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January 17, 2011

Nagged to Death

A man in Belfast, Maine, reportedly "blowed [his wife's] brains out" because "she had been nagging him over the cost of a muffler for his truck." He then proceeded to proudly tell his friends the news.

Whiskey In A Can

A 12oz. aluminum can of whiskey is now available in South America, the first time in the history of the spirit that straight whiskey has been distributed in such a way. Because Four Loko is for teetotaling pussies. No word yet if this blindness-in-a-can will be sold on our side of the equator.

Cat Off!

I think it's pretty obvious who's the winner here.

What's Your Cat's Fetish?

If you are a cat-owner, you will be aware that individual cats tend to have really weird compulsive quirks. Just like people, I guess!


High speed video of flying paint, if that's your thing.

The Nic Cage Song

All the glory that is the many faces of Nicolas Cage immortalized in song. Let's all sing about Nicolas Cage together. It'll be therapeutic. (Via Poe TV.)

LSD Research In The '50s

Science used to be a lot more fun. "Let's feed people acid and see what happens" is the kind of idea that I want my tax dollars going towards.

Hot Chicks in Nerd Panties

Geek culture lingerie to confuse and combine your pleasure centers. Just for fun, there are a few corsets and other sundries thrown into the panty pile. This is what would happen if a bus full of Suicide Girls crashed into Comic Con.

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