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December 6, 2011

Some Theaters Now Setting Aside Special Sections For Tweeters

Turn out the lights and put up the chairs, everyone, because we're done here: it seems the new fad for theaters — we're talking the kind that put on plays, dance performances, and concerts here — are special sections designated for those who want to…

Astoundingly Lifelike Horse Puppet

This horse is from the play, Warhorse. I went to see Warhorse in London. It was absolutely amazing. Within moments you stop noticing the puppet handlers and the horses become real to you, though you are still overwhelmed by how cleverly it is done.…

French Soldier Surprises Children After 7 Months In Afghanistan

You don't have to speak French to get all misty. Qui épluche un oignon dans cette chambre?

Adele's Tour Rider

Adele apparently hates organic honey, citrus fruits, and North American beer, but loves Marlboro Lights and "bite-size" candybars. Who knew?

Lauren Scruggs Injured In Plane Propeller Accident

The 23-year-old fashion model and editor lost a hand and suffered lacerations to her face when she walked into a plane propeller Saturday

Alec Baldwin Got Kicked Off A Plane For Playing Words With Friends

Ha! This really just happened. #OccupyAmerican

Merrill Lynch's 10 Favorite Stocks For 2012

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Apple(AAPL), Marathon Oil(MRO) and CBS(CBS) made Bank of America/Merrill Lynch's list of top stocks for 2012 and may help investors beat the market next year by a wide margin.

Michelle Rounds Shows Off Rosie O'Donnell Engagement Ring

Rosie O'Donnell is going to be a married woman soon -- and she's excited. In fact, she's so psyched that she took to Twitter Monday night to show off the sparkly new diamond ring she recently slid onto girlfriend Michelle Rounds' finger.

The Mullet Whistler

You've never seen anyone whistle like this, or for this long, for that matter. This video gets the award for "Best Mullet" and "Best Reaction By A Child" (see :40).

Muslim Girl Gang, Who Kicked Rhea Page In The Head Yelling 'Kill The White Slag,' FREED

The Somalian Muslims - three sisters and their cousin - were told normally they would have been sent to jail for the attack on 22-year-old Rhea Page by a judge at Leicester Crown Court.

TwitPic Theater: Sexy Everyday Life

TwitPic theater is a collection of the sexiest pictures posted by Playmates and Playboy models from the week. Take a peak into the sexy lives of the girls at photo shoots, on nights out, and more.

"Twin Peaks" Intro Done "Parks & Rec" Style

When our powers combine...

Hamburger Wrapping Paper

The designers have to raise $7050 via Kickstarter in order for this wrapping paper to exist. Then, and only then, may your Christmas morning resemble a real life game of Skyburger.

The 90 Best Tumblr Blogs Of 2011

The definitive list of this year's really good blogs on Tumblr. You should be following all of them!

Cramer: A Colossal Market Hiccup Is Coming

Please enjoy this free sample of our premium content featuring Jim Cramer. To get all of Cramer's premium content free for a limited time, please register here.

My Three-Month Facebook Dialogue With A Scammer From Malaysia

During Hurricane Irene weekend, while holed up in a friend's apartment and looking for some stimulation, I got friend-requested and emailed by an obvious scammer on Facebook. Our exchange (minus a few superfluous messages) presented verbatim, with original grammar and spelling errors intact.

Calvin And Hobbes Christmas Decorations

Everyone's favorite comic strip duo brought to life on someone's front yard. This is parents of the year material right here.

Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update "Slightly Delayed"

Like the UFC app which was dated and then pushed back, the Xbox 360 fall dashboard update slated for release today has been "slightly delayed." That's according to Xbox Live's director of programming, Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson. He…

's Charity Sketch Auction Gallery From

We left the content up to them, and said we would auction off 100% of the profits for Red Cross disaster relief -- in part to help victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, covered in our feature How Japan's Earthquake Changed its Devel…

The Most Beautiful Video Of Our Planet You've Ever Seen

Tom Lowe, 2010's astronomy photographer of the year, has been working on "Timescapes" for more than two years. This trailer gives you a glimpse of what Lowe has in store for us. My hyperbole doesn't even live up to how beautiful this is.

Holiday Expectations Vs Reality

'Tis the season to be jolly. Or full of disappointment. Sorry.

25 Biggest Facepalm Moments Of 2011

Humanity may be imploding. If stupidity is contagious, you probably shouldn't read this post.

Ueda Still Working On The Last Guardian, No Word On Departure

It was reported last week that Fumito Ueda, the man best known for his work on Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming The Last Guardian, was leaving Sony. He has yet to address those rumors and Sony itself hasn't provided any comment more spe…

H&M Under Fire For Using Fake Models

The clone tool is not a toy. Using real "facial models" on these clothes doll bodies, the Swedish retailer defends its choice, saying the virtual models draw attention to the clothes instead of the women's bodies. Honestly? Models are so photoshopped beyond human norms that if H&M had changed the hand positions, we'd still be none the wiser.

Every Opening Quote From "The Wire"

This is what supercuts were invented for. Every episode of "The Wire" opened with a quote of dialogue from that episode on a black screen. Here is every one of those quotes as uttered by the characters.

Watch Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10

The latest viral buzz from

Mexican Presidental Candidate Peña Nieto Can't Remember What Books He's Read

Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico's leading contender for the presidency, read that one book, you know? Like where some hippie who healed people was crucified? Come, you know which one I'm talking about!

A Beer Holder That Blocks Incriminating Facebook Photos

We’ve all — and by ‘we’ I mean my more inebriated co-bloggers at last year’s Christmas party — would like to avoid being photographed while relaxing in public. So this beer holder developed by the Argentine ad agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatch…

It’s A Wonderful Lie: Bank Fraud, Bailouts And Ponzi Schemes In Bedford Falls

Dumb. Community banks like George Bailey's that dutifully screened mortgage applicants and invested in local real estate did a heck of a lot better than the megafinancial institutions during the recent financial crisis. We would be in a lot less of …

An Adele Lookalike Made A Video For "Set Fire To The Rain"

Intense. Watch an Adele lookalike in an amateur music video for "Set Fire To The Rain."

"The Night Before Christmas" In Over 30 Different Celebrity Voices

Impressionist extraordinaire Jim Meskimen tells the classic Christmas story as only he could. Though I suppose an assembly of celebrities could tell it similarly. My favorites are either his Woody Allen or his Liam Neeson.

The 16 Most WTF Moments Of 2011

The moments we still don't fully understand. Hopefully the new year will bring clarity.

‘Romeo And Juliet’ Porn Has A New Trailer

With the way that we’ve talked about the upcoming (*bike horn*) porn version of Romeo and Juliet around here, you’d think that we were getting producer’s credits on the darn thing (I wish!). But we are once again excited to deliver an exclusive on t…

5 Second Careers Baby Boomers Should Consider

With more retirees not really retiring, it's more important than ever to plan for a second career that matches the skills and lifestyle of many older Americans.

Watch: Doutzen Kroes Does A Striptease To Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’

There are truly no words to describe this video of Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes dancing, stripping and rolling around on the floor, all while jingling some bells and belting Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas is You” (our favo…

The Obamas Celebrate At Kennedy Center Honors (PHOTOS)

Seriously, what country has a President and First Lady smoother than ours?The First Couple stepped out looking stunning to celebrate the arts at the Kennedy Center Honors Gala last night, but it was First Lady Michelle Obama who stole the show.VIDEO…

Darth Conifer

Why is everything "Star Wars themed" or "Star Wars MashUp" these days? Putting a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper helmet on something doesn't make it more interesting.

Victoria’s Secret’s Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Folks Who Make The Angels Look Their Best

Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model? Okay, so that was sort of a rhetorical question. I mean who wouldn’t want the flawless skin, perfect bods and flowing, perfectly-undone hair we see on any given VS model–and it’s all totally natural, righ…

Market Preview: Up, Up And Away

The latest viral buzz from

Elizabeth May - Young Turks Premiere // Current TV

We're a TV network available on DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, and more. Find us on your TV. While you are here you can watch videos from our TV shows, check our TV schedule, and participate in discussions with members of our c…

"Virgin Diaries" Couple Consummates Marriage, Says Sex Not Like In The Movies

But, as it turns out, the experience for the couple was less than mind-blowing. Ryan said, "It was good, but not as good as I was expecting. It was not really like in the movies." Shanna confided that it was "an amazing experience," but also said th…

Beyonce On Pregnancy & Fake Baby Bump Rumors

The singer opens up about why she revealed her pregnancy the way she did and how she feels about those fake bump rumors

Vita May Limit You To One PSN Account Per System

If you're planning to pick up a PlayStation Vita early next year that you'll share with another person, be prepared to share your PlayStation Network account along with it. According to a catalog given out at a recent Vita event in Japan, a factory …

Final Fantasy VII Opening Gets An Unreal Engine-Powered Remake

An official Final Fantasy VII remake is unlikely to happen, at least in the near future, though if it did the game's director Yoshinori Kitase says he would be tempted to change things. He's not the only one who doesn't want to leave things alone, a…

Stocks Rise Despite S&P's Europe Warning Worries

>To order reprints of this article, click here: Reprints Add Comment …

Denise Vasi Named As Stacey Dash On Single Ladies (DETAILS)

Vh1's hit show Single Ladies has found a replacement for Stacey Dash ... and it's Denise Vasi!EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Dash Tells GlobalGrind Why She Left Single LadiesThe former All My Children actress is officially the new lead for the second season of t…

Watch Richard Blais And Fallon Play With Liquid Nitrogen

Atlanta chef/Top Chef All Stars winner Richard Blais stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Friday night to make a Whiskey Sauerkraut — that is, a Whiskey Sour made with sauerkraut juice. Why? "There's just not enough cocktails with sauerkraut juic…

The Next Iron Chef, Episode 6: Bye Bye, Big Bird

To thoroughly enjoy the spectacle that is The Next Iron Chef, we welcome chef Eddie Huang who will be here every week to take us through the season. [Photo: Food...

Santa Hat Brownies

These adorable brownie bites wear little Santa hats made of strawberries! You’ll find instructions for making your own at daisy’s world. Link -via Buzzfeed

Extra Crunchy Bread

The latest viral buzz from

The Twist Bridge

Bridges can be basic, functional things in unremarkable locations, but someone decided that this one was going to different, just because, and so a small part of the world becomes just that little bit more interesting. Neat!

There Was A Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Kontest At Art Basel And This Lady Dressed Up Like Kim’s Naked W Cover

So, one of the funnier less-pretentious things that happened this past weekend in Miami for Art Basel was the Kim Kardashian look-alike Kontest put on by Dis Magazine at a party held by MoMA PS1 to celebrate artists Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch. …

SNL Mocks College Sex Scandals – Steve Buscemi ‘Coach Bert’ Skit


New Trailer For The Grey, Aka Liam Neeson, Wolf Puncher

Was that last post about movie marketing, critics, and the New Yorker a little too intellectual for you? Well I’ve got just the palate cleanser — a new trailer for The Grey, a movie opening in January that’s about Liam Neeson fighting wolves. I woul…

Fox News: The Muppets Is A Liberal Plot!

Ugh. Everything about this story makes me tired. Liberal or conservative, cable news is a pus-spewing fistula on the asshole of society. 90% of it is coming up with a new asinine thought experiment for dickheads to argue about to fill up the next 24…

12 Pictures Of Betty White With Animals

I'm not sure why this hasn't been done before, since it sums up everything the BuzzFeed is about. [Ed. note: False. We also love Ryan Gosling.]

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