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January 18, 2011

Girl Walk: Improvisational Dancing

Girl Walk is a improvisational dance project set to Girl Talk's album "All Day." The dancing is great, but what's really funny is how disinterested some of the bystanders are in the background.

Emo Fight

An epic Facebook war of words sparked by Fall Out Boy. Weep for our future. Although, srsly, Fall Out Boy is emo.

R2D2's Family Portrait

No matter how famous R2 became, he never forgot where he came from--a trash can's womb. Is that an old-fashioned Arby's hat on his dad?

Amy Sedaris Makes Hot Dogs

Amy Sedaris fondles and impales wieners in front of a young man wearing tight jeans. She makes the world a brighter, hot doggier place.

The Babysitting Dog

A golden retriever babysits three other dogs outside a store in Hong Kong while the owner was shopping.

Anime Burlesque

The Devil's Playground recently put on an anime-themed burlesque performance, instantly making Pokémon and Fullmetal Alchemist tolerable. This is much less weird than any number of things you'll see in actual Japanese cartoons.

New Hangover Cure

All the blogs are reporting that there's a new "best way" to cure your hangover. Apparently, some joker named Michael Oshinsky from Thomas Jefferson University "gave rats hangovers" and came up with this little piece of linkbait idiocy. Let's all get drunk tonight and see if it works.

The New HTML5 Logo

HTML5 has a logo now! It seems fine, but what do I know? Also, since when do markup languages need logos? Since now, I guess. Logos are the new something something. If you don't have a logo, you cannot be interpellated as a subject. What do you guys think?

Book Origami

Book of Art creates amazing origami sculptures using the pages of novels. You'd be foolish to judge these books by their covers.

Disney Characters Deconstructed

Artist Markus Hofko breaks down Disney characters to their fundamental building blocks. This was accomplished by dropping Disneyland mascots kicking and screaming into the Large Hadron Collider.

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