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January 3, 2011

How Big Is Call of Duty?: Pics, Videos, Links, News

How Big Is Call Of Duty?: The Call of Duty video game series has changed the way people think about the entertainment business. Avatar made $232 million globally in its first five days of release. Call Of Duty: Black Ops made $650 million. Here are …

No Dogs

I'm not sure that means what that cat thinks it means.

Guess Poo

Elliott Quince redeveloped this classic board game for his nephew's 9th birthday. Now he can play with his poo in a more metaphysical way.

Princess Boy

Dyson is a 5-year-old boy who likes to wear dresses and calls himself "Princess Boy." He was recently on Today to promote his new book and generally be heartwarming.

Bucket of Cub

A grizzly bear cub tries to fit his entire body into a bucket.

The First Footage from 'Captain America'

A teeny, tiny six second clip of footage from the set of "Captain America: The First Avenger." It ain't much, and it's polluted with Entertainment Tonight graphics, but it's something to whet your Marvel boner.

PS You Are Mean

A perfectly valid reason to run away. I believe this is the original manuscript for "The Catcher in the Rye."

Placenta Expulsion

Doyle Byrnes was expelled from Johnson County Community College in Kansas City after this photo of her posing with a placenta surfaced on Facebook. How dare she make light of something that can be found in shampoo and is regularly eaten on sandwiches.

Detention at Hogwarts

If someone were to call me this despicable slur, I'd also be offended. Harry Potter has corrupted our youth. The kid was later expelled for saying "frak."

Panda Cow [PIC]

Panda Cow: A rare panda cow was born on a ranch in Northern Colorado on New Year's Eve...Rare 'panda cow' born in northern Colorado

95 Predictions For The Web In 2011

2010 was a booming year for social media. With the launch of Apple’s coveted ipad tablet, the success of the Social Network and Facebook, we can only imagine what’s in store for 2011. Take a look into the crystal ball of social media with some of the editors and writers at Mashable who have come up with some interesting predictions for the new year!

The Rex & Michelle Ryan Foot Fetish Omnibus

To get your day started on the right foot (barf), here's a collection of the foot fetish photos and videos purportedly starring Michelle Ryan, wife of Jets coach Rex Ryan. The NSFW stuff, which goes beyond quaint shoe worship and into pure porn, can be found at Media Takeout.

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