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January 25, 2011

State of the Union Drinking Game

The State of the Union Address is a storied presidential tradition that politically plots the course of our nation and has served as a venue for some of history's most famous oratory. Let's make it more funner by getting hamtowned. Sorry for the grammar. Already drunk. Tailgating for the State of the Union. It starts at 9:00pm EST (CNN Live Stream for the televisionless), so stock up on hooch now.

Lady Gaga Mini-Meat Dress

A tutorial on making a Barbie-sized meat gown out of cold cuts. Add a wig sculpted from rye and a mustard necklace, then you're half way to a delicious sandwich.

Zelda Time

The Legend of Zelda through the lens of Adventure Time. Tingle Jake is the best.

Jerry The Great

The planet trembles as Jerry Seinfeld finally sets his sights on world domination. You'll laugh, cry, etc. (Via.)

Muppet Mayhem

A toe-tapping remix of The Muppet Show theme song set to a highlight reel of zaniness. Nostalgia, thy name is Muppet.

Dreamy Animation Short

While only 4 minutes long, this animated short takes you to a dreamy and whimsical world of color and imagination.

Top 25 Ingredients in Taco Bell's 'Beef'

A law firm in Alabama is suing Taco Bell for false advertising, charging that what the fast food giant calls "beef" contains only 36% actual cow flesh. Here's what makes up the other 64% of the meat-esque substance dripping from your chalupa. This list is based on an official ingredient label obtained by Gizmodo.

Angry Muppets

Sesame Street meets Angry Birds. Angry Birds would be so much more disturbing if you were hurling beloved children's television characters, presumably to their deaths.

Pony Loves Cat

It starts out kind of awkward, since it's a blind date and all.

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