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December 15, 2011

School-Sanctioned "Prank" Encourages Incest

Students were blindfolded at a pep rally and then got to make out with someone. But those fools didn't realize they were making out with their parents (who by the way aren't blindfolded and totally complicit in all of this)! Man this Minnesota high school totally burned them (and all of our retinas).

The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2011

Cats. They are why we do what we do -- why we continue to persevere in the face of a fearful present and an uncertain future. But they are so much more than just the unheralded inspiration for our greatest accomplishments -- for instance, they are also furry and they roll around on the floor a lot. Let's take a look back at the most important ones from this year.

Cat With 26 Toes Saves Animal Shelter

This is Daniel, the 26-toed cat, and he has used his super power for good. After the rent had been doubled at their existing location, Daniel became the poster child for a fundraising effort to save the Milwaukee animal shelter which had saved him. Soliciting $26 donations--one for each toe--Daniel quickly raised $125,000, enough to buy a new shelter.

Triple Maru May Kill You

With cuteness, obviously. I can barely deal with Maru's usual level of cuteness, but multiplied by three? God help us all.

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