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January 6, 2011

Groin Abuse Dummy

A training dummy whose sole purpose is to take junk shots. It's possible to feel sympathy for a dummy.

Massive Beef Fat Spill

Part of the Houston Ship Channel was closed Tuesday after 15,000 gallons of animal fat leaked into it. Is the world ending, the apocalypse coming? First birds, then fish and now a massive beef fat spill! What's next?

The Heinz Automato

An amazing piece of condiment technology that you don't realize is doing what it's doing until it's too late. These videos are old, yes, but the tears streaming down your face from laughing will be brand new.

15 Songs You Didn't Realize Were Covers

Well, you probably realized that some of these were covers. In fact, you were probably like, "What do you take me for? I knew some of these were covers!" But some of these are really surprising! "Torn"?! WTF is Ednaswap? Jesus. This whole project gave me an existential crisis.

Bento Boxes Too Cute To Eat

Bento chef Maki Ogawa crafts food that will make both your mouth and heart water. A part of you will feel like an irredeemable monster for eating these.

Dogs Modeling Costumes

They just kind of stand there without actually "working it" or whatever, but these videos are totally hypnotizing.


A trailer for "Ghostbusters" set to the theme from "Inception." "From the acclaimed director of 'Stripes' and 'Meatballs.'" Is it sad that this gives me goosebumps? Yes. Yes it is sad that this gives me goosebumps.

25 Amazing Yarn Bombs

It seems that guerilla crochet art has been quite popular this past year. Between the bike that was spotted in SoHo and the Wall Street Charging Bull, artists are certainly getting ballsy. Here are some other things that definitely won’t be cold this winter.

Classic '80s Theme Songs, Performed By Hand Farts

Some people write beautiful poetry. Some people lift heavy weights over their heads. Some people compose symphonies. And some people perform cartoon and video game themes from the '80s by making farting sounds with their hands.

Hi-NRG Dance Moves

A girl named Happiness really danced her heart out to "The Scatman" on the British show "Got to Dance."

Virginia DMV Hates Funny Things

A man in Virginia recently lost his protracted battle with the Department of Motor Vehicles and will no longer be able to use this awesome vanity plate. They claim that "'eating' children could be defined as cannibalism or as a sexual act."

The Gym of the '40s

A "March of Time" newsreel visits the cutting-edge female slenderizing salon of 1945. It looks like a steampunk S&M dungeon.

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