailer

Swearing! Strap-ons! Shrim! Plus Goldblum, Ferrell and Galifianakis! This movie has everything.

Jeff Goldblum With A Bare Chest And A Butterfly On His Finger

Some softcore Jurassic Porn for you Goldblumaniacs. Why, Dr. Malcolm...the flapping of your butterfly's wings has caused a hurricane. Of PASSION.

Level Editor 2 (Game Battle)

A nifty puzzle game which requires you to create your own landscape in order to win and which is way better than the dumb game Tanner posted today.

Top Of The Pops 2011 Mashup

The first of many mashups of the year's biggest hits is here! Here's Mashup-Germany’s mix of 27 of 2011's most popular songs.

Little Lil Wayne's First Music Video

There are probably worse role models. Little kids with gold teeth are cool.

"Star Wars" Climatic Scene Recreated With Minecraft

Porkins, noooooooooo! Why doesn't he pull up? There wasn't anything more he could do back there.

Muhammad Ali Rushed To The Hospital

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, 69, was secretly rushed to the hospital from his Scottsdale, Arizona home on November 19th.Muhammad Ali Fights For Joe Frazier!The champ slipped out of consciousness, according to reports from Star Magazine and RadarOnlin…

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Janet Jackson's boob-centric fiasco during her Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime performance (Feb. 1, 2004) with Justin Timberlake is widely considered the definitive wardrobe fiasco. At the end of the duo's live performance of J.T.'s "Rock Your Body," Ti…

Surprise! You Got Molested!

Well, I’m not certain he ever really molested anybody, but his brother Marvin down in Texas did!

Arrest Photo: Raiders' Rolando McClain Arrested For Gunplay

Raiders starting middle linebacker Rolando McClain has been arrested in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama, for allegedly assaulting an individual, holding a gun to his head and firing a shot next to his ear.

4 Disgusting ABC's

Rotten apples and pubic hair. Since 2007 Vladimir Koncar has collected various objects and formed them into off the wall typography fonts.

GQ's Badasses Of The Year: The Men Of Breaking Bad

The men of the best show on TV, looking awesome.

Earn To Die (Game Battle)

Earn To Die is a really great upgrade game that takes place in a barren, zombie-infested wasteland. So, you know, it's got something for everyone!

Dr. Who Christmas Ornaments

From a Time Lord's Christmas tree to yours.

Dog Disco!

Guys, can we talk about this dog disco scenario and why this isn't a show right now that we could all be watching instead of whatever other stupid thing is on? (Thanks for the tip, Michelle!)

Brad Pitt Consoles Suicidal Actor At 'Moneyball' Screening

It's his partner Angelina Jolie who's most known for her humanitarian efforts, but Brad Pitt has a compassionate side, too. On Sunday, after a screening of his film Moneyball, Pitt reached out to a struggling actor in the audience who said he'd been…

See The Full Girl With The Dragon Tattoo For H&M Collection

Images of the full Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for H&M collection have been released, just in time for you to scope out your favorite pieces and plan your attack for when the collection hits stores on December 14. Designed by Trish Summerville, th…

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates The Power Of The Pentatonic Scale

This video is from The World Science Festival. Famous musician Bobby McFerrin wanted to demonstrate how universal this 5-note scale is. It's pretty impressive.

This Was Stolen From The British Embassy In Iran

The one thing Iranian hardliners and British diplomats can agree on: Samuel L. Jackson.

Motorcycle Crash Is Scary, Awesome

His body does two full midair flips and is hurled more than 40 feet...but he's okay, folks! Recorded in Brazil.

Your Brief Guide To The Awesome Leia/Kirk YouTube Feud

The latest viral buzz from

Top 10 Pictures Of Lady Gaga Trying To Eat Cheerios

Here are the 10 best pictures of Lady Gaga eating Cheerios. Enjoy.

This Movie Features Over 25,000 Bunnies

"Rabbit Fever" is a documentary about the National Rabbit Convention, which is apparently a thing. It's like "Best In Show" but with bunnies and real people. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

One Of The Most Amazing Birth Photos We've Seen

There are no photos or videos of either of my sons actually being born -- and that's how I wanted it. To my mind, in that crowning moment of birth, everyone in the room -- doctor, doula, husband -- already had a job to do, and clicking away with a c…

Beyonce Addresses Baby Girl Rumors With Katie Couric! (DETAILS)

Since Beyonce announced her pregnancy at this year's VMAs, the mommy-to-be has been under a serious spotlight from the media.Bey has been accused of having a fluctuating baby bump, which stirred suspicion of whether or not she was really pregnant.DE…

Drake And Lil Wayne Young Money Break Up, Drake Fires Managers

They say "death before dishonor," and all most rappers ask for is trust. DETAILS: Drake Responds To Luda's "Bada Boom" DissCould there be some "trust issues" brewing between Drake and Lil Wayne?

It’s Ryan Gosling’s ‘Drive’ In Cartoon Form

Despite being the president of the FilmDrunk Chapter of the North American Ryan Gosling Fan Club, I have yet to see his latest smash hit, Drive, because I can’t quite handle the idea of seeing an angry Baby Goose hurting people, when he’s supposed t…

Jennifer Lopez's Toyboy Casper Smart Bonds With Her Twins

Dancer Smart, 24, joined Lopez, 42, on a family holiday to Kauai, Hawaii for Thanksgiving last weekend along with her mother Guadalupe.   More... Jodie Kidd: I thought I'd slow down after becoming a mum, but now I'm hooked on carriage driving! '…

Karlie Kloss Is Very Naked In Vogue Italia

That taste of Karlie’s gams on the cover of Vogue Italia we were treated to a few days ago is mere child’s play compared to what’s been unleashed inside the mag. Karlie earned herself an 18-page spread shot by Steven Meisel, and it shows off her cra…

Hoopz Gives Shaquille O'Neal A Piggy Back Ride On Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Shaquille O'Neal hit the Jimmy Kimmel Show to promote his new book, but the NBA baller took a moment in the show to show off a talent of his long time girlfriend Hoopz!PHOTOS: La La & Carmelo Anthony Add Sex Appeal To 8th Annual CFDA AwardsShaq proc…

'X Factor' LIVE Results Dec 1st : DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Who Went Home? Top 5 Revealed // Current TV


High School Hoops Players Expelled For Sick Hazing Incident

Two Massachusetts high school basketball players were expelled and 5 more kicked off the team after they made an underclassman eat a cookie covered in semen.

This Week In India Is F*cking Crazy: Check Out The ‘Well Of Death’

When I was in college, I bought a 1987 Ford Bronco that was possibly the biggest death trap that I’ve ever driven. The suspension was shot to crap,

Stocks Stumble As Sarkozy, Merkel Steal Market Mojo

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Tori Spelling Responds To Boob Twitpic Scandal

Earlier this month, Dean McDermott made headlines when he accidentally posted a photo of wife Tori Spelling's bare breasts to Twitter. The reality star thought he was sharing an innocent, goofy pic of their 4-year-old son Liam -- but a topless mama …

Is Kris Jenner Headed To 'Dancing With The Stars'?

If Dancing with the Stars fans thought season 13 runner-up Rob Kardashian would mark the last of the Kardashian clan on the reality show, think again! The producers are reportedly planning to ask none other than family matriarch Kris Jenner to appea…

Top 10 Science Tricks To Use At Parties

Psychology professor Richard Wiseman sure knows how to entertain guests. Here are ten easy tricks that he uses to wow people at parties. He seems to like fire quite a bit, so keep an extinguisher nearby if he visits your house.

2011 Official Video Of Miniatur Wunderland

We posted about the Miniatur Wunderland, the world's largest model railroad and model airport in the world, on Neatorama before - but the company has just released its official 2011 video.

Fairy Wasps Are Smaller Than Amoebas

People who make toys, dollhouses, or other miniatures know that certain laws of physics apply that make miniaturization difficult. Certain laws of biology apply, too, but the fairy wasp seems to do an end-run around some of those rules. How else cou…

Heathrow Braced For Chaos As Hundreds Of Border Agency Workers Walk Out

Critics feared that the Border Agency walkout would lead to holes in the nation's security and terrorists and criminals could sneak into the country unnoticed.

Joey Barton's Gary Speed Comment On Twitter Described Suicide As 'Selfish'

The QPR captain (pictured) found himself at the centre of controversy when he described suicide as a 'selfish act' less than two days after the Welsh legend was found hanged at his home.

America's Saddest Cities Revealed... And 3 Are In The Sunshine State

It might be bathed in glorious sunshine throughout the year - but new research has revealed the Floridian city of St Petersburg is the saddest place to live in the U.S.

American Church Bans Interracial Couples // Current TV

It may sound like a story out of the 1950s but it was only this week that a church in Pike County, Kentucky, voted to ban interracial couples from becoming

Scene Breakdown: ‘Karate Dog’

It's official, everyone. I have a new favorite movie. Holy crap. The jawdropping genius of the 2004 masterwork Karate Dog has been discussed around

Next Week's Skyrim Patch Reacquaints Dragons With The Direction Forward

After this week's patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim caused a whole new slate of issues for players, Bethesda says it is readying another patch for release next week. The new patch is described as an "incremental update" and is expected to hit…

3DS Ambassador GBA Games Still On The Way In 2011

The price drop may have resulted in the 3DS' much-improved sales in recent months -- leading to it already surpassing first-year sales of the DS -- but it also left early adopters feeling like they had made a mistake by choosing to pick up the 3DS s…

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