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LEGO For Girls Backlash Has Begun

Oh LEGO, you made a rookie mistake. The plastic building blocks are for everyone. It's only your marketing people that think girls need their own "pretty" version.

In a bid to "win over" the girl market, LEGO recently unveiled the LadyFig line, a set of LEGOS geared specifically at females. This doesn't seem to take into account that a vast majority of girls and women were playing with LEGOS just fine without pastel colors, "girl friendly" sets and giant minifigs with breasts and miniskirts.

The Welcome Page for LEGO on Facebook (above) makes it painfully obvious who their toys are currently marketed at and perhaps gives insight into what would make LEGO think they need a line specifically aimed at girls.

However, this was not always the case, as you can clearly see from this ad campaign from the seventies.

So in response to this new direction, a grassroots movement in under way. Powered By Girl is asking everyone to take to Facebook with the above image and post it on LEGO'S wall with the following message:

‎"Forget the pink aisles and new girl figures with breasts, bring back beautiful!"