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December 19, 2011

Joe Biden Says The Taliban Is Not Our Enemy

In an interview with Newsweek/The Daily Beast, Vice President Biden had some interesting things to say about the Taliban and the United States' continuing efforts to bring stability to the region.

Carla DiBello Pics: Kobe Bryant's Alleged Mistress And Kim Kardashian's BFF

Ever since Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce on Friday evening, with TMZ reporting that she was tired of Kobe Bryant's infidelity, rumors have been flying over who Kobe could have possibly been stepping out with.

Airport Dining Guides Across The Eater Universe

Eating at airports can be a challenge, but the situation has drastically improved over recent years. In most cases, if you know what you're doing, you can actually eat pretty well. And to that aim, all the Eater city sites today have put together so…

The Most Painful Sports Headline Of The Day

Or, really, of any day. It's no wonder ESPN later toned it down on their site. Soccer (or, as the effete and swarthy refer to it, "football") is dangerous.

Kardashian Family's 3-D Christmas Card: Photo

'Tis the season for Kardashians in formal wear! In a post on her blog Monday, Kim Kardashian unveiled the family's annual Christmas card photo, featuring all of the Kardashians and Jenners dramatically posed together. And this year's picture has a t…

Behold The Super Intense Over-The-Top Kardashian Khristmas Kard, Now In 3-D!

Kim Kardshian just revealed the Kardashian Khristmas Kard for this year, and it’s about as over-the-top as you’d expect it to be. It has the entire family modeling formal menswear looks, with the exception of momager and matriarch, Kris Jenner, who’…

Free The Network | The Awl

Maybe what I am about to say will come as a surprise to some. But it's something I've known about myself for years. I have a hard time networking with white guys. And I think they have a hard time networking with me, too. I’m not saying I don’t ha…

Silent Hill 2: The Last Survival Horror Game From

Silent Hill 2 doesn't offer the same path of tantalizing rewards we've come to expect from video games; at every turn it seeks to alienate, disturb, and frustrate. And protagonist James' journey isn't one that leads to satisfying answers, given the …

Pug Relaxation Time

You will never be as chill as this pug.

The Classical

The Classical is a fantastic new sports site for the discerning sports fan that fills a much-needed hole in the sports blogosphere. Brought to you by a team of writers from (among other venerable publications) Free Darko, The Awl, n+1, and Yahoo! Sports, The Classical aims to "write about sports the way that smart people talk about sports," which, good for them. If you're someone who enjoys both sports and reading, you should give it a look.

First Official Trailer For Dark Knight Rises

DURK KNIGHT DURK KNIGHT DURK KNIGHT! (*wheeze, inhaler*)… If you’ve suffered through badly-bootlegged prologues and photocopied script pages in order to get the faintest, frothy whiff of Dark Knight Rises musk, this is the moment you’ve been waiting…

Steam Holiday Sale Is More Than Just A Sale

As if the Steam Holiday Sales in years past was not enough, Valve has decided to continue the trend established this summer of making Steam sales much more involved than mere sales. Like the Steam Summer Sale, there are plenty of deals on games,…

President Obama Sent This Letter To A Gay Couple Congratulating Them On Their Marriage

Could this be further proof of President Obama's "evolving" views on gay marriage?! Either way, this is sweet of him.

Those We Lost In 2011

We will miss you all. In memorium from The Onion.

The Greatest Own Goal Ever

Scoring an own goal is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen in soccer. At least that's how it usually is. In this case, it's beyond impressive.

Admiral General Aladeen Reacts To The Death Of Kim Jong Il

The autocratic tyrant from the People's Republic of Wadiya (who may or may not be Sacha Baron Cohen) mourns the passing of a fellow megalomaniacal dictator. Okay, he's definitely Sacha Baron Cohen's character from The Dictator.

The New "Dark Knight Rises" Trailer

And this time the release is official. Official and badass.

Mitt Romney's New Business Venture

Mitt Romney made millions with Bain Capital, and The Dark Knight Rises is poised to dominate the box office next year, therefore...

Kittens On Tiny Airplane LiveStream

TSA's greatest weakness. Look at these kittens! Look at them! It's not like you're getting any work done this week anyway.

How Would Different Facial Hair Change Santa?

Santa has a big beard. But what if he didn't.

Meet Kim Jong-Il's Sons

With Kim Jong-Il's passing, we take a look at the three sons he fathered, and why the youngest is taking the reigns.

14-Year-Old Confronts Rick Perry About Gay Rights

Watch Rick Perry try to explain to a teenager why he thinks being gay is wrong.

5 Banks Ready To Boost Dividends, Buybacks In 2012 (Update 1)

Updated with further analyst commentary.

25 People Who Thought Lil Kim Died

Twitter: Where the facts go first.

Here's A Monkey Riding A Dog

From the halftime of yesterday's Broncos-Patriots game. This should get you in the holiday spirit.

Cat Soothes Crying Baby Into Sleep

Cats make talented hypnotists. This is probably how cats take over human souls.

Commando Santa Delivers Gifts To The Poor

A firefighter in Guatemala rappels down a bridge to deliver presents to children living in a slum. Badass and heartwarming at the same time. "Badheartening"? "Asswarming"? Ew. Never mind.

The Kardashian Family Christmas Card... In 3D

These people are to our current economic times what the Joads were to The Great Depression. Oh wait, the Joads weren't the rich people who didn't have to move or worry about jobs? Man I should re-read that book.

Kim Jong-Il's "Feminine" Son Wrote A Poem About Getting Rid Of Nukes

Kim Jong-Il deemed his second son, Kim Jong Chol, "too feminine" to take power. This poem that Jong Chol wrote (under the pseudonym Chol Pak) entitled "My Ideal World" might have something to do with that.

South Korea Reacts To The Death Of Kim Jong-Il

This picture, taken this morning, sums up how much South Koreans will miss the freshly departed Dear Leader of the North. Yeesh...tell us how you REALLY feel, Unknown Man In Seoul.

Unknown Facts

Here are 10 Facts You Know That Everybody Else Has Wrong.

Watch Dexter Season 6 Episode 12

In the sixth-season finale, Dexter and Homicide try to stop the Doomsday Killers from committing one final murder, while Debra deals with a new emotional situation.

The Greatest Photo Of The "End" Of The "Iraq War"

Ha ha, here's the greatest picture of the end of the Iraq War, by Al-Jazeera's Gregg Carlstrom: the assigned seats at the "Yay The Iraq War Is Over" ceremony also informed attendees in which bunker they should take shelter, in case they were all bom…

Oregon Man Arrested In Light Saber Attack

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 16 (UPI) -- Police in Oregon said they arrested a man accused of assaulting fellow Toys R Us customers with a toy light saber.

The Best Twitter Reactions To The Death Of Kim Jong-Il

Because when a dictator dies, people need to tweet about it. These were the best that Twitter had to offer.

Kim Jong-Il Through The Years

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency is reporting that the North Korean dictator died of fatigue yesterday morning during a 17 hour train ride. This is his life in images.

What Dita Von Teese Wore For A Walk In The English Countryside

In Dita Von Teese's profile in the Times' "What I Wore" feature, she details the outfit she wore while walking through the English countryside during a friend's weekend-long birthday celebration.I wore a Louis Vuitton tartan waistcoat and paired it …

10 Tips To Prevent Lost Luggage

Even the most seasoned travelers get their bags lost sometimes, but there are some easy steps anyone can take to prevent them getting lost in the first place, or getting them back quickly if they do.

Improper Use Of Neti Pots Linked To Deaths

BATON ROUGE, La., Dec. 18 (UPI) -- Louisiana health officials warn the improper use of neti pots is linked to two deaths in the state caused by a so-called brain-eating amoeba.

The Brave Women Of The Middle East: Female Protesters Brutally Beaten With Metal Poles As Vicious Soldiers Drag Girls Through Streets By Their Hair In Day Of Shame

After being viciously beaten by a 10-strong mob of Egyptian soldiers, this woman lies helplessly on the ground as her shirt is ripped from her body and a man kicks her with full force in her exposed chest during protest in Cairo.

How Your Whiskey Stones Get Made

I actually found this kind of fascinating and soothing. You may be less interested, but that's not really my problem, is it? I am getting a little tired of you and your constant need for entertainment. If you can't sit back and enjoy a simple video …

Rob Lowe Is Untouchable

Video, What A World, Rob Lowe, More Like Unwatchable Am I Right?

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