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December 14, 2011

Drunk History Christmas

A preview of Drunk History's Christmas special, which will doubtless be drenched in eggnog vomit. "The Night Before Twas Christmas" warms my cockles every time.

Supercut Of YouTube Haul Videos

These are videos of materially-obsessed people showing off the many purchases they've acquired during a recent shopping orgy. If you don't have cable anymore, watching haul videos is a wonderful antidote to infomercial withdrawal.

The QWOP Guy Has Sex

How could you not feel bad for the QWOP guy? He's the world's worst runner and now he's the world's worst lover.

New York Public Art: Portal-Style

The Astor Place Cube (or its real name, "Alamo") has been turned into a giant Companion Cube. Area and state regulations do not allow it to remain here, alone and companionless. (Thanks Brooke!)

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