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December 7, 2011

It Gets Betterish

"It Gets Betterish" is an awesome new web series about Brent and Eliot's big gay adventures New York City. Just kidding about the "big gay" thing, but they are gay, so yeah. Enjoy.

The Korea Hair Collection

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 South Korean Crazy Things Placed Atop A Model's Head Collection. It's like Lady Gaga and Federico Fellini opened a wig and weave shop.

The 40 Most Memorable Tweets Of 2011

What a year in the Twittersphere! Around the world, people sent more than 60 billion Tweets in 2011. Here's a collection of 40 of the most important of those.

The Godzilla Christmas Tree

This smoke-spewing work of art can be found in the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan. And how beautiful is that? Christmas is about coming together, and if Tokyo can forgive Godzilla for destroying it, then can't you forgive your grandfather for liking Glen Beck?

Hidden Images In The Mona Lisa

How has no one noticed this in almost 500 years?!?! Artist Ron Piccirillo discovered a whole series of hidden messages from Leonardo da Vinci in the Mona Lisa simply by looking at it from an extreme angle. The most startling of these Renaissance Easter Eggs being three animal heads in the background.

19 Iconic Photos Of Pearl Harbor

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, here are some stunning images of the event that brought the United States into World War II. And allow us to use the occasion to thank our veterans for their service and sacrifice.

If Cell Phone Games Were Real

Take one Angry Birds halloween costume, add trampoline and foam blocks. Mix well with other well known casual games and release upon the world.

Rick Perry's Bizarre Anti-Gay Ad

"Gays can serve openly in our military, but our children can't openly celebrate Christmas." He must be trying to make up for all the crazy we lost when Herman Cain dropped out.

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