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January 22, 2011

Voting Hurts Women!

A 1915 anti-suffrage ad via The Hairpin. The logic here is awesome - do you really want to force the ladies you claim to be representing to do something they don't want to? You are such a jerk.

Keith Olbermann Abruptly Leaves MSNBC

Without warning to his audience or colleagues, Keith Olbermann aired his last episode of Countdown on MSNBC tonight. Here's video of his farewell. No official reason was given other than his contract was up, but many speculate his abrupt departure is related to Comcast's takeover of NBC Universal. Lawrence O'Donnell will take over the time slot.

Tecmo Bowl Versions of NFL PLayoffs Moments

Sometimes an Internet trend is so brilliantly useless that it must be recognized and appreciated. Case in point: Syncing real broadcasts of unforgettable NFL moments with corresponding footage from Nintendo’s Tecmo Bowl.

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