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January 7, 2011


Liza Minnelli was on some show called Private Screenings.

The Best Of Ebay’s Weird Section (NSFW)

There's truth in the old cliche, 'There's something for everyone.' And you'll be sure to find that little extra 'something' on Ebay's weird section. And that Grade A Vibrating Chastity belt ... it's there plus more!

Angry Birds IRL

These birds aren't the angry birds you're used to. They are more like something out of Hitchcock's renowned thriller. Take cover!

25 Dreamy Snowfall Scenes

It's snowing big, fluffy flakes in NYC! So dreamy and beautiful! I'm resisting every urge to go outside and frolic like I'm in Narnia.

The Fox And The Duck (Game Battle)

This is a really tough one. Your goal is to guide the duck (the red dot) out of the pond (the big circle) without letting the fox (the blue dot) catch it.

A Guide to Presidential Facial Hair

A convenient little chart detailing the facial follicles of our commanders in chief. This alone is the reason you should donate to those creepy Wikipedia solicitations. And, to clarify, Truman's beard didn't hop off of his face and book a flight to Aruba. It was grown while he was on vacation.

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