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January 27, 2011

Best Picture Nominees In LEGO

Lego auteur Alex Eylar has bricked together scenes from each of this year's Academy Awards Best Picture nominees. They should make a Lego Black Swan video game. People would pay out the nose to recreate certain scenes with Mila Kunis on Kinect.

Muppet Balloon Sculptures

The Black Cat Balloon Company knows a thing or two about balloon animals. You'll go gonzo over their Muppet sculptures! I would have loved to have their balloons at my 5th year birthday party.

Depressed Stormtrooper

An unexpectedly moving series of paintings by artist Simon Willems called "Stormtrooper Mourning the Loss of his Mother." I haven't been this depressed by Star Wars since I saw how much money "Revenge of the Sith" made.

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