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January 29, 2011

The Best Of #hipstersitcoms

#hipstersitcoms is currently a trending topic on Twitter. So, because they're actually pretty funny, here are some of my favorites.

Bill Murray at a Bears Game [PIC]

If you live anywhere in the midwest (or any other colder parts of the country), you will quickly notice Murray is in his Carharts. This man is a true american hero from sitting in the cheap seats at the Bears game with the rest of the fans. /bow

Stephen Colbert on Taco Bell's Beef-ish Meat - Video Interlude

Stephen Colbert chimed in on the lawsuit claiming that Taco Bell's meat is only 36% beef: "It is beef-y. Or beef-ish? At the very least it is beef-adjacent. Let me put it this way: On a scale of one to beef, it's got something in there." But of cour…

James Marsh Rips Kevin Smith's Selt-Promoting Narcissim

[CinemaBlend's Katey Rich, on interviewing James Marsh, director of 2008's Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire, and this year's much-buzzed Project Nim.] I talked to Marsh in an excellent 20-minute conversation this afternoon.  Apparently as caug…

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