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January 9, 2011

Computer Gravestone

When Chinese computer geek Hu Chuang, 26, logged off for the last time, his family decided to erect an appropriate gravestone.

Facebook Ending on March 15

Recently Complete News Updates This is the latest trend circulating all over the web. Don't worry folks, Facebook will NOT be closing down.

What Will Cause the Next Recession?

With all these competing signals, it can be difficult to decipher whether the economy is on its way out of a recession or on its way back into one.

Doves Fall from Sky in Italy

More than 1,000 turtledoves are among the birds found dead in northern Italy and all had blue tinge to their beaks, officials said.

Women Are Increasingly 'Marrying up'

Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with. More women are marrying men who are better-educated than they are and have more earning potential.

Jessica Szhor Is Naked for Sobe

About this time last year, Sobe tricked Ashley Greene into getting naked in front of them so they could take pictures of it. And it was fantastic.

Cat Battles Washing Machine

Robocop the cat can’t help himself -there are too many things running around in the washing machine! -via Cynical-C

The New $100 Bill

The newly redesigned US $100 bill is more colorful than any US currency you’ve seen.

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